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Scarf 2 Vest X10

Scarf 2 Vest X10
When we stumbled across this gorgeous DVF scarf vest on Shopbop the other day, we were intimidated by the $295 price tag but super inspired by the design. Not only do we have a surplus of colorfully patterned scarves, but vests happen to be one of the best ways to transition summer clothes into early autumn. So, instead of creating one way to turn a scarf into a vest, we created 10! Half of these how-tos involve a sewing machine or needle and thread, and the other half are created with a few clever knots. Here we go! 1. The contrast of a highly structured belt and flowing jersey knit makes for a gorgeous little piece. The first thing to do is cut off the buckle or d-ring at the end of your belt and sew off the end. 2. We promise, you will use this one more than you think. It works for just about any long scarf. 3. The steps for this are in the title! Take two summery silk scarves. 4. Ok, maybe this is a little risqué to wear just as a halter, but it definitely echoes summer halter style. 5. Related:  ClothesRecycle Upcycle Refashion DIY

Ombre Tights It's no secret that we love adding color to anything and everything, and our clothes are no exception. We've color blocked our heels, our jeans, and ombre'd our nails, and today we're pumped to introduce DIY Ombre Tights. Best of all, this project takes under 30 minutes with just a few simple materials! Materials: - white tights (tights, not hose!) Fill your pot about halfway with water. Add about half a teaspoon of acid dye. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Then grab a friend with purple ombre tights to match, and get silly on the roof. If you're not feeling the DIY action for this one, but have to have Ombre Tights, check out Etsy Seller BZRshop who largely inspired today's DIY project!

How To Make Harem Pants From Trousers May 11th, 2011 Email no recommendations Here is another easy way to make harem pants out of existing trousers. I already had these workout pants in my wardrobe. All I did was make a fold to decrease the volume at the hem on the outer leg side of the trousers. I hand sewed buttons to hold the fold in place and that was it! It creates a cinched hem and allows the fabric to billow out to the side. Have a look at the harem pants on my model. posted in: , green, fashion, recycle, DIY, upcycle, clothing, eco, sustainable, harem pants Stay connected with CraftStylish Array

Bleach Scarf First of all, we’ve got a secret to share. A jersey-knit scarf is also known as a quarter yard of jersey-knit fabric available at your local fabric store. Jersey is the same as t-shirt fabric, and comes in a variety of blends and softnesses (just like that scarf you bought at American Apparel). Next up, the bleach. Materials: - jersey-knit fabric (each scarf we made was a quarter yard) - bleach - spray bottle - plastic drop cloth - plastic bucket or bin Your setup for this is key. First, we got into it with our painter’s tape. And spray! For our second scarf, we decided to go a little nuts with the spray bottle to create a solar system-inspired look. Lay your scarf out on your table (still protected by a drop cloth). Love the combination of rustic earthy tones with nerd space-age designs. Last, the tie dye! Use scissors to cut off the rubber bands and reveal your masterpiece. These are great for staying cozy and stylish all at the same time. So much colorful coziness!

Men's Button-Up Refashion... Into Ladies Tank! A few years ago, when the hubby and I lived in Florida (this was pre-kids, so make that 5-ish years...) I bought him a button-up shirt for his work. The deal was that he had to wear blue or white button-ups, so I thought, "Why not both at the same time?" And I got him this:Apparently when he wore it to work, his boss told him he looked like a picnic basket, aaand the shirt was retired to the closet. Well, I don't care if I look like a picnic basket, so I decided to turn it into a tank top for myself! It was actually really easy to do... let me try once again to tell you how I used a sewing machine... eh.... First things first, I chopped the sleeves off. Then I slipped the shirt on and pinned in the sides so that it fit. I took off the shirt, flipped it inside out and sewed up the sides where my pins were, trimmed off the excess, flipped it rightside out again, and tried it on to make sure it fit. Then I pinned the armholes the way I wanted them... carefully......and sewed them. That's it!

Fringe Scarf Everyone needs a go-to fringe scarf in their fashion repertoire. Here’s an easy way to make your own. What You Will Need: -Old T-Shirt -Good Scissors Step 1: Go through your old T-shirts and find a daring print or color combo. Step 2: Cut horizontally across the shirt, just below the armholes, to create a rectangular tube. Step 3: Working your way around the tube, make a series of vertical cuts that extend from the raw edge upward. Step 4: Tug down on each strand to elongate it. photo credit: Cathy Hayes for Lakeland Local J. Crew Ribbon Neckline Refashion Tutorial October 25, 2009 7:56 am J. Crew- You’re killing me. I can’t keep up with all your fun shirts. I fell in love with this shirt from J. So here’s my imitation tutorial. I got this peachy pink fabric and cut a strip double the length of the neckline and about 2 inches wide. Fray check the sides. Beginning at the end of the collar make tucks and pin in place. Tuck in and out, around, up and down(however you want) around the entire colar, pinning in place as you go. Here’s an up close of how mine looks. Then you just need to stitch it in place. An up close… There’s ONE more thing I did that I didn’t photograph. Here’s my sister wearing it for me. Isn’t it lovely? Got more J.

