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Over 300 Free Tatting Patterns and Projects, How To Tatting Guides, Charts and More at AllCrafts!

Over 300 Free Tatting Patterns and Projects, How To Tatting Guides, Charts and More at AllCrafts!
Online Since 2000 FreeCrafts Free Holiday Crafts Sewing & Quilting Crochet & Knitting More AllCrafts Over 300 Free Tatting Patterns and Projects Welcome to Tatting at AllCrafts where you can find hundreds of free tatting patterns and projects. Lots of Free Tatting Projects & Patterns 12 inch diameter mat 3 Butterflies 3 color Flower 34 hearts 3D Flower 3D Pansy Alice Insertion All-Rings Doily Amusement Angel Angel with Paisley Wings Antique Collar Beaded Tea Candle Holder Beth Zs TatChat Shuttle Blue Book Butterfly Blue Bow Egg Blue Doily Blue Motif Bumblebee Bunny Butterfly butterfly Butterfly Pattern Button Cross Button Flower Candy Cane Cat Celtic Cross Celtic Heart Celtic Necklace Chancy Chevron Motifs Clover Doily Collar crawfish Cross daffodil Daisy Ring Deanas Heart Pattern December Daydream Dimpled Ring Angel Doily Motif dragonfly Easy Doodles Editha Snowflake Eight pointed Star Elizs Tat Chat Shuttle English Tudor Rose Fan with Split Rings Fans Field Of Daisies Fish Five Petal Daisy Flower Flower And Butterfly Bookmark Flower Meadow Flowers Related:  Crochet/Knit/Tat/Embroideryemytessier

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns at Online Since 2000 FreeCrafts Free Holiday Crafts Sewing & Quilting Crochet & Knitting More AllCrafts Plastic Canvas Projects & Free Patterns Welcome to AllCrafts Free Plastic Canvas Projects Find Free Plastic Canvas Patterns here Plastic canvas is such a blast! Plastic Canvas Projects & Free Patterns Small Plastic Canvas Box Plastic Canvas House Bank Pattern Dolphin Coaster or Magnet DIY Modern Wall Hanging Plastic Canvas Earrings American Flag Bookmarks Apple Coaster Autumn Window Hangers Baby Block Jingle Toy Baby Door Hanger Baby Shower Patterns Bingo Dabber Magnet Blank Tissue Box Patterns Boutique Tissue Box Cover Bunny Bear Tote Business Card Holder Chenille Ladybug Pattern Color Wheel Picture Frame Cowboy Boots Patterns Cross in My Pocket Dilbert Plastic Canvas Pattern Easy Needlepoint Gift Box Eyelash Yarn Bag pdf Fashion Doll Coat Hanger Fashion Doll Furniture Fashion Doll Tote Bag Flag Coaster Flamingo Pin Flintstones In Plastic Canvas Floppy Disk Holder Four Seasons Coasters Four Seasons pins Friend Bookmarks US Army

Celtic Lace Join | BabyLove Brand I originally made this join for my 13th Textured Circles piece, but I ended up re-working that to attain my final measurement. This join can be used for any type square! Enjoy! First motif: Join border color with a slip stitch in any corner stitch. 3SC in same corner stitch. SC around, working 3 SC in all corners. (SC, chain 3, 2DC) all in corner stitch. Repeat from *** to *** 2 more times and work the final side in the same manner until you reach the first corner. (SC, chain 2, 3DC) all in corner space. ***5DC in chain space 7 times across, (3DC, chain 2, 3DC) in corner space*** Repeat from *** to *** 2 more times and work final side in the same manner until you reach the first corner. 2DC in the first corner space and join with a slip stitch in the chain directly above the beginning SC. ***(SC, chain 5, SC) all in corner space. Repeat from *** to *** 3 more times. First motif complete! Continue across until you reach the next corner. Like this: Like Loading... Related In "Textured Circles"

