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Foods That Are Hazardous to Dogs. Most dogs love food, and they’re especially attracted to what they see us eating.

Foods That Are Hazardous to Dogs

While sharing the occasional tidbit with your dog is fine, it’s important to be aware that some foods can be very dangerous to dogs. Take caution to make sure your dog never gets access to the foods below. Even if you don’t give him table scraps, your dog might eat something that’s hazardous to his health if he raids kitchen counters, cupboards and trash cans. For advice on teaching your dog not to steal food, please see our article, Counter Surfing and Garbage Raiding. Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark may contain a toxic principle known as persin. Birds, rabbits, and some large animals, including horses, are especially sensitive to avocados, as they can have respiratory distress, congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart, and even death from consuming avocado. Avocado is sometimes included in pet foods for nutritional benefit. 7 Human Foods That You Can Feed Your Dog. Ami Dobelle | | Pets If you have a dog, you’ve probably seen that adorable pleading face at mealtime with its big, sad puppy eyes looking up at you as if to say, Please let me have just one little bite!

7 Human Foods That You Can Feed Your Dog

So what if you cave in to the begging? Is all human food bad for dogs? The surprising answer is no. Homemade Dog Treats. Like most girls, I’ve thought about what my wedding will be like….err maybe only once or twice (or three times).

Homemade Dog Treats

I think a farm wedding in the summer would be straight up dreamy; with a barn, and tall grass, mason jars and fireflies–it’d be magic. It got me sort of thinking about how awesome it would be to have a petting zoo, too. A freakin’ petting zoo! Celebrate National Dog Day with homemade dog treats. It’s National Dog Day – a day to celebrate the love and companionship of dogs everywhere.

Celebrate National Dog Day with homemade dog treats.

And what’s better received by your canine friend than something edible? Homemade dog treats make a great project for kids – helping them create a special treat for their pup is rewarding to them both, and the smell of cinnamon baking is good for your own mental well-being too: according to a recent study, the odour of cinnamon enhanced participants’ cognitive processing. These teeny cinnamon bun biscuits are made with whole wheat flour and canola oil, which contains heart healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

They look as good as they taste; having been rolled into a log and sliced they resemble the real thing – even more so if you spread or drizzle them with cream cheese, thinned with a little water. Drizzling is easy if you put the sugar-free cream cheese “icing” in a zip-lock bag and snip off one corner to squeeze the mixture out. Cheese Flavored Dog Biscuit Recipe for Two Dogs. Most dogs are crazy about cheese.

Cheese Flavored Dog Biscuit Recipe for Two Dogs

Its flavor, texture and aroma -- much like peanut butter -- pleases the most discriminating canine connoisseur. For the two-dog household, these large-batch recipes for savory gourmet cookies made with an assortment of cheeses are ideal for occasional treats and training rewards. Have a question? Get an answer from a Vet now! Co. We love the dogs of Brit + Co., and one of our favorite ways to show our love is through homemade treats.


They make for a fun baking project that won’t lead to you downing a tray full of cookies! Here are 12 of our favorite recipes to whip up. Make Your Own DIY Dog Treats! Curbly-Original I'm known around these parts as "the crazy Schnauzer lady", but in truth, I'm crazy about ALL dogs... and think they deserve some tasty, homemade treats every now and then!

Make Your Own DIY Dog Treats!

This simple, two-ingredient recipe can be customized like nobody's business, so get creative and have a little fun (while pampering your pooch)! I originally made these treats for Wrigley's first birthday (yes, I celebrated it. Re: crazy dog lady; see above), and have made a ton of variations since. The basic recipe is as follows: Ingredients: Dog Treats Recipe with Pumpkin – Homemade dog biscuits. This was a post which almost didn’t get written.

Dog Treats Recipe with Pumpkin – Homemade dog biscuits

You see, I’ve started to get a bit self conscious about over sharing. Not in that creepy “I feel the need to let everyone know what sort of bathroom rituals I have or funky positions we just tried” kind of over sharing. I’ll leave those to the uninhibited TMI peeps. Izzy's Apple-Cheddar Dog Biscuits, Recipe from The Martha Stewart Show, October 2009. Homemade Dog Treats. Apples, Cinnamon, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin…these are the flavors of the season.

Homemade Dog Treats

We go crazy for lattes, pie, cookies, candles, everything and anything containing those ingredients or scents. All the while, someone close to you is feeling very left out. Paw-Print Dog Treats, Recipe from Martha Stewart Living, March 2010. Advertisement No Thanks Keep In Touch With Sign up and we'll send inspiration straight to you.

Paw-Print Dog Treats, Recipe from Martha Stewart Living, March 2010

Martha Stewart takes your privacy seriously. To learn more, please read our Privacy Policy. Homemade Cat Treats. Meow! on Pinterest. Delicious homemade cat treats. Custom Search Homemade cat treats are fun, easy and inexpensive to make! In addition to giving your feline friend healthy cat treats that you can purchase from pet stores, you can also make healthy treats at home. Making your cat treat has some advantages, such as: you'll know exactly what's in them; it will cost a lot less than the treats sold in stores; and, you can make large batches and freeze what you won't use right away. Make sure you use human-grade ingredients, and try to use organic products whenever you can. Homemade Cat Treats From Your Kitchen. I was scouring the internet wanting to find some healthy tasty cat treats I can make at home for my two pet felines. I thought it would also be great to give these homemade yummy treats to my friends as gifts for their cats.

I found the first three recipes I’ve listed below at FreeCatHealthTips. com. They seem pretty easy to make, and not very expensive. They actually sound tasty. 6 ounces of un-drained tuna 1 cup cornmeal 1 cup flour 1/3 cup water Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. HAM It Up Cat TREATS (makes 2 1/2 to 3 dozen) 1 jar (2-1/2 ounces) strained ham baby food 5/8 cup wheat germ 5/8 cup non-fat milk powder 1 egg, beaten Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

NOTE: Beef or chicken baby food may be substituted for ham baby food. 1-1/2 cups rolled oats 1/4 cup vegetable oil 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup tuna oil, chicken or beef bouillon Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. I also found a site that offer natural cat treat recipes. Free Dog Coat Pattern: Make a Dog Coat with This Free Adjustable Dog Coat Pattern. From the pet issue of Time Out Chicago. Anybody need a model who can hold her tongue just so? This is Reese, an alum of Orphans of the Storm, age 7. To make the dog jacket, I referred to an online pattern for a small dog and revised it for my medium-sized canine who’s about 55 pounds—-okay, 57 pounds. She measures approximately 19″ from neck to tail and 31″ around the middle. My pattern is resizable and includes instructions and illustrations (thanks to Kate Durkes, visual artist extraordinaire).