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Yarn and Wool Online UK. POUR COMMANDER - FabricsAddict. My crafty adventures. La plus belle collection de tissus Liberty. Stragier. Zippered Dopp Kit. There is beauty in the basic.

Zippered Dopp Kit

Take this Zippered Dopp Kit. Tissus, mercerie, patrons. Tissus (3) - Fifi jolipois. Basic Wallet Tutorial. Ginger Makes… Hi, guys!

Ginger Makes…

I hope you’re all well! OK, I know that most of us who sew are into fabric, but I’ll speak for myself and say that while I like sewing, I LOVE fabric. But I struggle a bit because I’ve learned that the textiles industry isn’t very earth-friendly and doesn’t have a great track record for human rights. Of course, not all fabric is produced in an unethical way, but it’s really hard to know where each bolt of fabric comes from. So I was really excited when I heard that Olgalyn Jolly was producing a line of cotton sweater knits that are grown, ginned, spun, and knit in the United States!

Défilé d'idées - Page 2 - Défilé d'idées. Awesome Delivery. Sweaters - Lete's Knits. PDF Knitting Pattern: Keelback Mitts cabled by TrionaDesigns. Hand Painted Madelinetosh Fingerless Gloves in by KnittinInKits. Yarn. Meadow Yarn. Bugs and Fishes by Lupin. Back in February, I wrote: "Almost every year since I started my blog (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, & 2008) I've done an end of year round-up, looking back at what I've been making and the ups and downs of the year.

Bugs and Fishes by Lupin

I'm never sure if anyone other than me is interested in these posts but I love them. It's great to get an overview of how my year has gone and to see just how much craftiness I've squeezed into 12 months - I am always pleasantly surprised by this! However, I just didn't feel like doing one when the end of 2014 rolled round. "Who cares? " ... and, well, that winter burnt out feeling might not have totally vanished by February because after blogging about the first six months of 2014 I totally failed to blog about the second half of the year. Bluebird chic personal blog – modern style, vintage soul. One of those big things I’ve been working on lately is the ability to speak up for myself confidently.

bluebird chic personal blog – modern style, vintage soul

It’s never been a strong suit for me – I’m an extroverted introvert – you know, I can relate to people, but my natural habitat is curled up with a book, joking around with one or two friends, or sitting behind a computer screen typing a blog post. Busted. These past few months I (and we, as a family) made it our mission to get out and about, connect with people, chat, talk, CONNECT. Along with all of that connecting comes the inevitable, dreaded question: “so what is it exactly that you DO?” I’ve gotten better about formulating an answer for this questions, but I still have lots to learn. Yep. Discover Direct - Lifestyle Woodland Cotton Fabric, Animal Planet Blue.

Standard Delivery Policy: Most orders are sent VIA the Royal Mail.

Discover Direct - Lifestyle Woodland Cotton Fabric, Animal Planet Blue

Your order will ship the same day if placed by 3pm. The cost of this service is £2.95 and orders generally deliver within 5 days of placing your order. We may at anytime, without prior notification ship your item with a different courier, this may be due to both size and weight restrictions on our more bulkier items. Yarn – Page 6 – A Yarn Story. Où trouver de la laine à Lyon ? Laine merinos à tricoter : Ambrosia Slim. Sewing 101: Pet Bed. If you love your pet and you love your home, chances are you’ve been frustrated by the challenge of finding pet accessories that work with your decor.

Sewing 101: Pet Bed

Luckily for us, this is nothing that a little DIY power can’t fix! It’s super easy to sew your own pet bed, which you can customize with a fabric that suits your room and a filling that your pet will love. Understanding Thread Tension. By Claire Shaefferexcerpted from Threads #78, pp. 39-41 Many sewers avoid the tension dials on their machines like the plague, certain they'll only make matters worse if they make adjustments.

Understanding Thread Tension

In fact, there's nothing very mysterious about setting and adjusting thread tensions on your sewing machine, whatever its make and model. Sewing Lesson 10: How to Fix Tension on Your Sewing Machine. Having proper tension on your sewing machine is very important because it ensures that your stitching will be even and look the same on both sides.

Sewing Lesson 10: How to Fix Tension on Your Sewing Machine

It also helps to ensure that your thread will flow easily (tension that is to tight can stop thread from moving as you sew) as you sew. Tension is what keeps your bottom and top stitches in equal tension with one another. Or in other words what keeps your front and back stitches looking the same. If both your top and back stitches don't look the same it may be due to your tension not being right either on the top or bottom. Both the top and bottom tension must work together. How to Thread Your Sewing Machine. This post is part of the Learn to Sew series aimed at beginners.

How to Thread Your Sewing Machine

Threading your sewing machine is a quick and easy process once you know how. This post may look long, but practise it a few times and you'll soon be threading up in seconds, I promise. Machines vary, so some of the parts on my machine (a Janome J3-18) may be in different positions to yours, but nothing will be that different that you won't be able to work it out. Ready to sew? Piquer à la machine.

