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Can Animals Predict Disaster? - Tall Tales or True? We’ve all heard them: the tales of dogs barking before the big earthquake hit; wildlife behaving strangely before the big hurricane; earthworms pouring out of the ground just before the big flood strikes.

Can Animals Predict Disaster? - Tall Tales or True?

Tall tales … or true? Researchers say it’s probably a little bit of both. Plenty of studies have shown that some animals can sense major changes in the weather. Worms, for instance, are known to flee rising groundwater. Birds are known to be sensitive to air pressure changes, and often hunker down before a big storm. “I think these animals are more attuned to their environment than we give them credit for,” Michelle Heupel, a scientist at the Mote Marine Laboratory who worked on the shark study, has told reporters. But can your kitty or puppy give you a cue that a big quake is coming? What about other animal trends? Again, other scientists doubt this. Still, researchers like Liz Von Muggenthaler — who appears in NATURE’s Can Animals Predict Disaster? This Looked Like A Bird At First. Then I Zoomed In And Couldn't Believe My Eyes! Insane Bear Rescue Caught on Cam - Insane Bear Rescue Caught on Cam.

Polar Bears. What Species Are You? The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened. Really high dogs. Can Animals Think? The first time Fu Manchu broke out, zookeepers chalked it up to human error.

Can Animals Think?

On a balmy day, the orangutans at the Omaha Zoo had been playing in their big outdoor enclosure. Not long thereafter, shocked keepers looked up and saw Fu and his family hanging out in some trees near the elephant barn. Later investigation revealed that the door that connects the furnace room to the orangutan enclosure was open. Head keeper Jerry Stones chewed out his staff, and the incident was forgotten. But the next time the weather was nice, Fu Manchu escaped again. The next nice day, alerted by keepers desperate to keep their jobs, Stones finally managed to catch Fu Manchu in the act. Fu Manchu's jailbreaks made headlines in 1968, but his clever tricks didn't make a big impression on the scientists who specialize in looking for signs of higher mental processes in animals. And neither did I. Animal intelligence now irrefutable: Bottlenose dolphins call each other by name.

(NaturalNews) The dolphin is a fascinating marine mammal species with amazing cognitive and intellectual capacities that science has shown far exceed those of almost all other non-human mammals.

Animal intelligence now irrefutable: Bottlenose dolphins call each other by name

And a recent study published in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), adds to the mystery and wonder surrounding dolphins, having found that the bottlenose variety in particular is capable of communicating with other dolphins by specifically calling them by name. Through a series of learned signals, dolphins are apparently able to communicate with each other in a more advanced way that many scientists previously believed was only possible between humans. According to new research out of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, dolphins possess not only general signaling abilities, which allow them to find food or warn other dolphins about danger, but they also have the capacity to come up with distinct names for one another.

Sources for this article include: Morningstar Totem Animal Medicines. VIDEO: 800-Pound Snake Pulled out of Lake in Chicago, Illinois! Rare goblin shark caught off Florida Keys. A fisherman hauling in his nets Wednesday near the Florida Keys came face-to-face with one of the rarest and ugliest sharks in the sea -- a goblin shark.

Rare goblin shark caught off Florida Keys

According to the NOAA Fisheries Service Facebook page: Yesterday, a shrimp fisherman accidentally caught an 18 ft. goblin shark off the Florida Keys. NOAA biologists are working with the fisherman to collect important information about the shark, a known deep water species. Shortly after capture, the shark was released and swam away. Biologists encourage people to call and report these rare sightings and catches as the information they can collect allows them to know more about a species.

The NOAA says it is only the second goblin shark of record in the Gulf of Mexico. Some have been seen in the Atlantic off the coast of Guyana, Surinam, French Guyana, France, Madeira, Senegal, Portugal, Gulf of Guinea and South Africa, according to NOAA. I Can’t Believe How Funny This Is. I Am In Tears, Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned On. How to Talk to Animals. Start by taking your dog into a quiet room.

How to Talk to Animals

He knows the tone of your voice, so you are one step ahead of the game. Sit down on the floor next to him, or if he is allowed on the couch or bed (lucky dog), have him sit next to you. Pet him in his favorite spot until he is settled in. Then start talking quietly to him in a loving tone. Find one short sentence or word and use it over and over. When you have gone over your key phrase about 10 times in a rhythmic way, close your eyes and be silent. Once you have done this once, speak the key phrase again one time and then float the cloud picture again into his head. Dolphin Pod Escorts Swimmer Through Shark-Infested Water.

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