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Slow Cooker Cabbage Roll Casserole. Description : I use to make regular cabbage rolls until I found this recipe.

Slow Cooker Cabbage Roll Casserole

Now, instead, I make this and it is as good as the regular cabbage rolls and a lot easier. Prep Time : 20m, Cook Time : 30m, Serves : 6. Ingredients : 1 pound lean ground beef½ cup chopped onion5 cups coleslaw mix½ cup uncooked, converted rice (I used Uncle Ben’s)¼ cup water2 teaspoons paprika½ teaspoon salt¼ teaspoon pepper1 can (14 to 15 ounces) Italian-style tomato sauce Directions :

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Good Luck Pork and Cabbage

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HOW DO WE COLLECT INFORMATION AND WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? We also collect information through our web server applications. HOW DO WE USE THIS INFORMATION? Crock Pot Balsamic Pork Roast. I love making pork in the slow cooker, it’s so easy and literally falls apart once cooked.

Crock Pot Balsamic Pork Roast

Here it’s cooked with balsamic vinegar and honey which gives it a slight tang that I love! Whenever I happen to see a small pork roast in the supermarket, I always pick one up because I know it’s an easy dinner. I usually find myself gravitating to the Slow Cooker Kalua Pork each and every time because it’s so good and easy to make, but I wanted to switch things up and came across a slow cooker recipe for this balsamic pork recipe on Add A Pinch. I met Robin just a few months ago while I was in Oregon so I was happy to try one of her recipes. Slow-Cooker Cheesy Potatoes and Ham recipe. Crock Pot Spare Rib Recipe - The Pinke Post. Twice in the last couple weeks I have come home to the most fantastic aroma in our kitchen.

Crock Pot Spare Rib Recipe - The Pinke Post

It’s a Crock Pot spare ribs recipe and you are going to love it. I buy spare ribs on sale at our local meat counter. I pulled two racks from the freezer the other day with the intention of getting them ready for supper the next night. Crock Pot Spare Rib Recipe - The Pinke Post. Easy Crock Pot BBQ Ribs. Italian Crescent Casserole - All food Recipes chicken recipes,easy chicken recipes. Italian Crescent Casserole Classic Italian flavors in a flaky Crescent crust, ready in 30 minutes.

Italian Crescent Casserole - All food Recipes chicken recipes,easy chicken recipes

What a deliciously easy dinner! Prep time 10 mintotal time 30 miningredients 5servings 6Serving Size: 1 ServingCalories per serving 390 Ingredients 1 lb ground beef, cooked, drained1 cup basil and garlic tomato pasta sauce (from 16-oz jar)1 can (8 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dinner rolls1 1/2 cups shredded Italian cheese blend (6 oz)1/4 teaspoon dried basil leaves Steps. Peach Pork BBQ Sliders Topped with Apple Cole Slaw. Paleo Crock Pot Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Honey - Our Full Plate. Paleo Crock Pot Apple and Honey Pork Tenderloin served with no grain mashed cauliflower I am baaaaaaaak (insert creepy Chucky’s voice) and thank goodness I am.

Paleo Crock Pot Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Honey - Our Full Plate

I apologize for the three week hiatus from blogging but I was on a work trip/ Army school for the last two weeks in Wisconsin where I was knee deep in papers, power point briefs, and hundreds and hundreds of reading material. It was a long two weeks! Couldnt Be Easier BBQ Pork Tenderloin Crock Pot) Recipe. Cancel TOP Filters What's in Your Fridge?

Couldnt Be Easier BBQ Pork Tenderloin Crock Pot) Recipe

Browse By: Crock Pot Pork Roast with Sauerkraut and Apples. Don’t run away.

Crock Pot Pork Roast with Sauerkraut and Apples

Please. I know sauerkraut sounds scary (actually, I have always loved sauerkraut, so I’ve never thought it sounded scary, but I know it’s scary for a lot of people.) What I have here before you today is the moistest, most tender, most flavorful pork roast, not too sweet, not to sauer (see what I did there?) , high in protein, low in calories, and a dinner that every single person in my family, including my pickiest eaters, will gobble up every single time. My parents and older brothers and sisters had a whole life before I came along–my closest sibling is 10 years older than me, so all of the backpacking trips, the whitewater river trips, that time they lived in Europe for a year–all that happened before I was born.

Crock Pot Scalloped Potatoes and Ham Recipe. Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes & Ham Recipe. I tried this recently and found the moisture content wasn't enough to cook the potatoes thoroughly, without adding the milk to the soup.

Crockpot Scalloped Potatoes & Ham Recipe

If you don't want to use milk, mix the soup with water. You can even choose to use cream of chicken, cream of onion/potato, or cheddar cheese soup. I love my mom's scalloped potatoes but... I can't stand the shallow dish resulted in cooking in the baking pans, and I was looking for a nice deep dish recipe for my favorite creamy, cheesy potatoes! The crockpot does this wonderfully. Slow Cooker Ham and Scalloped Potatoes Recipe. Crock Pot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili. A perfect fall chili made with pumpkin puree, ground turkey, white beans, green chili and spices.

Crock Pot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili

Top this with chopped fresh cilantro, scallions, jalapeños, light sour cream, and/or reduced fat cheddar and serve it with baked chips on the side for a wonderful lunch or dinner. I am so happy to share this one with you!!! Not all my crock pot experiments get me excited, but when they do they wind up here on Skinnytaste. The pumpkin is not sweet at all, in fact, if you don't mention it, no one would even know it's there but it does add beautiful color to the chili and for picky eaters, a great way to sneak in vegetables. This is pretty mild as far as heat goes, if you want more kick use chipotle chili powder in place of the chili powder and use it according to your taste. Ingredients: Heat a large heavy saute pan over high heat and lightly spray with oil.

