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Realiza una otomana con un neumático. Esta decorativa otomana de aspecto rústico está elaborada tomando como base un neumático usado. No tiene gran dificultad y podemos aprovechar el cambio de neumáticos de nuestro auto para construirnos todo un juego de otomanas. Vamos a ver el detallado proceso de transformación del neumático en elemento decorativo y práctico. Los materiales son sencillos y la elaboración es de gran simplicidad, tan sólo un poco de paciencia para que la cuerda quede bien extendida y no nos forme nudos. Materiales: Neumático.Dos discos de MDF de 55 cm de diámetro.Tornillos.Destornillador.Taladro.Pistola de pegamento caliente.Cuerda de sisal u otra fibra vegetal de 10 mm de grosor.Sellador acrílico.Pincel.Tijeras.

El primer paso consistirá en limpiar lo mejor posible el neumático y a continuación colocamos uno de los círculos de madera y con el taladro hacemos tres orificios para los tornillos que fijarán el tablero al neumático. Damos la vuelta al neumático y seguimos recubriendo el neumático. DIY Roman Shades. It always feels great when you have your mind set on how you want something to look and then it all comes together. This is exactly what has happened with my entry way/porch area. I knew I wanted to put stripes on the wall but it was a matter of finally getting around to it. Once that was done and the porch was all cleared out I knew I had to make it something that was worth having. That’s when I ordered my desk and watched the space slowly turn into what I had envisioned. I had my cream and tan stripes, I had my white lacquered desk, now it was time for some color.

With all those windows in that space it was the perfect opportunity to add a fun hue! For the most part, I love calming colors in my space like soft muted blues, greens and gray and dare I say beige! Waverly Chippendale Fretw Quartz Premier Prints Gotcha White/Candy Pink Waverly Cross Section Raspberry Fabric, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Fabric Glue, Mini Blinds. 1. 2. Should look like this when it’s all done. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls.

As we mentioned before, this is our favorite time of year for DIY decor. The chill is in the air and the leaves are changing color, and there's no better way to preserve the delight than by welcoming it into your home. Yes, the craft stores overflowing with autumn decorations can be intimidating, but there are ways to turn those faux autumn leaves into something beautiful and functional. Below are instructions for your very own autumn leaf bowl, perfect for holding your favorite scented potpourri or tasty Halloween treats. Materials: Craft store leaf garland, Mod Podge (matte finish), Foam Brush, Balloon, Scissors, Mixing bowl *Tip: try to find thin, paper-like leaves for your garland.

How To: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. **Attention readers! Looking for more DIY projects and free downloads? Quilling art: female characters in the wonderful paper art. Paper crafts: make a Panda Gift Candy Box tutorial Paper crafts: make a Panda Gift Candy Box tutorial In the summer times, let your kids make a special candy box, this crafts only needs paper Christmas craft ideas: paper snowflake flower tutorialChristmas craft ideas: paper snowflake flower tutorial Snowflake flower tutorial This snowflake is easy to do with the children. Will need: Paper, A4 or A5, scissors, glue and Paper craft: mother’s day card and canvas Paper craft: mother's day card and canvas Whoa.

Mother's Day is definitely creeping up on us. Here are a few ideas. It's next Sunday people!!! Quilling art: Female characters in the wonderful paper artFemale characters in the wonderful works of Eugene Evseeva. 2.Quilling art: Female characters in the wonderful paper art 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. see more: How to Turn Wine Bottles into Tumblers. You knew you’d been saving all those wine bottles for a reason! With this in-depth tutorial, we’re pumped to show you how to turn old wine bottles into gorgeous new tumblers.

Not only are these green (both in color and in eco-ness), they make a great gift for the holidays and are an instant conversation piece. This tutorial is definitely on the more advanced end of the spectrum, and requires a few tools you may not be familiar with. As long as you follow the steps you can definitely make it happen, but feel free to shoot questions our way via the comments below or send an email to Materials: - wine bottles with parallel sides - bottle cutter (available on Amazon) - rags or towels - large pot + potholder - candle - 2-3 sheets of dry or wet sandpaper ranging from medium (~150) to fine (~300-400) - 1 sheet of craft-foam - safety mask & goggles (not necessary if using sandpaper) First thing to do is remove those labels.

