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SSD Cloud Hosting - Linode. Understanding Mobile Back End As A Service. Advertisement What if you could create an entire back end for your mobile applications that was feature-complete in data synchronization, push-notification support, user management and file-handling before you even started building the mobile experience?

Understanding Mobile Back End As A Service

What if it was architected in such a way that you could easily create new cross-platform native and web applications seamlessly on this back end? While this might sound like a fairy tale, it is exactly what providers of mobile back end as a service (MBaaS) are aiming to give app developers. It is up to you to determine whether that is true for the experiences you are creating.

Through this article, I hope you gain four key pieces of information: the way MBaaS providers fit into modern mobile application development, the process of evaluating MBaaS providers, the core functionality provided by MBaaS providers and the downsides of leveraging this type of solution. Framing The Discussion MBaaS In Real Life. Firebase - Build Realtime Apps. NgCordova - Simple extensions for common Cordova Plugins - by the Ionic Framework Team - by the Ionic Framework Team. 5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks: jQuery Mobile + Backbone. jQuery – the swiss army knife for cross-browser JavaScript used in well over 50% of all web sites in the world.

5 Best Mobile Web App Frameworks: jQuery Mobile + Backbone

This also means that there are more jQuery developers than those programming in any other JavaScript library, although that doesn’t necessarily guarantee finding quality talent easily. jQuery Mobile is a minimalistic upgrade to jQuery designed for responsive web sites and platform agnostic web apps. Where jQuery brings all of the well known JavaScript features to the table, the ‘Mobile’ part of the upgrade is mostly responsible for CSS and HTML. Unlike some other frameworks, such as Sencha Touch, most of the work with jQuery Mobile will be done in HTML5 and CSS3 markup. Backbone.js provides the missing JavaScript architecture, primarily the MV* infrastructure.

Let’s see how this promising combo performs in real life. MV* Pattern Developers often argue whether the pattern presented in Backbone is MVC, MVP, or MVVM. Ionic: Advanced HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework. Best Free Fonts for Mobile App Designs. There are not too many free fonts that are good to be used for mobile app design.

Best Free Fonts for Mobile App Designs

Actually you don’t need much to choose from, I did not want to make another 50+ font list you should use. Instead I tried to include only the best ones that I’ve tried before and got some suggestions from other designers. For the app I have designed in London called Wöbu I have decided to go with Open Sans as it has many weight options, is very clean and crisp and works well with flat color palettes. Why typography is important? Typography is a “make or break” for the design. In typography, a typeface (also known as font family) is a set of one or more fonts each composed of glyphs that share common design features.

Legibility Legibility is extremely important in mobile design because of the small screens that app’s content will be shown on. The Easiest Mobile Development Tool - Codiqa. The Next Generation of Mobile Interaction Design. Free Web & Mobile (iOS, Android) Prototyping and UI Mockup Tool. 20 Excellent Wireframing Tools for Mobile. Planning and wireframing your mobile website or application is an essential part of a successful design process.

20 Excellent Wireframing Tools for Mobile

It can help save you money (on design and development costs), expand initial ideas, build structure and functionality and effectively gather invaluable early feedback. We have gathered 20 of the best tools for wireframing mobile websites and apps, each of which offers a unique set of features. Furthermore, there are plenty of other wireframing and diagramming apps available, which may also be of interest. Please note, though, not all the tools listed below offer mobile-specific functionality; several are rather basic. However, each is worth exploring to see if it fits your requirements: Have we left out your favorite wireframing tool? Image via istockphoto, thegoodphoto. - Silly-fast mobile prototyping. Mobile App Prototyping Made Easy. The Missing Tutorial – OpenShift Blog.

So far this series has looked at: Today for my 30 day challenge, I decided to learn a productivity tool for front-end development called Yeoman.

The Missing Tutorial – OpenShift Blog

First we will first cover the Yeoman basics and then develop an Ember application using Yeoman. This blog post does not cover EmberJS basics so please refer to Day 19 where I explored it. Mobile App Solutions. Welcome to Forbes. Comparing HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks. In response to the growing market for mobile apps several HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks are now available to help developers create attractive and responsive apps.

Comparing HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks

These libraries enable Web developers to create great user experiences for their apps using technology and skills that they are familiar with. The best of these UI/UX frameworks include App Framework, Twitter Bootstrap 3, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI, and TopCoat. Each one provides a unique set of features to help Web developers make great apps. jQuery Mobile Demos. jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized HTML5 UI framework designed to make responsive web sites and apps that are accessible on all smartphone, tablet and desktop devices.

jQuery Mobile Demos

New to jQuery Mobile? Get started by reading this introduction. For technical info, visit the API documentation. Downloads and info about the project can be found on Apache Cordova Tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn strategies and best practices to build native-like mobile applications with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Apache Cordova Tutorial

You will build an Apache Cordova (aka PhoneGap) Employee Directory application from scratch using the Single Page Architecture, HTML templates, touch events, and performance optimization techniques. What You Will Learn: How to create and build (compile and package) a Cordova project using the CLI (Command Line Interface).How to use different data storage strategies.How to use several Cordova APIs such as Geolocation, Contacts, and Camera.How to handle specific mobile challenges such as touch events, scrolling, styling, page transitions, etc.How to build an application using a single-page architecture and HTML templates. Requirements To complete this workshop, all you need is a code editor, a modern browser, and a connection to the Internet.A working knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is assumed, but you don't need to be a JavaScript guru.

Apache Cordova. Best Of Both Worlds: Mixing HTML5 And Native Code. Advertisement Much has been written recently in the ongoing debate between native and HTML5 applications.

Best Of Both Worlds: Mixing HTML5 And Native Code