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ReThink At Google: A Dealer Inspire & Launch Digital Marketing Conference. 4 Predictions For Car Dealers in 2015 - Eric Miltsch. It’s time to get the band back together for another round of predicting the future of automotive marketing, technology and consumer behavior for 2015.

4 Predictions For Car Dealers in 2015 - Eric Miltsch

Twitter. Chevy Had The Perfect Response To The Awkward World Series Trophy Presentation. Fox SportsChevy added "and stuff" to the voiceover at the end of its truck commercial.

Chevy Had The Perfect Response To The Awkward World Series Trophy Presentation

Chevrolet got some unexpected attention this week when its presentation of a Chevrolet Colorado to World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner turned into an awkward flubbing of lines. Why Mobile-only Shoppers are Changing Car Sales. If you had to guess, how big would you say your dealership’s showroom is?

Why Mobile-only Shoppers are Changing Car Sales

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 15,000 or 18,000 square feet, maybe bigger? The front façade is probably in tip-top shape, the last of the 2014s are glistening, perfectly detailed and merchandised online. And I bet it’s full of amenities – lounge areas, a coffee bar, flat-screen TVs, WiFi – all of which help your customers feel at home when they come visit. Matthew McConaughey Has a Meltdown in 'SNL' Lincoln Ad Spoofs [VIDEO] Eric Miltsch sur Twitter : ".@SocialLittleMan @HaleyCertified @micah_birkholz @skeetle @jake_mccracken Nope. #Automarketing... Eric Miltsch sur Twitter : "@VelocitySales @DynamiteMonkey @skeetle @ridederty @HaleyCertified #AutoMarketing... Google Glass Gets Location Glassware From TripIt, Foursquare & OpenTable.

Google Supports New Schema for Multiple Business Phone Numbers. Contact DealerFire for any automotive services you may need. Social Media Can (and should) Be a Business Driver. This is part 2 in a 4 part series about automotive social media strategies that are emerging to help car dealers get true benefit.

Social Media Can (and should) Be a Business Driver

It’s not just about branding. It’s not about auto-feeding marketing content. With the right strategies in a place, dealers can drive foot traffic and website visitors in a way that can help them sell more vehicles and drive more service customers. Automotive Dealer ThinkTank. Early registrants for the automotive Dealer ThinkTank will receive an email, phone, chat, and even equity assessments as to their current efforts and opportunities.

Automotive Dealer ThinkTank

This is invaluable information, in a unique collaborative environment, with action items that will have your dealership immediately increase the profit from your Internet efforts. The value of this conference cannot be overstated. Not with the likes of Thibeau, Smith, Webb, Kershner, Cooper, and Miltsch as the leaders of the Dealer ThinkTank. Automotive Dealer ThinkTank. The 'Pre-Roll Video-Ad' Scramble. Contest! DSES Tickets Up For Grabs. We have 2 FREE Tickets to DSES!

Contest! DSES Tickets Up For Grabs

Want one? If we’re heading to DSES then you should be there, too! So, we’re going to host a nice, sweet, innocent contest to help get you there. Joe Webb's post on Vine. 7 Predictions For An Awesome 2013. Every year I enjoy putting my neck on the line by trying to look into the future of our wonderful industry and play Carstrodamus to see what lies ahead for us.

7 Predictions For An Awesome 2013

Some ideas have been spot on: The importance of local search and social content sharing and location based marketing services. Others were a little early: HTML5 and NFC. A couple were either just wrong or haven't happened yet: Path being acquired by Facebook. Dealership Innovation Guide Q4 2012. Dealers United. Dealers United's Soft Launch Success Congratulations on being a part of this historic event.

Dealers United

Dealers United launched just two weeks ago and already our group of dealers is growing exponentially. Keep spreading the word! As you continue to encourage your dealer friends to join the cause, we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure success. Survey Reveals Car Shoppers Increasingly Rely on Online Data and Social Media. Posted on January 25, 2011 PORTLAND – According to a recent survey of online vehicle shoppers by Chrome Systems Inc., a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc., automotive retailing sites can increase brand awareness and attract more shoppers with a savvy mix of robust research tools backed up by social networking.

Survey Reveals Car Shoppers Increasingly Rely on Online Data and Social Media

Chrome Systems said brand loyalty has dropped among automobile buyers, and as a result, it is more important than ever for manufacturer, dealer and third-party sites to find alternative ways to stay connected with existing customers and to reach out to new potential buyers, reported F&I and Showroom. The late 2010 survey results of potential buyers and purchasers show only 35 percent wanted to purchase the same brand of vehicle they owned previously, dropping from 39 percent in 2009.

Location-Based Services New Social-Media Frontier for Dealers. LAS VEGAS — The next frontier in social-media marketing is location-based marketing, which tracks users' daily activities, revealing not just their physical location but also what their interests are, says Eric Miltsch, Internet director-Auction Direct dealership group.

Location-Based Services New Social-Media Frontier for Dealers

“Location-based marketing is the hottest segment in social media,” he says at the Driving Sales Executive Summit presented with WardsAuto here. “It's something that in the auto industry has yet to truly take root, but I think it's about to.” One of the more popular location-based applications is Foursquare, but others have been popping up, including Gowalla and Facebook Places. Location-based-service users voluntarily “check in” at a designated site using a mobile device and input where they are.

Users then are tracked via the global positioning system on their smart phones or other mobile devices.


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