Araignées multicolores Mardi 19 mai 2009 2 19 /05 /Mai /2009 10:15 Regardez de près ces deux marques pages le moins que l'on puisse dire, c'est que je ne me suis pas foulée la rate avec le dessin : du fond dieppe, et des araignées cerclées d'un rang de passées tordues !!!! du banal, du banal , rien que du banal oui mais avouez qu'une touche de couleur, ça change tout ! Bien sûr, on peut donner un petit air nouveau à une dentelle torchon en utilisant du fil ombré, et cela peut être très joli. Mais ce qui est vraiment intéressant, c'est d'utiliser des fils différents , car il faut alors étudier sa dentelle, bien connaître le cheminement des paires pour que chaque couleur trouve (et garde !) Ce cheminement peut varier complètement en fonction des points utilisés, c'est là toute la difficulté ... et tout l'intérêt de ce petit jeu de labyrinthe. Alors, vous le préférez Vert , Rouge et Rose ou bien Bleu marine , Bleu et Gris ? (ils sont tous les deux réalisés avec le lin Bockens 60/2)

The Craft Patch: Beaded Crochet Wrap Neckace Pattern and Tutorial Have you ever used beads on a crochet project before? It's a fun and suprisingly easy way to spice things up. Today I'm sharing a free pattern for a beaded crochet wrap necklace. It's kind of a mix between a necklace and a scarf with the addition of pretty beads. I'll teach you how to add beads to any crochet project and share the pattern for this fun project. To make your necklace, you will need: The first step is to string the entire package of beads onto your ball of thread using the embroidery needle. Once all of your beads are strung, you can begin crocheting! Here are a few photos to help you understand how to add the beads. The only other stitch you need to know is the shell stitch. The shell stitch is two double crochet, chain 1, two double crochet, all in the same space. Here's a close up of what the shell stitches look like when complete: Ready to get started? Beaded Crochet Wrap Necklace Materials: Instructions: Using the embroidery needle, string all of the beads onto the thread.

Tutorial for crochet roses One of the first things I crocheted was roses. I saw cute brooches and I decided that I should have at least one)I found some tutorials in Internet here and hereMy first rose I don't want to show you) It was so strange and not much to look at) The second was better and after that all my roses was beautiful. So If you have problem doing it try again and you will have perfect rose! or on the scarf or for decorate simple sweater: You can make bobby pins or elastic hair ties for your daughter: So let's begin! 1. 2. 3. 4. 6 DC in the chain space, Single crochet in the small space between two spaces. 6 DC in chain space. 5.

Sharren's Random Stitches: Finished Projects! Don't you just love the feeling of satisfaction you get when you finish something? Big or small, a finished project is a joy! I thought I would share a few of my finished items with you. The bookmark in the middle I've shown you before. patterns when I need a quick gift; it's not much more involved than the middle bookmark, and fun to do. And here is the other side. Had to dig a little for this one - it was on the old computer.

Crochet Mini Mandala Stash Buster Pattern Crocheted mini mandalas are the perfect stash buster and especially if you happen to have some cheerful spring colors that need a purpose! Of course, then you may just find yourself in my predicament, which is now what? Namely, not quite sure how to use these little guys, since at 16.5 cm in diameter they are too big to be coasters. I was thinking about a wall hanging, or maybe even using them as appliques on pillow cases for the Passover seder. They are sweet, right? So whaddya say? Mini Mandala Crochet Pattern: I used cotton light weight yarn and a 3.5mm hook. My mandalas measure 16.5 com at widest point Make a magic ring. Round 1: ch3, DC 11 into ring, and close with a slip stitch. Round 2: ch3 and DC into same space. 2DC into every space, around. Round 3: sc, ch2, sc into next space between 2DC clusters. continue in this manner around, join to top of first sc with a slip stitch. Round 4: ch 3, 3DC into 2 ch space, 4 DC into next 2 ch space, and continue around. Round 6: Repeat round 5.

Block Stitch Afghan : the way I do it !!!! .....what about two more pictures of my blanket to be???? Some of you asked me how the "dots" ( I call them "rice grains"!!!) can pop out in this way, so I thought it will be nice if I show you how this happens!!!! Happy about that??? Yes, I imagine so! Collect just few things : + hook + yarn in different colours + scissors + tapestry needle This is the chart (american crochet terminology), drawn by myself (!!!!!!) Your foundation chain will have these characteristics : chain 4, add as many as you like groups of "chain 3". Choose the colour you would love to start with and make a slip knot. Chain 20 stitches Chain 2 more (total : 22 stitches) and make a single crochet (or SC) in the 7th stitch from the hook (that is the previous stitch 16 on the foundation chain!) Now, chain 2 ... ... skip 2 stitches of the foundation chain and work 1 SC in the 3rd stitch (that is the previous 13 stitch of your foundation chain!) Again : chain 2, skip 2, SC in third stitch (previous #10!) Cut the yarn Row 1 : Row 2 :

