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CRM Reviews of Best Customer Relationship Management Systems. The International Customer Service Institute. The Customer & Leadership Blog. The CEM Blog. Définition et enjeux de la connaissance client. Définition La connaissance client consiste à acquérir et utiliser des données relatives à vos clients dans le but de créer de la valeur à la fois pour votre marque mais aussi pour les consommateurs de vos produits et services.

Définition et enjeux de la connaissance client

Elle est essentielle, si votre entreprise souhaite construire de réelles relations avec ses clients. CRM Software & Online Customer Relationship Management. Dynamics : la valeur commerciale pour séduire vos clients. Le parcours client : les étapes clefs pour enchanter le consommateur ! Customer Relationships - Rethink Your Branding to Create Crazy Love From Customers.

A company can exist to merely sell stuff and make money.

Customer Relationships - Rethink Your Branding to Create Crazy Love From Customers

And, certainly, many do. But a special breed of brands that have transcended revenue as a focal point have been transformed into uber-powerful forces. So what do they focus on more than anything else? Emotions. And the business results are nothing short of astonishing. Think about the success of brands like Nike, Red Bull, and Lady Gaga, and you'll immediately see the power of emotions as a business driver. The Power of Crazy Love When Nike launched its most famous campaign with its "Just Do It" message, it struck a chord with every sports fan, amateur athlete, and weekend jogger.

The message was 100% about evoking a surge of emotion in the customer, making them feel different about themselves and the possibilities in their lives. This focus on emotions has scientific justification. The result of Nike's emotions-based marketing? Nike focused on connecting emotionally with customers. The result? Crazy Love for Small Businesses. Customer Value Foundation: Customer Value Consultants. L'impact de la qualité des données dans votre CRM. Simplicity-Minded Customer Experience. Simple customer experiences.

Simplicity-Minded Customer Experience

Sounds logical, doesn’t it? After all, what company would set out to purposefully make the customer experience complex? And what customer would want anything but a simple experience? Yet many customer interactions appear to be driven by an almost Machiavellian logic as they are required–let’s face it–to do things that aren’t simple at all. We’re all aware of examples, either as customers ourselves or in the stories we hear from our customers.

Cover. Customer Experience and Customer Service Shortcuts To Help or Harm your Business. Who doesn’t just adore a time-saving shortcut?

Customer Experience and Customer Service Shortcuts To Help or Harm your Business

One of my favorites is most likely the ability to type in the first two letters of a web address into my browser and being magically transported to the site! But can you, or should you, take shortcuts with your customer experience? The problem with shortcuts is that they are often in the wrong areas, leading to shortcomings and a tendency to overlook what really matters. Based on my own experience and that of many of my clients, I’m offerning a simple set of Do’s and Don’ts guidelines on this. I suppose you can compare this to Glamour magazine, minus the hilarious photos. Home - WinTheCustomer. Lidia Boutaghane. Serving Customer-Centric Business Leaders. 10 points pour améliorer son expérience client et la fidélisation. Nous l’avons vu, la fidélisation est un travail quotidien pour les entreprises.

10 points pour améliorer son expérience client et la fidélisation

Créer de l’attachement à une marque et ses produits prend du temps et nécessite d’être centré sur les attentes de ses clients en permanence. Aujourd’hui, nous allons aborder l’expérience client. Globalement, je définirais l’expérience client comme étant l’ensemble des moments (émotions, sentiments) qu’il vit dans son parcours avec une société : de la prospection à la consommation régulière des produits et services proposés. Cette expérience est basée sur un élément fondamental : ses attentes et la façon dont vous aller y répondre ou les dépasser. On comprend rapidement que plus la connaissance client est importante dans une société, plus l’expérience client a des chances d’être bonne voir excellente et sa fidélité plus forte.

Sens du client - Le blog des professionnels du marketing client et de la relation client. Customer Experience Blog by nanoRep. There are no spectators anymore. Participate. Client au coeur : stratégie client et marketing collaboratif. Making the customer journey a seamless experience. Shopper marketing is about making the customer journey as smooth as possible as they journey through the multitude of shopping channels.

Making the customer journey a seamless experience

Morag Cuddeford Jones discovers how brands are using insight to deliver this. Furniture retailer Dwell aims to make the customer journey seamless The rise of the multichannel route to purchase has led to a dramatic change in consumer behaviour, forcing brands to combine their existing marketing techniques into new shopper marketing strategies. Brands recognise they need to develop new shopper marketing strategies but are unsure how to define this as a separate discipline.

“Shopper marketing is about making the customer journey through the channels seamless,” says Sean Galligan, marketing director for furniture retailer Dwell. The key to shopper marketing is the ability to treat the customer as an individual.  The best staff will respond intuitively to customer need Customers move from one channel to the other without giving it much thought Viewpoint.