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Billjobs : logiciel de gestion commerciale et budgétaire pour agence de communication, de publicité et ed design Visual Workflow Manager for Graphic Design Productivity by Creative Pros | Gridiron Flow Slotted: The Ultimate Signup Tool eTeki - Get the right IT Interviewer...Get your technical screening done the right way TweetMeme goes Pro; adds all the features you’ve been waiting for. In case you’ve missed it, TweetMeme is everywhere, lately. While we’re obviously fans here on TNW, and there are a lot of reasons. On top of having great at-a-glance retweet counts, the pages of the TweetMeme site are awesome places to find interesting content. Adding to those reasons, TweetMeme now has an upgraded version called TweetMeme Pro with a host of new features: Up to 10 UTM tracking codes within the buttonCustomisation on the design of the buttonCustomisation on the design of the pop-up boxDedicated servers to ensure high reliability and performance Of course, you’ll still have the deadly accurate retweet counts and all of the other features of the original TweetMeme button, but the additions are awesome and very welcomed. What’s great about TweetMeme Pro is that it’s scaled to fit your site, and grow with you. With 700 million TweetMeme buttons across 250,000 sites, TweetMeme is clearly the leader in this market, and we’re happy to see the TweetMeme Pro service come to a head.

Base de données personnelle et logiciel d'organisation | Bento 3 FileMaker ne commercialise plus les produits grand public Bento. Nous assurerons le support technique des produits Bento jusqu’au 30 juillet 2014. Merci d'avoir fait confiance à Bento. Ce changement s'inscrit dans un recentrage sur la ligne de produits logiciels FileMaker. Grâce à la simplicité avec laquelle FileMaker permet de créer des solutions pour iPad et iPhone, son utilisation par nos clients sur la plate-forme iOS a connu une croissance rapide. FileMaker Pro répondra aux besoins de certains utilisateurs de Bento pour Mac. Lire l'article de la Knowledge Base pour plus d'information sur la transition de Bento.

Tasks Rapportive Leverage Sales Navigator insights anytime you send an email. View rich LinkedIn profile data for your contacts directly in Gmail, and use that knowledge when you reach out next. This Chrome extension is available in two flavors, “Lite” for free LinkedIn members and “Premium” for LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscribers. Sales Navigator Lite for Gmail will let you See rich LinkedIn profile data for your contacts directly in your Gmail, and use that knowledge when you reach out next Mention icebreakers, including shared connections, experiences, and interests, to build rapport with your contacts Hover over any email address anywhere in your message to quickly view their profile to stay informed on who’s who With a Sales Navigator subscription, this extension will unlock additional premium features: Save contacts as leads in your Sales Navigator account Use TeamLink to see if prospects are connected to your colleagues and get a warm introduction

FAQ about spec work | NO!SPEC What is spec work? Basically, spec work is any kind of creative work rendered and submitted, either partial or completed, by designers to prospective clients before taking steps to secure both their work and equitable fees. Under these conditions, designers will often be asked to submit work under the guise of either a contest or an entry exam on actual, existing jobs as a “test” of their skill. In addition, the designers normally unwittingly lose all rights to their creative work because they failed to protect themselves by means of a contract or agreement. The clients often use this freely-gained work as they see fit without fear of legal repercussion. Why is spec work unethical? The designers in essence work free of charge and with an often falsely advertised, overinflated promise for future employment; or are given other insufficient forms of compensation. The reality is that they often yield little extra work, profit or referrals. Is my contest spec work? What’s wrong with a contest?