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Drupal Auto Update

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Drush. Drupal Upgrade. As of May, 2009, Drupal 6.12 still doesn't have an automatic upgrade module or plans to include it in the core.

Drupal Upgrade

There have been security upgrades recently. This Drupal Core Upgrade Script should help make things go along a little more smoothly, especially if you have a more than a few Drupal sites to upgrade. Drupal automatic upgrade script. I got tired of always manually upgrading the necessary files for my Drupal installation and then copying the config back over.

Drupal automatic upgrade script

So I've automated almost the entire upgrade process with a shell script. All that I must do myself now is put Drupal into maintenance mode. (Don't forget to make it executable: chmod +x Note: The script assumes that it and the extracted update is in the next directory up from Drupal. Frequently Asked Questions. Automatic update script.