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Manifest destiny In the 19th century, Manifest Destiny was the widely held belief in the United States that American settlers were destined to expand throughout the continent. Historians have for the most part agreed that there are three basic themes to Manifest Destiny: The special virtues of the American people and their institutions;America's mission to redeem and remake the west in the image of agrarian America;An irresistible destiny to accomplish this essential duty.[1] Fi Case Study for Civil War 150 Making History cooler than it already is.... This infographic compares side-by-side statistics of the average Union and Confederate soldiers. From salary to supplies and rations, the numbers are sure to shock you. Showcasing the most critical weapons of the Civil War, this infographic puts an educational spin on the leading weaponry of the time and the turning point of impact these weapons had. Hundreds of thousand lost their lives. This infographic provides an in-depth look at the events and causes leading to this massive death toll that rocked a nation’s population.

The Octahedron by LMNts (Allimages from LMNNts) The Octahedron is an experimental pavilion created by Seattle based studio LMNTechStudio, The pavillion consisting of over 2000 parts was created to be exposed at the 2013 Seattle Design Festival. Project Description The pavilion is clad with over 400 triangular MDF panels held in place with either friction or trapped due to assembly sequencing. The inner face is painted blue, and serves as the canvas for a collection of 54 sets of CNC cut patterns generated by coworkers as part of an internal technology training exercise. The outer face is painted black and serves as a canvas for the community to transform the appearance of the Octahedron with chalk over the course of the Design Festival. Laser-cut miniature triangular base units were provided for festival-goers to assemble and gain an insight into the construction of the Octahedron.

Scripting Posts Tagged ‘Scripting’ Shellstar Pavilion Date: 2012Size: 8m x 8m x 3mMaterials: 4mm Translucent Coroplast, Nylon Cable Ties, Steel Foundations, PVC and Steel Reinforcement ArchesTools: Rhino, Grasshopper, Kangaroo, Python, Lunchbox, RhinoscriptLocation: Wan Chai, Hong KongEvent: Detour 2012 Description: Shellstar is a lightweight temporary pavilion that maximizes its spatial performance while minimizing structure and material. Commissioned for Detour, an art and design festival in Hong Kong in December 2012, the pavilion was designed to be an iconic gathering place for the festival attendees.

Kinetic architecture (1/3) « VANGUARQ Kinetic architecture (1/3) fLUX, Binary Waves – Lab[au] Another great project by LAb[au], “fLUX binary waves” is an urban and cybernetic installation based on the measuring of infrastructural ( passengers, cars…) and communicational ( electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones, radio…) flows and their transposition into luminous, sonic and kinetic rules. This relation between the installation and the urban activity happens in real time and sets each person as an element of the installation, as a centre of the public realm. The installation fLUX, binary waves is constituted by a network of 32 rotating and luminous panels of 3 meter-high and 60 centimetres wide, placed every 3 meters to form a kinetic wall. The panels rotate around their vertical axis, and have a black reflective surface on one side, the other being plain mat white.

Dig Deeper into the Scandal Globally, extreme poverty has been halved in 20 years, and could be virtually wiped out by 2030. But much of the progress that has been made is at risk – not because of natural disasters or new diseases, but because of something far more insidious. Analysis by the ONE Campaign suggests that at least $1 trillion is being taken out of developing countries each year through a web of corrupt activity that involves shady deals for natural resources, the use of anonymous shell companies, money laundering and illegal tax evasion. Scientific referencing and hypertext: The necessity of a visual overview About Frank Molenaar Born in 1986, Frank graduated from Stedelijk Gymnasium Arnhem in 2005. After a year off studying art history at the Vrije Universiteit decided to join the Media and Culture New Media department. For his bachelorproject he worked for Westergasfabriek to create a GPS game based in the Westerpark. Very sceptical and highly nostalgic, Frank is an avid doomsday specialist, conspiracy theorist and classic nintendo game collector.

Weave Anything: Sphere packing, circle packing, and kagome weaving Any triangulation of a surface directs a kagome weaving. Some of the prettiest triangulations result from sphere packings or circle packings (which are nearly the same thing.) A circle packing is a configuration of circles having specified patterns of tangencies. Adding the condition that circle interiors may not overlap, such a circle packing can be called a packing of discs. A disc packing on the plane is associated with a plane graph, called its carrier, that has a vertex at each circle center and an edge connecting the vertices of any two circles that are tangent to each other.

Category: Interactive Really interesting projection concepts by NuFormer Digital Media in the Netherlands. NuFormer Digital Media develops high-skill 3D video mapping projections. These 3D projections will be custom-made to fit any specific building and will be exposed by a battery of powerful projectors. More on their website. Read full article »

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