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Drupal on IRC

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Setting up IRC. This page explains what IRC is, gives some links to how to set it up, and tells you about some basic IRC commands and setup.

Setting up IRC

What is Internet Relay Chat (IRC)? See the Wikipedia IRC article for an explanation of what IRC is. The Drupal community uses IRC to have topical, general, and regional text chats around the world, at all times of the day, every day, in a variety of languages. Each chat is in its own channel. Some of the reasons we use IRC: - People who work on developing Drupal core and contributed modules use it to have development discussions on a regular basis, in the #drupal-contribute channel - People in local areas use it to have discussions with the people they see at their in-person meetings, and to keep in touch between meetings. IRC Guidelines. Drupal is a community, and IRC is one means to communicate and interact with others.

IRC Guidelines

There are men and women of all ages, and it is best to remember to treat others with respect and courtesy, as outlined in the Drupal Code of Conduct. Drupal IRC channels are not a personal or private space for making jokes at the expense of other people or groups of people, posting links to videos or photos of a sexual nature, or using lewd speech. The Drupal community is a place that welcomes everyone, and speech that can be seen as offensive — even in the name of "joking" — makes people feel unwelcome and drives them away. Please remember that your behavior in a Drupal IRC channel reflects on Drupal, and do not say or do anything that you would not normally say or do in front of a group of people in public. Drupal IRC channels are a shared space, and for many of us they are related to our careers and businesses. Many in the Drupal community who help in IRC are in multiple channels. Read more at: Getting help on IRC. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a real-time chat where you can talk to other people from around the planet.

Getting help on IRC

Although many channels deal with smalltalk about the weather, girl-friends and politics there are IRC networks and channels that are dedicated to provide support for a piece of software or an operating system. for example exists to support open-source projects. In case you need urgent help or just don't want to use a mailing list then you are welcome on IRC. IRC has been there for ages and has evolved with the time. So it may appear a hot tub of completely mad people at first. This article is meant to help you understand how to IRC works socially and how to get the most out of it. #1 - Don't ask to ask It's a bad manner if someone enters a channel and asks "May I ask a question? " #2 - Be precise There is nothing worse than "My printer doesn't work.

" or "My mail server doesn't work. ". What did you try to accomplish? #3 - Tell what you are doing #4 - Read the /topic. Helping others help you. From The Pragmatic Programmer: Care and Cultivation of Gurus With the global adoption of the internet, gurus suddenly are as close as your Enter key.

Helping others help you.

So, how do you find one, and how do you get one to talk with you? We find there are some simple tricks. Know exactly what you want to ask, and be as specific as you can be. Frame your question carefully and politely. This strikes particularly close to home as a freenode denizen. How to use IRC Effectively. Actions You'll often see people performing so called actions in IRC.

How to use IRC Effectively

Unlike talking normally, actions say to the IRC channel something that you're doing. You precede the action with /me. For example: /me shakes fist in the air in frustration about learning IRC. While on Drupal's IRC channels, there may be several other conversations occurring simultaneously. Chatting directly with another user If you want to message someone directly within the channel, precede your message with their nick:. If you need to message someone directly, outside of the channel, precede your message with /msg nick. A general courtesy is to request permission before sending a private message (PM) to someone.

There is an additional important reason to ask permission first: New tabs containing PMs are annoying if they aren't expected. The Do's and Dont's of Getting Support in IRC. Last updated November 28, 2015.

The Do's and Dont's of Getting Support in IRC

Dos Do try to keep your questions in the main channels. We all learn from your questions. Do minimize the personal chatter in the main channels. Take personal conversations to a private channel, such as instant messenger / Skype / IRC private message ("pm") / etc. Don'ts Don't be lazy; read the documentation or do a Google search before posting your question. Regional IRC Drupal Channels List. Chat with the Drupal Community on IRC.