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ROBOTICA EDUCATIVA. ROBOTICA EDUCATIVA. Learning Scratch. mBlock is based on the Scratch2.0 editor, customized to work on robotic projects and electronic projects with Makeblock platform.By adding all kinds of electronic script blocks, teachers can write scripts to control robots or interact with sensors and actuators, inspiring students’ interests to learn by playing.

Learning Scratch

And kids also would love to build their own robots or explore various sensors and actuators, doing it by themselves or with their parents.mBlock downloadWindows: DownloadMac OSX: DownloadArduino drivers downloadWindows: Windows installer, Windows ZIP fileMac OSX: Me Baseboard / Makeblock Orion / Arduino Uno Click install file, it will prompt you to install Adobe AIR for the first time. Educational Robotics. Guide pour choisir un robot éducatif. Guide pour choisir un robot éducatif Depuis la réforme mise en place à partir du 26 novembre 2015, un nouveau programme pour les élèves de primaire et de collège a été écrit.

Guide pour choisir un robot éducatif

Une partie de ce nouveau programme est de moderniser l’éducation scolaire et de préparer les élèves aux nouveaux métiers de la technique qui est actuellement en perpétuelle évolution. Plus d’informations sur le plan gouvernemental sur le numérique dans notre article les robots éducatifs conçus pour l’apprentissage. Makeblock-Italia. Arduino STEM educational Robot kits Building Platform. Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone by Makeblock. Update 11/18/16: We're hosting a Kickstarter Live Wednesday Nov 23!

Airblock: The Modular and Programmable Starter Drone by Makeblock

Save the date and ask a question through this link and we will reply during the livestream! Update 11/19/2016: ~20% left until we hit the stretch goal!! :) If we reach $600K, every Airblock shipped out will also include an extra battery! We've incorporated the amazing ability of flight with basic engineering and coding!

It's not only fun and ultra-cool to play, but it gets you to see flight in a whole new way. Getting Started: Programming with mBlock – Open-source Arduino Robot Building Platform. Drag the module block you need from Robots Area, select the correct port/pin.Then trigger the running event, you can see it works.

Getting Started: Programming with mBlock – Open-source Arduino Robot Building Platform

Control DC Motor Control Me 7-segments Display Read the value of Me Temperature Sensor Control the Me RGB LED We have created some lessons about graphical programming and robotics to help teachers or kids get started easier.We suggest you start learning graphical logical programming with Scratch 2.0 The Adventures of Mike,then learn how to use Scratch2.0 to interact with mBot with the book mBlock Kids maker rocks with robots. mBlock = Scratch + Arduino (Tutoriales de Makeblock) mBlock = Scratch + Arduino mBlock es un entorno gráfico de programación basado en el editor Scratch 2.0 para que escuelas y centros de formación pueda introducir la robótica de forma sencilla y enseñar a programar robots basados en Arduino.

mBlock = Scratch + Arduino (Tutoriales de Makeblock)

La interfaz es muy amigable e intuitiva. Usa bloques previamente definidos para dar órdenes al robot y si sabes programar también podrás sacarle todo el partido con el entorno de Arduino.