Now, it’s time to start cutting your bottle! CD Art. Crafts lessons: how to sew a fish net…inadvertent knotted jute demijohn knockoff. During our holidays last week, I was able to visit one of my favourite little shops. It’s a quaint little place that offers all sorts of beautiful items from artisans from around Ontario. I have purchased some really unusual items in this little shop, where I also seem to find inspiration. Crafts lessons: How to sew a fish net…Inadvertent Knotted jute Demijohn knockoff For example this little sea side jar. This picture was taken with my iPhone and I had taken several pictures from every possible angle because I wanted to come home and try to figure out how to make the netting around it.

I am sure the shop owner was wondering why I had the jar upside down, right side up and side ways… Long story short, I got out my jute and started playing with the netting as soon as I came home (not even having unpacked three days worth of dirty clothes). I still took it back to the docks on our next visit to the cottage and snapped a couple of photos… 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. over into the loop 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

DIY Mason Jar Crafts. Mason Jar Pendant Lamp The Spring Blog We love the simplicity of this gorgeous blue pendant lamp. For the how-to, visit The Spring Blog. Chalkboard Paint Mason Jar Michaela Noelle Designs Chalkboard paint + mason jars = super cute and functional organizer. For the how-to, visit Michaela Noelle Designs. Mason Jar Light Fixture Maryjanes and Galoshes It looks tough but you can totally do this. For the how-to, visit Maryjanes and Galoshes. Mason Jar Sewing Kit Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home We love how adorable and colorful this is.

For the how-to, visit Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home. Mason Jar Monogram Light Oleander and Palm This truly original DIY is perfect for an outdoor party or for something a little extra awesome at home. For the how-to, visit Oleander and Palm. Mason Jar Wall Planter Not Just a Housewife This genius planter makes it easy to bring the garden inside. For the how-to, visit Not Just a Housewife. 5-Minute Mason Jar Lamp Crafts Unleashed For the how-to, visit Crafts Unleashed. Via on DIY Rope Basket. Today's project is one of those, "Ooooh, I have a great idea! " and "I am going to save so much money! " and "This will be SO easy! " projects. In the end, I wasn't saying those things so ecstatically or loudly, but I was still really really happy with the end result.

First remember our guest bedroom? We attempted to use an IKEA Lack side table and decided it wasn't right for the space. After some additional thought, I changed my mind and decided to make it work {surprise surprise right?} But something was totally missing. I brainstormed a few options and landed on some sort of basket to hold a few cozy throws for our guests. They offer of softness and texture and something about them just makes me smile. So I decided to make one myself! The idea was simple. So, off to the dollar store I went. But that is what spray paint is for right? I will save the step by step spray paint process, but basically it was a coat of primer and two coats of matte white, left to cure for two days.

34 Things You Can Improve With A Sharpie. DIY Minimal Business Cards on the Go. The ever-clever Mikey Burton has come up with a fun idea that I just may try out. He was asked to participate in the “Designer Challenge” for the October issue of Computer Arts Projects and was tasked to put a new spin on traditional business cards.

So his idea was to pare down a card to the absolute essentials: name, website and possibly a stylized bear illustration, and print it in a unique way. What’s really neat about the cards that Burton made was the tool he used: a 3/4″ inspection stamp. Not exactly a paragon of style and modern design, but it works great for this purpose. Plus, it’s self-inking and it’s small enough to carry around in your pocket or on a keyring, so you can turn any scrap of paper into a minimal DIY business card. I was really intrigued by this so I did some research and found a few places that will make fairly affordable, custom inspection stamps, in case anyone is inclined to try this out: 1) Fivestar Rubber Stamp 2) Stamp-Connection (via Mikey Burton)

HOW TO: Create a Home Made Wax Seal (16 Pics) CWTS reveal - the book clutch + how-to. Did you see this week’s Crafting with the Stars? We got third place- and we’re moving on to round 2! Yikes! My project was the book clutch…this is the post:A little vintage book… upon further review is actually a clever clutch. This upcycled clutch is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go. Made from a vintage book and old bag found at the thrift store melded together to create this little gem of a purse. When your activity doesn’t command a large bag, just stash your cell phone, keys and cash in this little clutch. Pair it with a ruffley blouse and some skinny jeans and you’re rockin’ the librarian chic look. (Plus you’re husband won’t feel too awkward when you ask him to hold it!) Smart and fashionable. Did you vote for us?

