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boston MASSACHUSETTS suckerPUNCH: Describe your project. Sophia X. CHANG: Suspense is a recent architectural installation at the INVIVIA Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Allen Sayegh (Co-founder of INVIVIA) and Ingeborg Rocker (Co-founder of Rocker-Lange Architects) curated and sponsored the installation, an unexpected fabric space that manipulates the architectural frame to blur the boundaries between inside and outside and piques the viewers’ awareness of their bodies in space.

Connecting Architects Since 1997 Example files I will be posting an updated set of example files here, demonstrating all the different functions of Kangaroo. Showing how the trail component can be used to trace the motion of moving particles The wind component acts on sets of 3 points (typically each the vertices of each face of a triangulated mesh).

plusMOOD BLDGBLOG Project Kangaroo – Live 3D Physics for Rhino/Grasshopper – update Here are some more videos of early tests of Kangaroo – the live physics engine for design modelling that I have recently started developing – and a bit more about its context and what it could be used for. One of the things it allows is the virtual use of some of the physical form-finding techniques for design that were pioneered by architects/engineers such as Frei Otto and Antoni Gaudí. They made use of a principle discovered by Robert Hooke : When a flexible chain hangs freely its elements are in pure tension, and when this form is flipped vertically it produces a form of pure compression, which is ideal for constructing masonry arches, an idea which can be extended to chain nets and stone vaults : Another area in which physics based form-finding has been important in architecture is in the design of lightweight and tensile structures such as cable-nets and fabric canopies.

Curbed National : Interior Design, Decor, and Real Estate Futuristic Buildings In Dubai If you’re like me, you enjoy your regular dose of Sci Fi movies. For me, I watch these movies, in spite of bad acting and cliched storytelling, because it gives me a glimpse of the future that I might not live to see. The Giant Half Pyramids of Blade Runner, the amazing environments of Star Wars, and the sleek buildings of Minority Report, are all places I’ve dreamed of exploring. Good for us, with recent technological and architectural advances, we might actually live to see the future.

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