Shoe Lacing Methods Mathematics tells us that there are more than 2 Trillion ways of feeding a lace through the six pairs of eyelets on an average shoe. This section presents a fairly extensive selection of 50 shoe lacing tutorials. They include traditional and alternative lacing methods that are either widely used, have a particular feature or benefit, or that I just like the look of. 50 Different Ways To Lace Shoes Criss Cross Lacing This is probably the most common method of lacing normal shoes & boots. Over Under Lacing This method reduces friction, making the lacing easier to tighten and loosen plus reducing wear and tear. Gap Lacing This simple variation of Criss Cross Lacing skips a crossover to create a gap in the middle of the lacing, either to bypass a sensitive area on the instep or to increase ankle flexibility. Straight European Lacing This traditional method of Straight Lacing appears to be more common in Europe. Straight Bar Lacing Hiking / Biking Lacing Quick Tight Lacing Ukrainian Lacing- New!

Anthropologie Western Shirt Refashion Tutorial August 26, 2009 7:49 pm I love all these tops from Anthropologie. I also love that Western boots are coming back in! Anyhow, I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on one of theses shirts because it’s a trendier item, so I decided to do a refashion and a tutorial for it! Here is the shirt I started with. I just used another shirt I had that I liked the fit of to cut out my desired shape. Here it is after I cut it out. Now take the original sleeves. Now I ruffle them in my machine. Pin the sleeves to the shirt’s arm holes, right sides of the fabric facing together. Sew or serge them to the shirt. But I wanted to add sleeve pick ups. Fold them in half and iron them. Fold your sleeves up to the length where you want the pick up to be. Pin the pick up inside the shirt and sew it in place. Now measure where you want your button to be. I got these awesome gentleman’s buttons and attached them per the instructions on the package. Next you need to mark the pickup where you need to do a button hole.

Cereal Box Wallet D-I-Y > Food box wallet description: The cool graphics on cereal boxes are much too valuable to throw away. Turn it into something that you can store your valuables inside. With a little bit of elastic, you'll have a crafty new wallet in no time. It also works great as a business card holder. ingredients: - empty food box - like a cereal box - elastic cord - paper template you can download here - you need Adobe Reader to view tools: - scissors - pencil - ruler - paper scoring tool - like a butter knife or bent paperclip - small paperpunch (1/8" hole) or tack instructions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

8 Second Skirt With A Bow DIY Would you like to know how you can make a skirt in 8 seconds? From this? just follow the picture instructions: in summary: and there you have an 8 second skirt! you can also pull out the bottom part of the bow all the way out to make a bigger bow. This project was totally unexpected but i love the result. So there you have it, this is what i truly call killing two birds with one stone. What you'll need: -a very stretchy, knit shirt with long sleeves Instructions: 1. 2. 3. Estimated time: 8 whole seconds. Budget: $0.00 Skill level: anyone who knows how to tie a bow?

Cassette Coin Purse So, many of you know that I make cassette tape wallets.. After a few weeks of using mine, I found out that they’re not ideal for storing lose change. It slides out of the sides when you unzip it causing you to scramble around on the floor to collect your change. Or maybe that’s just me. In any case, it inspired me to make a coin purse version of the cassette tape wallet. I wanted a metal purse frame clamshell thing as a closure instead of a zipper, but I didn’t want to pay 5+ bucks for one (yeah, I’m cheap) so that was really the only thing holding me up from making one. These are my materials: a cassette tape, a metal purse frame (I’m not sure of the size because I just ripped it out of that wallet) and fabric. And here is what happens when you throw all those things together: And that’s it!

Recycling Clothing Using Your Sewing Skills 1787 Neil Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43210-1295 Barbara H. Drake If you have sewing skills and have the use of a sewing machine, you can turn little- or never-used textile items into usable additions to your family's wardrobe or home. Is the fabric in good condition? Changing or Restyling Trims and buttons embellish many expensive fashion items today. Saved buttons can also be used to replace buttons on a garment. Hand stitch satin ribbon over the outside seams of slacks for a tuxedo pant look. Utilize cotton ribbing, purchased in fabric stores, to give an active sportswear look to pant legs or jacket sleeves that are too short. Remove a worn convertible collar from a blouse by ripping out the stitching at the top of the collar band. Full slips can be made into camisoles and mini slips. Sweaters can be quickly restyled, especially if you own a zigzag or serger sewing machine. Turn a dress into a blouse. Pant legs can easily be made narrower. Change the Purpose of an Item Re-cutting Garments

Watermark Tee Hello U-Create readers! I am so excited to be guest posting here today. It just so happens to be my first guest post and I'm still a little shocked that it's here at Ucreate, one of my favorite blogs! A little bit about me.. I'm from a little town called Keller, Texas. I'm a junior at Texas A&M University (whoop!). I'm working on my education degree and expect to be an elementary school teacher in just two short years. When I'm not busy studying for classes, I love to sew. I just started blogging in May and have already met all kinds of wonderful women, I hope you'll stop by and say hi too! Watermark Tee Tutorial What I love about this project is that it's completely customizable. Materials: Elmer's Blue Gel Glue (it must be the blue gel, white won't work) Fabric Dye (RIT is my tried and true brand) A white cotton Tee, Tank, Dress etc. Tutorial: If you're unfamiliar with Batiking, it's a method of dyeing fabric in which you create a design with a dye- resist. Step 1: Prepare Step 2: Design

From Old Sweater To Girl's Dress I have this sweater for over 10 years. I like the color, but it's really too short. Some scissors cuts following, more or less, this tutorial make it & love it and my little girl has a new dress. Tengo este suéter por más de 10 años. Me gusta el color, pero en realidad es muy corto. Algunos cortes siguiendo, más o menos, este tutorial make it & love it y mi chiquita tiene un vestido nuevo.