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Drupal 8

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Drupal 8 Site Building - Modeling Data with Fields. Site builders, accustomed to working with Drupal 7 or Drupal 6, are able to do much more with Drupal 8 right out of the box.

Drupal 8 Site Building - Modeling Data with Fields

There are many excellent enhancements you should know more about. Because new Drupal adopters have the essential functionality of the most popular contributed modules to use, I think this is going to make Drupal easier to discover and learn. Content editors will also benefit (See Content editing enhancements in Drupal 8, if you haven't already reviewed that. It covers the main changes in the admin UI, too). From the point of view of structuring content types - site builders have increased responsibilities. You might be curious about how adopting Drupal 8 will change the site building experience, so let's start by focusing on one of the most important tasks you'll undertake: modeling data. Entities and Fields in Drupal 8 When you go to edit an existing content type, Article, you’ll notice some differences in the tabs.

Curious what this means? Drupal 8 How-to: Switch theme based on the page's active menu. Part of what makes Drupal 8 awesome is the modern PHP architecture, which makes it possible to build cool functionality changes with very little code required.

Drupal 8 How-to: Switch theme based on the page's active menu.

Of course, it takes time to figure out WHERE that code needs to go, beyond just "in a custom module". As part of my first Drupal 8 project, I needed to be able to switch the theme between the main site, and three specific sub-sections of the site. Luckily, each of these sections were to have their own menu, and only pages that appeared in that menu should have their theme switched. I was able to accomplish this in about four hours, which I'm pretty proud of. Investigation Here are the steps I remember taking to solve this issue.

Step 1: Look at contrib modules I used ThemeKey (link is external) for a Drupal 6 project back in my agency days, so it was one of the first things I looked at. D8 Love. Packagist. Announcing Features for Drupal 8. The first Alpha version of the Features module for Drupal 8 is now available!

Announcing Features for Drupal 8

“But wait!” 8.0.0-rc1 released. We now present the first release candidate for Drupal 8.0.0!

8.0.0-rc1 released

Drupal 8 includes a tremendous number of new features and improvements for both users and developers. We revamped Drupal's user interface; added WYSIWYG and in-place editing; significantly improved mobile support; added and improved key contributed modules including Views, Date, and Entity Reference; introduced a new object-oriented backend leveraging Symfony components; revamped configuration management; improved multilingual support; and added hundreds of other improvements. Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 is the collective work of over 3,200 core contributors. Drupal Contrib Tracker. Acquia. The Problem I have a theory.


My theory is that every single person / organization who is considering building a site on Drupal 8 has created some variation of the exact same spreadsheet. The spreadsheet tracks rows with information, such as which contributed projects the site needs, what URL those projects live at, who the maintainers are, what the project's current porting status is, etc. Realityloop. Drupal Development Melbourne. Post date: September 23 2015 The Realityloop team is currently at DrupalCon Barcelona.

Realityloop. Drupal Development Melbourne

During the opening keynote this morning Dries Buytart attempted to investigate several questions regarding Drupal's place at the moment. Drupal 8 version [#2220281] How to Create a REST API Export in Drupal 8. By Steve Burge Creating a REST API export in Drupal 7 is not always an easy process.

How to Create a REST API Export in Drupal 8

In a previous tutorial, we explained how to use the Services module, but that can be a complex and sometimes buggy option. In comparison, Drupal 8 is a breath of fresh air. You can create web services using on the Drupal 8 core. First, go to the "Extend" page and enable the 4 Web Services module. Go Structure > Views > Add new view. Click "Save and edit" and your view will instantly provide you with a REST API export. Inside the View, there are some settings available if you click the link below:


D.o pages. d8 module check. Blog posts. drupal 8. Ultimate-guide-drupal-8. Drupal 8. Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8: Episode 3 - Site Builder Improvements. Acquia. Security is very hard to bolt on to any software or product after it has been built.


Building it into the core of the code helps to avoid mistakes, and thus the upcoming release of Drupal 8 tries to build in more security by default, while still being usable for developers and site builders. This... Proposal to manage the Drupal core release cycle [#2135189] There are several issues with core development as it stands: not innovating fast enough, insufficient commercial incentive to contribute, contributor burnout, and unpredictable release cycles.We need to think about how to solve these not only for core developers, but also contrib developers, technical site owners, and non-technical site owners.

Proposal to manage the Drupal core release cycle [#2135189]

Introduction In #586146: [policy, no patch] Decide if and how to implement semantic versioning for Drupal 8.x, there has been a lot of talk about Drupal 8 adopting semantic versioning, where version numbers and the way they change convey meaning about the underlying code and what has been modified from one version to the next. Getting your site ready for Drupal 8. Note: Last update April 28, 2014 The drumbeat has started.

Getting your site ready for Drupal 8

On an almost daily basis, I'm asked How do I get my site ready for Drupal 8? Here is my best answer. If you go dutifully through this list, your site will be in peak condition when Drupal 8 is released. Start giving your administrators a taste of D8 now. How Drupal 8 builds your pages [infographic] Status of the Top 100 Contributed Modules for Drupal 8.

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Drupal Watchdog. Disclaimer: This article was written with Drupal 8 still under very active development; if something don’t work… maybe you can fix it. With the release of Drupal 8, themers will be showered with pleasant surprises. For starters, the theming engine has been changed from PHPTemplate to Twig. And while we were fixing that little issue, we also modernized the CSS architecture, removed all theme functions, shuttled control of markup and CSS into the theme, and added image styles, breakpoints, and responsive images. Were you ever confused about where certain markup came from?

Guess what: it’s now visible by viewing the page source.