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SnackWebsites: Free website builder

SnackWebsites: Free website builder

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Think! Create! Share! Grow! To empower students and staff to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information. Dear REES Community, I am sorry that I have not posted lately! Time flies when you are having fun, teaching interesting lessons and helping students choose the “just right” books to read. Kudos to the students who are continuing to read at home during the snow days–keep it up! I hope you are reading every night and on the weekends, too! We have busy in classes:

Storing Application Data   The Google Drive API includes a special hidden folder that your app can use to store application data. What is the Application Data folder? The 'Application Data folder' is a special folder that is only accessible by your application. get.wideo "With Wideo we increased 10x Email Marketing Conversions and social traffic by 300%" "Using Wideo, we achieved a 12x ROI after just a few days. Our clients are so happy about the added value of video." ©copyright 2016.

Frames Suck Most of the Time (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox December 1996) Topics Author Recent Articles Popular Articles Some Excellent Rubric Generators for Teachers July 3, 2016 A few days ago we published here in EdTech and mLearning a collection of some interesting web tools teachers can use to create educational rubrics. Today, we are adding this wonderful resource from Teachnology which is basically a huge selection of pre-made rubrics and rubric generators that can be integrated into different subject areas. As we have argued elsewhere, rubrics are helpful for both teachers and students: teachers can use them when designing lesson plans and grading assignments; students can use them to make sure they meet the learning expectations and requirements of an assignment or project work. Teachnology’s rubrics are arranged into 10 main categories: general, language arts, learn about them, math, pre-made collection, process, rubric maker membership, science, social studies, and all rubrics. Basic Reading Skills Rubric Generator-

6 Fun Ways Kids Can Join the Maker Movement Children are natural makers — give a kid a cardboard box, and she’ll transform it immediately into an oven, a spaceship, an elevator, or something else that I probably cannot imagine. Recent years have seen a growth of the maker movement, or an enthusiasm for inventing and creating new technologies and tools, in the U.S., Europe, and many countries across the world. Here is a look at the origins of the maker movement, how it fosters creativity, and some of the resources available to kids. How the Maker Movement Got Started The maker movement has its origins in the do-it-yourself (DIY) attitude.

Drive Platform Example Apps   ZIP Extractor ZIP Extractor is a JavaScript implementation of a utility for opening and extracting ZIP files into Google Drive. The example contains working code necessary for: To get started, try the app or install it in Drive. To see how it all works, get the source from the Google Drive GitHub repo. QuickEditor Some Very Good Chrome Apps Used By Fellow Teachers July 25, 2016 One of the most fascinating things about running a service like edshelf is seeing trends in search behaviors. Searches for iPad and iPhone apps continue to dominate, though searches for Google Chromebook apps are rising faster than any other platform. Here are some notable Google Chrome apps used by fellow educators. Socrative Teacher A classroom tool for visualizing and measuring student understanding in real time.

Our themes don't have sliders... Because sliders suck. Two years ago, we wrote about why we really don’t like sliders. We still don’t like sliders. If your theme forces you to include a slider (also named carousels) on your homepage, please realize that it’s making you use a feature that has no value for SEO.