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Les internautes français face à l'Email Marketing en 2013. Avec l’émergence des smartphones et des tablettes, le comportement des internautes français évolue face à l’email marketing.

Les internautes français face à l'Email Marketing en 2013

La dernière étude Email Marketing Attitude du SNCD dresse le portrait d’un internaute français ultra connecté et particulièrement réceptif aux offres des marques par mail. Revenons donc sur les chiffres clés du comportement des français face à l’email grâce à une infographie (ci-dessous) proposée par Sarbacane… Un internaute hyper connecté L’internaute a désormais un usage quotidien d’internet : 95,4% des internautes se connectent tous les jours. Ils sont même connectés du matin au soir grâce au développement des Smartphones et des tablettes. On assiste donc à une énorme progression du mobile marketing.

4 leçons d'email marketing à tirer du succès d'Amazon et d'ebay. Amazon et eBay sont leaders dans le secteur des ventes en ligne : Amazon est le numéro 1 et eBay a rapporté 419 millions de vente en 2013 (CyberMonday).

4 leçons d'email marketing à tirer du succès d'Amazon et d'ebay

Le site Dotmailer revient sur les stratégies emailing adoptées par ces deux géants du commerce en ligne qui continuent d’augmenter leur vente. Blog > Branding the Jump: Verbal identity is key to customer relationship. Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribeOne of my New Year’s Resolutions is to clean out my cluttered inbox.

Blog > Branding the Jump: Verbal identity is key to customer relationship

And, in choosing to terminate that one point of connection in the customer relationship I’ve established with many brands, I couldn’t help but notice how brand voice and messaging can work to retain those relationships — or, at the very least, to leave a positive and lasting impression of the brand in the mind of the consumer. Acknowledging human needs“We want to stay in touch, but only in ways that you find helpful,” Amazon assures you when you ask to unsubscribe from its informational emails. Virgin takes it a step further. “So many emails. So little time,” its Unsubscribe page reads. Showing that you understand your consumer, and speaking to those consumer concerns in a warm manner, is a great way to remind people what your brand stands for — even as one of your means of connection is being terminated.

See It: 2 Great Examples of Custom Email Subscr... Eloqua's out-of-the-box subscription options do a brilliant job of managing email subscriptions.

See It: 2 Great Examples of Custom Email Subscr...

If your company offers multiple types of email subscription choices, it can be challenging however to present all these in a way that doesn't overwhelm subscribers who actually take the time to manage their preferences. If the list is too long, subscribers tend to go right to the global unsubscribe option. If the options seem too hard to understand or manage, same thing. In this short video I walk you through 2 great examples of custom email subscription preference pages that we recently helped develop for 2 high profile clients. We thank them for allowing us to showcase these. The more products or services you have, the more countries you do business in and/or the more types of communications you offer, the tougher it is to get a good handle on managing subscription preferences in a way that supports not only your entire enterprise, but also the customer. Steve Kellogg. 28 Quick Tips for Customizing Your Email Preference Center.

Sure, the email subscription preference center may seem like a boring, utilitarian part of your email marketing, but things aren't always what they seem, are they?

28 Quick Tips for Customizing Your Email Preference Center

In reality, the email subscription preference center (phew ... say that five times fast) is actually a fantastic piece of marketing real estate! It allows you to retain subscribers, grow your reach, build brand loyalty, and gather valuable feedback. As a result, customizing the look, feel, and options in your email preference center will allow you to not only meet those utilitarian needs (and CAN-SPAM laws) your subscribers have to manage the emails they receive from you, but also align with your company's branding and style guidelines, and give you new opportunities to grow and nurture your subscriber base. My e-mail settings. 6 best practices for effective email preference center. 8 Tips for developing the successful Preference Centre – Part 1. Long term sustainable email programs need to be relevant to their audience or else consumers will be less inclined to interact or even cut off communications altogether.

8 Tips for developing the successful Preference Centre – Part 1

The need for relevance becomes even greater when the email program is a core part of a true multichannel engagement strategy, but how do you know what will be relevant? The latest trends and advancements have been around tracking behavioural data but there are privacy and technical challenges involved in this approach and as I point out later some inherent challenges using this data. Email Marketing Preference Centers Best Practices. Top Tips for Preference Centre Success. The start of any good relationship requires listening to, appreciating and acting on the preferences and interests of another person.

Top Tips for Preference Centre Success

The start of a successful email marketing relationship isn’t any different. Preference centres are one of many email marketing topics that draw a wide range of responses from practitioners and pundits alike. Some, like me, find a great deal of value in them, while others feel that while good in theory, they aren’t quite as good in practice. Here are my thoughts on why preference centres do matter—now more than ever.

And below, you’ll find 31 tips for creating a world-class preference centre of your own. Why build a preference centre? Give more power and control to subscribers.Drive higher relevance and greater personalisation.Help divert unsubscribes and reduce list churn. Email Preference Center Best Practices. In last month’s feature, we gave you tips on how to build a high-quality email list.

Email Preference Center Best Practices

So, as you continue to grow your list of subscribers, you want to encourage subscribers to keep their preferences up to date – for their email address, name, desired frequency of emails, and more. Email Preference Center Best Practices.