Suzann Does It All » Cluny For Klutzs Below are images of Cluny type petals I have worked using the block tatting method.They are not perfect but fill the bill for me. And I thought they might be of interest to those who like me don’t have the Cluny tatting gene. Block tatting is just what it sounds like. Rows of chains are worked back and forth to create a solid block. The edges are square. By starting and ending each row with a half stitch and using a reverse shuttle join I have managed to create an oval shape. The reverse shuttle join brings both threads together and doesn’t leave a lumpy knot as a normal shuttle join will. In Block Tatting the worked is turned not reversed. Note the pearl tatting in the upper part of this free form motif below. A small square with petals and a pearl tatting border. I tatted this motif using size 80 thread.

Lollipop Circus Baby Booties - Free Crochet Pattern Who else here remembers exciting trips to the local circus as a child? *raises hand* What could ever be more fun that seeing clowns trip over their own feet, the smell of butter-y popcorn filling a massive tent, and of course (my personal favourite) the trapeze acts! Having children is just as much of a thrilling experience, so why not add some colour to the adventure?.. 3.50mm (E) Crochet Hook DK Yarn (8ply) - I used Drops Muskat (Vanilla Yellow, Pink) Tapestry Needle Size: Pattern is made for 0 - 6 months old. Finished Measurements (Sole Length) 0 - 6 month old – 9cm 6 - 12 month old – 10cm Gauge 4 rows & 5 stitches in hdc = 1 Inch Stitches & Abbreviations Hope you all enjoyed this colourfully fun pattern!

Joining Granny Squares When I join my Granny Squares together I always choose to crochet them rather than stitch them. Its just the way that appeals to me, although many of my hooking buddies prefer the stitching method. I guess it's a personal preference. And as many of you have asked me to supply this information, here you have it :: my take on joining the Grannies, in usual Attic24 style with waaaaay too many pictures I suspect. But hey, I want you to get it and not struggle with it, and I think pictures do the job better than words. Ok, firstly put your two squares together, Right Sides together. So your hook goes through the outside loop of the square nearest to you.... ...then through the outside loop of the square farthest away. Start at the right hand corner, you are working right to left. Put hook through OUTSIDE LOOPS of the corner stitches, and hook your yarn through both loops. (Note :: I am using a contrasting red yarn here to join so you can see it easily, but best to use a matching colour.

Threads of a Tatting Goddess: 11/01/2008 - 12/01/2008 We've all got one, right? I just put away an email I was writing to a tatting friend to vent about a couple of subjects related to tatting that I don't want to post about. Why? Because they would offend some and hurt a few others and I never want to discourage tatters. Besides, if I don't have a solution in mind, why complain? I've even got a blog in the works for the sole purpose of evaluating issues related to tatting. Here's an example. I've long thought I would love to offer a service to designers where I could rewrite the pattern to standard notation (which is still up in the air and will probably never be agreed on) and make up the diagrams (something I've still yet to learn) and offer advice on how to clarify certain things, but I'd have to charge for such a service, since it would be time-consuming and tedious, and no one could afford it in the end given the low-volume demand (compared to other craft books) of tatting. I did buy one book yesterday. Okay...'

Make Your Own Simple Double Crochet Cowl. | Gathering Beauty My adventures with crochet continue, if you've been following along you'll know so far I've mastered the single crochet and made a pair of woolly crocheted hats and this simple crocheted cardigan. For my next project I wanted to try something that was a bit more difficult, crocheting in the round. I've tried crocheting in the round before but it wasn't entirely successful. I ended up with a wonky tube that got bigger and smaller as it went on, not exactly what I was going for. This time I hoped having a better grasp of the basics would help. I started by watching what felt like a million YouTube videos (but was probably more like 20) and tried to figure out where I'd been going wrong. To make this simple double crochet cowl I used a size 7 (4.5mm) crochet hook and 1 ball of chunky wool. 1. 2. 2. 3. 4. In the end this cowl was really quick to make, only a couple of hours although I imagine anyone who has more experience crocheting would be able to make this up much quicker. P.S.