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TUHF_Product_Debate_-_Heather_Dodd.pdf. Spy Cables: Greenpeace among intelligence targets. Jon Rafman. Jenny odell. Satellite collections. Satellite Collections digital prints 2009-2011 You can see from pole to pole and across oceans and continents and you can watch it turn and there's no strings holding it up, and it's moving in a blackness that is almost beyond conception.

satellite collections

-Eugene Cernan, an astronaut on the Apollo 17, on seeing the Earth from space In all of these prints, I collect things that I've cut out from Google Satellite View-- parking lots, silos, landfills, waste ponds. Untitled. Cargo - Gallery.

Tools / Geometry

LMNts: LMN tech studio. The next most obvious thing. SuckerPUNCH. Parametric World. Illustration. Photography. Resources. Make2d. VJ Software and Mapping 3D Tutorial. SgHome. Ward Shelley Homepage. FFFFOUND!

Vadim Ogievetsky. Mgmt. design. Collections and Classrooms. [kuh-lek-shuhn]: a group of objects or an amount of material accumulated in one location.

Collections and Classrooms

Use collections to bring users and sketches together to share and create conversation. Each collection is visible to public. It is administered by the creator, and any user may submit sketches to open collections. M O T H I. Public Art Concepts - Dan Sternof Beyer 2011. A visual exploration on mapping complex networks. 0834319513. Stillspotting nyc.