How to make a book clutch:Scour every thrift store for purses with metal frames and a books about the same size. Gut your book: (This is where I stopped taking pictures, sorry!) Now it’s off to make the project for round 2: Decoupage. Oh My! Handmade. By Michelle Vackar, Modern Handmade Child One of our favorite outside activities at our home is drawing with chalk on the driveway. You can play hopscotch, four-square, and of course draw and create silly stories. My daughters and I were talking one day as we played hopscotch about how to make chalk and I thought to myself, let’s try it!

It ended up being quite a lot of fun. What you will need: • Toilet paper or paper towel tubes • Scissors • Duct tape • Wax paper • Small bucket or disposable container to make the recipe • ¾ cup of warm water • 1 ½ cups Plaster of Paris • 2-3 tablespoons of tempera paint • Paper bag or a “mess mat” ** we made six tubes of chalk – we simply doubled the above recipe Step 1: If you are using paper towel tubes, cut each tube in half, so it is roughly the length of a toilet paper roll tube. Step 2: Cover one end of each tube with duct table to hold the contents within. Step 3: Cut as many pieces of wax paper as you have tubes. The Magic With Corks | Home Decorating - Design And Ideas. If you enjoy in good wine and you didn’t trow away the old corks you can create interesting home gadgets that are both interesting and creative. Home decorating can be improved using one of the 25 home ideas with corks we presented here. You don’t need to spend money for your home, you can easily recycle and reuse the old corks for coasters, maths and much more.

Stamps Thread Spool Corks Wreath Magnetic Cork Planters Cork Ball Key Chains Coasters Cork Letter Placecard Holders Trivet Bathmat Plant Marker Cheese Knives Cork Candles Cork Candle Votives Simple Cork Necklace Embroidered Cork Necklace Wine Corkboard Champagne Cork Knobs Wine Charms Lampshade Fridge Magnets Animal Sculptures Cork Pen Journaling corks arts, corks usage, diy corks. Put your stuff up in the air! Hanging DIY ideas & tutorials.

Posted by on onsdag, juni 27, 2012 · 9 Comments To heck with both feet on the ground! Now’s the time to put your ideas up in the air! I’ve gathered a bunch of supafly D.I.Y to give wings to anything you’ve got around the house (well, almost!). By showing you a bunch of different applications (from chunky sofas to delicate D.I.Y hanging planters) I hope you’ll all find a little something to get your DIY juices flowin’ in the mix – Enjoy! Pics via here The hanging desk is not only cool looking but an awesome space saver!

Pics via GreenWeddingShoes, CapitolRomance & Etsy Gotta love the swinging chair! Eleanor from team behind awesome venture SCRAP (a.k.a the School & Community Reuse Action Project), has made a great ”Hanging notepad” tutorial for Etsy – DIY TUTORIAL HERE Hanging Notepad #2! Pics via here Check out the awesome tutorial on how to make a hanging ”Kokedama string garden”, by talented Aura Scaringi of Mimimou for DesignSponge – DIY TUTORIAL HERE Pics via here. 7 Clock Ideas That Will Add A Touch Of DIY To Any Space (PHOTOS) Day 63 – DIY Corona Glasses. I cannot even tell you how excited I was when I found this pin explaining how simple it is to cut glass bottles. For our first anniversary, my husband signed us up for a glassblowing class. It was awesome and we had a great time. As we were leaving, one of the artists was turning Corona bottles into drinking glasses for a friend’s wedding gift.

I was wondering why these glasses weren’t one of the projects we could choose from that day. You can cut glass bottles at home using materials you probably already have on hand. glass bottles yarn nail polish remover lighter sink full of ice water sandpaper 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. The hardest part about this project is getting the cut in the right spot. You can make more than just drinking glasses. Source: Crafty Scrappy Happy Related posts: Glass Etching. DIY Solar Lamp: Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Sun Jars. Using Stain to Make Artwork! {Burn pile Buffet Part 2} - Sawdust and Embryos. 20 Of The Best Mason Jar Projects (with pictures)