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Learn More at From Satellites to Stars, NASA informat. NASA - Space Science - Home. Astronomy Resources at STScI. Space Science. - Out of the ordinary...out of this world. Solar System Planet Earth. A European researcher has interpreted carvings in a 32,500-year-old ivory tablet as a pattern of the same stars that we see in the sky today in the constellation Orion.

Solar System Planet Earth

The tablet is a sliver of ivory from the tusk of a mammoth — a large woolly animal like an elephant. Mammoths are extinct today. Zooniverse. Space Science Institute. The science of everything. Extrasolar Planets - Explore the Cosmos. Space Pictures - Home. The 12th Planet, Planet X Files, Space and Science Anomalies. The Twelfth Planet : Book I of the Earth Chronicles by Zecharia Sitchin; This is Sitchin's first book.

The 12th Planet, Planet X Files, Space and Science Anomalies

By translating Sumerian texts he was able to come up with the history of aliens visiting our planet about 450,00 years ago. They came from a planet called Marduk or Nibiru which is on a huge eliptical orbit around our Sun. It takes about 3,600 years for one orbit. Some of them apparently jump over to our planet as theirs approaches then leave as it leaves this part of the solar system. Home.