Add oil to the saute pan, then onions, garlic, sauté about 3 - 4 minutes; add cumin and sauté another minute. Slow Cooked Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos - Emily Bites. Slow Cooked Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos Chipotle who? These Pulled Pork Tacos are so flavorful and easy to make. I far prefer them to their less-healthy restaurant counterparts. It’s always nice to come home from work knowing that dinner is already made and waiting for you, and since there is virtually no prep work for these it’s super quick to just toss all the ingredients in your slow cooker in the morning! Ingredients: Crockpot Pork and Sweet Potato Stew Recipes. Spicy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Recipe.

Easy Crock-Pot Pulled Pork Sandwiches Recipe. Crockpot Sausage, Peppers, and Onions - Foodgasms Recipes. Slow Cooker Shredded Mexican Pork. 3 lb. pork, loin roast, boneless, cut into 2 inch pieces 1/2 tsp. salt 8 oz. peppers, green chile, diced ( 2 - 4 oz. cans) 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1/4 c. chipotle sauce 3 1/4 c. water, divided 1 1/2 c. rice, long grain white, uncooked 1/4 c. fresh lime juice 1/4 c. cilantro, chopped Slow Cooker Shredded Mexican Pork can be used with Burrito’s, Enchilada’s, Taco’s, Salad and more!

So Good! In a 5-6 quart slow cooker, season pork with salt and place in the bottom of the crock.Top roast with chile peppers and garlic.Next top with the chipotle sauce and 1/2 cup water.Cover. Cook for 7 hours on Low.On the stove, bring remaining 2 3/4 cups water and rice to a boil. Slow Cooker Meaty Tomato Sauce. 1 lb. sausage, Italian, casings removed 1 lb. sausage, hot Italian, casings removed 1/2 lb. beeef, ground 1 onion, large, finely diced 1/4 c. garlic, minced 4 - 14.5 oz. tomatoes, diced, canned 2 - 6 oz. tomato paste, canned 2 - 14 oz.tomato sauce, canned 1/2 c. chicken broth 1/2 c. Cabernet Sauvignon, (or another dry red wine) 1 T. seasoning, dried Italian herb 1/2 c. basil, fresh, chopped 1 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. pepper, black, ground Slow Cooker Meaty Tomato Sauce is great to make ahead of time, for your favorite Spaghetti, Lasagna or any Italian dish!

In a skillet over medium heat, stir in Italian sausage, ground beef, onion, and garlic.Cook and stir until the meat is no longer pink and is crumbly and evenly browned, approximately 15 minutes.Mash and blend the meat mixture every few minutes. Happy Crocking! Slow Cooker Ham. 2 c. packed brown sugar 8 lb. cured, ham, recipe suggests using ham with bone-in, but you can cook the ham of your choice. Slow Cooker Ham is the perfect solution to any holiday, get together, or just to have a delicious ham! Spread about 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar on the bottom of the slow cooker.Place the ham flat side down into the slow cooker – you might have to trim it a little to make it fit.Use your hands to rub the remaining brown sugar onto the ham.Cover.

Cook on Low for 8 hours. NOTE: The rule of thumb is to cook 1 hour for each pound of the ham on Low, so you would want 8 hours on Low for an 8 pound ham. IMPORTANT: It is my suggestion to use a meat thermometer to make sure your ham is done! Happy Crocking! Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Ham. 4 lbs. boneless ham, fully cooked 12 oz. lemon lime soda 1/4 c. honey 1/2 tsp. mustard 1/2 tsp. ground cloves 1/4 tsp. cinnamon This is a great recipe for the holiday or any time! Pork Picadillo Tacos Recipe. Crock Pot Pork And Sauerkraut Recipe. Crock Pot Carnitas Recipe. Slow Cooker Pork and Sauerkraut Recipe. Slow Cooker Lancaster County Pork and Sauerkraut Recipe. Crock Pot Pork And Sauerkraut Recipe. Slow Cooker Sausage with Sauce Recipe. Slow Cooker Sausage with Sauce Recipe. Slow Cooker Picadillo. Slow Cooker Penne Pasta with Sausage Eggplant Sauce. New Potatoes, Green Beans And Ham Recipe - - 51948. Cancel TOP Filters. Slow Cooker Guisado Verde. Slow Cooker Sausage Ragu.

2 T. olive oil 1 lb. bulk sweet Italian sausage 1 lb. bulk hot Italian sausage 1 lg. red onion, diced 2 ribs celery, diced 3 cloves garlic, minced 1/2 c. dry red wine 28 oz. can Italian-style diced tomatoes, undrained 28 oz. can tomato sauce salt to taste 1 c. heavy cream Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Low Fat Crockpot Pork and Sweet Potato Stew. Come home to this simple and delicious crockpot pork and sweet potato stew, which can be enjoyed with a little rice on the side or with some whole grain bread to mop up the juices. Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 9 hours. Crock-Pot Ladies Crock-Pot Pulled Pork – Couldn't Be Easier BBQ Pork Tenderloin Crock Pot) Recipe - - 317152. Scalloped Potatoes with Ham. Slow Cooker Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos. Twelve very important life lessons I learned last weekend: Given the amount of baking I do, I need to always wash butter down the drain using the cold faucet so that the butter clumps and flows right on through.

Hot water causes the butter to melt and coat the lining of your pipes, eventually leading to build up and blockage.That watching CNN while I cook all day on Sunday and allowing the news to seep into my brain semi-subconsciously makes me feel either a.) smarter and better informed about world affairs, or b.) closer to Anderson Cooper. Slow-Cooker Pulled-Pork Tacos. Crockpot Ham and Potato Soup Recipe.