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Career Services, University of Pennsylvania. How not to start your cover letter. This was one of our most popular blog posts this year, and we think the advice is so good it should be repeated!

How not to start your cover letter

If you’re looking for some awesome cover letter advice on how *NOT* to start your cover letter (and some great examples of how you should be starting it) then read on! On a weekly basis any hiring manager probably receives between 50 and … well, probably hundreds of resumes and cover letters. The key is to catch his or her attention from the start; and the best place to do that is in your cover letter. So I am going to tell you about the worst possible way to start your cover letter—and then give you some creative alternatives to use instead. Here is the most boring intro line because everyone uses it: Please accept my resume for consideration of the (XYZ) position within your organization. What a snoozer! Administrative: If you are spending too much time compiling tedious lists of general office duties and administrative tasks, then I have the solution for you. However … Marketing 10 Reasons Why this Cover Letter Rocks.

ATLANTA, GA - Okay, get ready to take some notes.

Marketing 10 Reasons Why this Cover Letter Rocks

Following is one of the best cover letters / emails I have ever received. Check it out and I'll explain why ... Hi Harry, I read your interesting blog [1] recently and thought to contact you. I am new to Atlanta and champing at the bit [2] to join an organization and prove my mettle [3]; however, I need help [4] obtaining a position. You can reach me at or on my mobile number, 617-9X9-1X91 [9]. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Best regards,Dan Metcaff First off, my love of this candidate has NOTHING to do with his degree from Harvard. Here are ten reasons why Dan's cover letter rocks: He read my blog. I realize that some folks will read this blog post and wonder how slow my day must have been to bring this up. Twenty something? Job seeker? How to dramatically increase your chances of getting the job « Practical Hacks.

Face it: the job market sucks. Interviewing and not getting the job sucks, too. The good news? There are a few simple things you can do to make yourself stand out from other applicants and greatly increase your odds of landing the job. Doing these things will require a little bit of effort and time, but they’re well worth it. Why does anyone get hired? When you cut through all the noise, there are only a few reasons why anyone gets hired: You possess the technical skills – you can do the jobYou seem likable and a “good fit” – you can get along with othersYou display energy and initiative – you have passion and energy I can’t help you with the first at all. As for fit and people skills, I would simply encourage you to be upbeat and friendly with everyone you meet at the interviewing company without going overboard and seeming phony. What one thing will set you apart from every other applicant? This leaves us with the third factor listed above.

For you, that’s fantastic news. “Hmm. “Yeah. New Page 1. Jobs News - The New Resume Rules: What's In and What's Out.