Piquer une couture droite à la machine. How to Use a Sewing Machine - Beginner's Guide. Régler la tension. Easy DIY Pillow Covers. If I were asked what I thought the two simplest ways to quickly change the look of a room would be, I would say to paint a new color on the walls and to recover your pillows with new fabric.

Easy DIY Pillow Covers

I am doing the second this week in my beautifully teal, aqua and green living room. Though these cooler colors are on trend for the upcoming Fall and Holiday 2013, especially the deep emeralds, I am going to be bold and crazy and switch out my living room to the warmer eggplants, plums and golds. I am starting this mini transformation with the pillow covers and will finish with the art around the room. Stay tuned for a full tour of the finished room. Tutorial: how to make a simple zip-back cushion-cover. In my Absolute Beginners sewing class I teach students to set zippers using a simple zipper cushion-cover tutorial. The cushions are fun and easy to make and the students love them. I thought you might enjoy a tutorial, so you can make them yourself. This method of setting a zip is a bit longer and more involved than some, but it yields a fool-proof result, which is important when you are first learning to sew.

Blog à la retraite. Je pense que vous vous en doutiez vu le manque de mise à jour de Couture Stuff l’année passée. Coupe Couture. Astuces et techniques. 8 juin 2012 5 08 /06 /juin /2012 07:00 C'est de la soie oui mais...shantung, pongé, doupion, duchesse...? Pati’s Blog: Latest Entries : Pati's Mexican Table.

You can use absolutely any pan or skillet that you have handy for making crepes. The one condition is: if you are a beginner at make crepes, it needs to be non-stick. Yes, you find that crepes can be made on stainless steel pans. Yet, it is much trickier to find the right level and distribution of heat, and more constant greasing of the pan is required for the batter to not stick. Crepe batter is very thin and delicate. Preshrinking: Learn the What, Why, When and How. Here's a common scenario: you buy a new garment, wear it once, wash it once, and... it is now two sizes too small! Some of us also use this phenomenon to explain why our once-favorite pants no longer fit. Although extra bowls of ice cream are the likely culprit in scenario #2, the guilty party behind scenario #1 is: improper preshrinking!

Garment manufacturers often cut corners by skipping the preshrinking step in their construction process. You shouldn't make the same mistake. Sew Caroline Patterns. The Out and About Dress was designed with YOU in mind. Yes, YOU: the everyday lady with one million errands to run, a house to keep up with, and a job to finish. This dress is loosely fitted at the waist, has two hem options (maxi, or knee length), and two sleeve options (long or elbow), and has the option for a cute little cuff on the sleeve. The neckband finish for then neckline of this dress gives a casual, yet professional look. This is truly a year-round dress that can be worn dressed up for a night with your significant other OR dressed down for a day of errands in town. Fabrics to use: Any range of knits: light to heavy weight, should work just fine for this project. A-Line Dress 08/2015 #123. Stylish Baby Receiving Blanket Trio. How to Insert a Zipper into a Full Circle. We get a lot of questions about zippers.

They seem to live at the top of many people's lists of Sewing Phobias (ziphobia!). In an effort to calm these fears, we already have three step-by-step tutorials for inserting standard zippers, tackling invisible zippers, and putting in an inset zipper. How to: Drawstring Produce Bags. Tuto – Trousse de toilette.

Carnet de bord créatif. Celle qui réalise qu’on est déjà en 2015 #tuto inside. Sewing Needle Guide - by DeLois C Weldon - Sew, What's New? All Free Sewing - Free Sewing Patterns, Sewing Projects, Tips, Video, How-To Sew and More. Custom tailor a blazer – in detail. Tilly and the Buttons. BLOG - Pom Pom Quarterly. Make my lemonade. Easy Baby Blanket Tutorial. Tips For Sewing With Minky Fabric - Sew Much Ado. How to sew a blanket from minkee minky and cotton fabric. Mondial Tissus. Little Fabrics / tissu au mètre / Tissus Liberty et coupons de cuir / mercerie - Little Fabrics. Sweet Anything... Tissus - Henry et Henriette. Nouveaux produits - Pretty Mercerie.

Tissu "Bye Bye Birdie Blush", Atelier Brunette. TUTORIAL - Ergänzung zum Big Money Bag. News. Michael Miller - By maker - Fabric. Tton Print Fabrics. David Walker Fabric Circus Act-All Over-Big Top. Delivery and returns - M is for make. Commande - La Fabrique du Canari. Aimecommemarie. Michael Miller - By maker - Fabric. Mes petits riens... Aimecommemarie.

Everyday Tote. Tin Can Knits. Two girls + 4 dishtowels + lots of trips to the library = something even I can manage. How to make a tote bag Skip To My Lou. Blog - 3/40. Vente de coupon tissu en ligne, tissu en gros, tissu pas cher au metre, mercerie en ligne idees cadeaux - Sylvette en goguette.

Colette Patterns — Sewing Patterns That Teach.