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Personal Development. How To Rest Your Mind. ~ Rose Taylor Goldfield. Indian teachers of yoga say that the Corpse Pose is the hardest yoga pose for Westerners.

How To Rest Your Mind. ~ Rose Taylor Goldfield

In Corpse Pose, we lie on the floor and surrender to the earth, leaving the body in perfect rest and stillness as though dead. But many of us have problems even with the pose of complete rest. We either fidget and shift our bodies or our mind gives up and goes to sleep. Being able to actually rest is an art for us to cultivate. One of the keys to meditation practice is to give ourselves permission to let go into resting. We begin to rest when we abandon our achievement oriented mind that relentlessly keeps us moving towards a goal. In order to help me enter the resting quality of meditation, I enjoy using this verse by the yogi Milarepa, a Tibetan master who lived 1040-1123 and is revered for having overcome suffering and persevering through great hardship to attain realization. I’ve added some lines of commentary to further illuminate his words. Lift's Guide to Meditation Is a Data-Driven Introduction for Beginners.

5 steps to calm your mind and increase creativity. Charles Dickens was devoted to long daily walks, even in the depths of winter. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s ideas came to him while wandering in the forest. Henry Thoreau sat in his rocking chair to think. These creative men understood something about their brains that science has only recently explained – that mental work can be aided by our physical practices. Taking steps to calm one’s brain and reduce mental distractions creates an ideal setting for brilliant insights.

Trevor Blake explains in this article how taking 20 minutes to calm the left side of the brain, the one that preoccupies itself with incessant to-do lists, can result in surprisingly faster thinking: “Once we stop distracting the brain with menial everyday worries and tasks, we release it to work at its maximum speed long enough for the brilliant ideas that are constantly fired at us to come into our awareness.” 1. 2. If You Only Do 10 Yoga Poses, Do These. Index of Angel Pages. Chakras. Consciousness Knowledge. Holistic Healing. Yoga. Yoga. Hobbies.


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