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Autonomous robots to be used in keeping dust off solar panels in Israel’s biggest solar field, reports timesofisrael: Most solar energy farms are located in deserts, where there is plenty of sunlight — which solar panels, of course, need a lot of. But the desert also has a lot of dust, which clogs up the photovoltaic components of the panels, making them less effective in collecting sunlight for conversion into energy. Panels have to be cleaned on a regular basis, but water in the desert tends to be expensive, if available at all — and the use of water to clean the panels raises the costs of production, making solar power too expensive to be considered anything more than a novelty…. Instead of using water to clean panels, Ecoppia’s robot cleaners are equipped with microfibers, with each robot assigned to a row of PV panels.

DO IT YOURSELF By Steve Maxwell Build one or more of these easy-to-build, attractive outdoor benches, from mail-order plans: a log and plank bench, the Leopold bench and the Jordan Pond bench and table. DIY Pig Hut By Kristen Kilfoyle Here's a quick, easy and affordable method of building portable shelters for your pastured pigs. Prevent Washboard on Your Gravel Road By Grace Campbell A washboard road surface is uncomfortable and can cause expensive damage to your vehicle. Make a No-Space Potato Barrel By Scott Meyer Enjoy homegrown potatoes no matter how much space you have with these step-by-step instructions for creating and using a potato-growing barrel.

Olivine's Charm School Rina Swentzell's Adobe House Judy introduced me to Rina Swentzell’s house and I am really impressed. This house does not fit in the tiny house size but fits more in the small size but I find the simplicity and the beauty of the home well worth sharing for inspiration and ideas. The house is based in Northern New Mexico and was designed for the grandmother of Bill Steen’s children and Athena’s mother. The grandchildren were involved in the construction and were able to show and develop there construction talents. Benito worked on the building from start to finish, being there from the foundations through the walls andfinish plasters. The house itself, approximately 700 sf, is a tribute to Rina’s architectural design skills. The wood was local, as were the adobes used for the walls. To view more photos of the construction and see more of Rina’s house visit Bill’s blog.

Family Photo Wall Display Grain & Gram — The New Gentleman's Journal / Features Jason Gregory's products are the intersection of creativity and usefulness. He has worked Makr into something more than just leather and canvas. Makr, at it's core, is more than just a desire to put out bags and wallets and stools. It's about challenges and the desire to create. It's about limitations and restrictions and how you can create things that are useful and wonderful. ourselves with in our lives is a reflection of how we see and interpret the world, and — to a more existential bend — ourselves. Location:Winter Park, FL / USA Blair Sligar explores, creates, and designs. The often overlooked areas of life: the bar you rest your drink on, or the spoon you eat your soup with. Hard goods shape how we see the literal world. Grain & Gram gives you one of those shapers: Blair Sligar and the tools he uses to create. Location:Orlando, FL / USA Nick Sambrato started out as an entrepreneur and wound up as an old world pressman. His craft drives him and keeps him up late at night. We’re happy

Design de réemploi : la révolution venue de Cuba atterrit à Saint-Étienne | PourparlersPourparlers Pourparlers s’invite à la révolution du Design de réemploi. Une jolie bouture de cette révolution écologique et humaniste prend racine à Saint-Étienne dans la canopée design. Pourparlers effeuille les étages de cette fusée. Design et déchets un oxymore ? Design et déchets, un oxymore ? Une bouture à Saint-Étienne Cette bouture iconoclaste est en phase incubatoire à Saint-Étienne. Le travail d’Open Sources commence à trouver place publique. Monter une filière Design de réemploi. L’atelier de Montaud fonctionne à l’échelle de l’artisanat et du prototype. Une troisième révolution industrielle ? Le Design, dernier avatar du capitalisme consumériste et comme son aile avancée, va t-il disparaître avec la fin des ressources abondantes ? Pourparlers s’interroge donc avec Open sources sur la vie de nos objets « marketés », condamnés à une vie éphémère car programmés pour l’obsolescence. Jean-Pierre Jusselme Jean-Pierre Jusselme

Brain Pickings 5,000 Wine Bottles Recycled Into Acoustics-Improving Ceiling At Buenos Aires Restaurant Photos: Paula Alvarado. When I posted the story about La Dorita restaurant and its dozens of recycled-wine-bottles-lamps, a reader suggested that I took a look at another venue from the city which had a wine-bottle ceiling. Thus I got to Ginger Restaurant, which has, indeed, recovered more than 5,000 wine bottles from trash to improve the acoustics of its salon. Diego Valentin, an engineer who owns the place, explained that the idea to build this lower ceiling (there is an actual ceiling above it) came before opening the restaurant last year. They built a metal net that could hold the bottles, and began filling it when they started pilling up in the restaurant. According to Valentin, the problem with sound in the salon was the bouncing of the sound waves, and the curved shape of the bottles helps 'break' them. As there is more space above the net, the sound continues its way up, improving the quality of acoustics in the salon, which is now used for events. Pretty neat.

Weekend DIY: 7 Projects With Magazines Subscribe to Kanelstrand to get updates on more eco DIY projects. With time I tend to accumulate tens of magazines on my shelves and the thought of throwing the piles away makes me feel like a complete waster. So, you can imagine how glad I was to find these impressive projects to reuse old magazines. I hope you will find them equally useful! 1. Magazine stool 2. Let me know with a comment and I'll put you in a Google+ circle that is only for new blog notifications. Do-It-YourSciences Bienvenue sur la plateforme de partage de briolages scientifiques Do-it-Yoursciences. Cette plateforme a été développée par la fondation Juvene en collaboration avec l'Espace des inventions. Do-it-yoursciences est un projet collaboratif qui vous permet de consulter et télécharger des modes d'emploi de bricolages à caractère scientifique, les commenter et publier vos propres propositions. Les bricolages proposés ne sont pas de simples expériences, mais permettent de créer des objets fonctionnels.

Best UK Wedding Blog A Low Impact Woodland Home Take one baby, a toddler and a building site. Mix well with a generous helping of mud, combine with 6 weeks of solid welsh rain whilst living under canvas. Do this in candle light without a bathroom or electricity for three months. Chuck in living with your father for good measure. Having children is a major motivation for buying a house. Some past experience, lots of reading and self-belief gave us the courage of our conviction that we wanted to build our own home in natural surroundings. Initially we had no capital and we had decided resolutely to be full time parents whilst our children were young. So here we are today. Many people ask how we managed to build a house whilst camping without mainstream facilities and as the mum rather than the full time building blokes (my husband and father) I can assure you of a few things. If that hasn’t put you off more serious issues do provide an impetus to eco-building. Serendipity called again to provide the floor and windows.

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