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School Library Journal. Advocacy: Print this poster and spread the word – we NEED school libraries and teacher librarians! – Linking Learning. There are a lot of positive moves afoot to protect and promote our school libraries and teacher librarians.

Advocacy: Print this poster and spread the word – we NEED school libraries and teacher librarians! – Linking Learning

Check out the amazing support being provided by Leigh Hobbs, Australian Children’s Laureate, The role that a school library and a qualified teacher librarian may play in the literacy lives of children makes their full time presence in every school, primary and secondary, a no brainer for me. I have written previously about the reasons why we need school libraries and teacher librarians more than ever, despite the fact that we carry the internet in our pockets.

Students Need School Libraries. I have been a teacher librarian for over fifteen years, a teacher for twenty years and have been involved in the children’s and YA book industry in Australia for even longer, thanks in part to my teacher librarian mother.

Students Need School Libraries

Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell on why we need libraries – an essay in pictures. How a School Library Increased Student Use by 1,000 Percent. Why School Librarians Are Educators Too and Why School Libraries Matter. ‘’We are all educators…….accompanying young people in their efforts to build their lives for today and tomorrow.’’

Why School Librarians Are Educators Too and Why School Libraries Matter

For seventeen years I worked as a librarian in a school at which the words above formed part of the mission statement. When I left in the summer of 2017 the head-teacher said that as the school librarian I was an example of this. Not me personally but in my role within the school community. Unfortunately today it would appear that there are many who do not believe that school librarians are educators and that schools do not need a librarian at all. Inevitably discussions about education concentrate on teachers and teaching assistants. Why School Librarians Are the Literacy Leaders We Need - Teaching for the Whole Story. Earlier this year, I wrote a post about how teams of teachers can work together across subject areas to improve student reading.

Why School Librarians Are the Literacy Leaders We Need - Teaching for the Whole Story

I received comments on the piece from two school librarians, pointing out that they have important contributions to make to the effort, and questioning why I had not included school librarians in my suggestions in the first place. Well, they are absolutely right about this, and their voices prompted my reflection on the topic. Globaldigitalcitizen. Self-advocacy through evidence-based practice – SCIS Schools Catalogue Information Service. Why we need Libraries and Teacher Librarians. Fighting Cuts: How To Keep Librarians in Schools. Ten ways to advocate for your role as a teacher librarian - SCIS. You can offer to support the program with physical resources, curated website collections, core text suggestions, research skills that you can teach — the opportunities are endless.

Ten ways to advocate for your role as a teacher librarian - SCIS

Your broad knowledge of learning across the school can contribute to curriculum mapping, connecting the work of individual subjects to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching opportunities. 5. Gain support from leadership You can find a supporter among the school leadership team who understands your vision to improve student outcomes across the school. You don’t need to always do all the advocating yourself; you can ask them to assist you in advocating for the role of the library in the school. 6. You can teach. 7. 5 Ways to Advocate for Your School Library This Year. Advocacy.

5 Ways to Advocate for Your School Library This Year

How often do you think about how to advocate for your school library? How often do you read blogs, articles, and essays published with ideas on how and why to advocate for your program? It is an almost constant thought in my mind. Will I receive funds this year? The Five Ed Tech Elephants in the PreK–12 Classroom. Despite encouraging advances in the application of technology in classrooms, we have yet to see a more pervasive model of true Blended Learning, where technology is seamlessly integrated into instruction in order to drive better student learning outcomes.

The Five Ed Tech Elephants in the PreK–12 Classroom

Schools worldwide are redefining the traditional classroom model to deliver personalized learning through technology-driven methods, but familiar issues − including lagging student achievement, still-inequitable distribution of resources, and continued segregation – continue to impede progress. How do educators provide equitable distribution of the most promising and effective learning technologies and strategies to all students—most notably the ones in resource-poor districts? 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Libraries. There are now so many social media platforms available for libraries to participate in, but it’s sometimes difficult to get a handle on how these channels can best be used for marketing library services.

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Libraries

If you’re considering leveraging social media to promote your library, here are some strategies I’ve found helpful: 1.) Think Big, Start Small Just because you CAN sign up with every social media channel out there doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Pick one of the major outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and create an outstanding presence there…then take that experience (and those followers!)

2.) You don’t have to create all original content for your blog, tweets, or Facebook statuses, and actually it’s a better idea not to do so. 8 Ways To Make Your Library More Visible Now. Jan Wilson, SLJ’s 2017 Hero of Collaboration.

8 Ways To Make Your Library More Visible Now

Advocacy for school libraries. How we can take responsibility. After the success of my post in November 2017 Why do teachers need school librarians?

Advocacy for school libraries. How we can take responsibility

5 questions to ask yourself. Where over 29000 people viewed it I began to worry about how I could ever match that again. ON LIBRARIES: Still Feeling Alone? Feeling alone on a daily basis is a common challenge for many librarians. It’s bad enough being the sole librarian in the school –or possibly the district—but when teachers don’t see you as one of them, you feel isolated.

Why does it happen? What can you do about it? I’m not going to suggest you build your PLN or join library-related Facebook groups. I already did that in my May blog The Myth of the Lonely Librarian. The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian: 5 Tips for New School Librarians (and those who aren't so new) Slideshow Link: 5 Tips for New School Librarians (and those who aren't so new) Congratulations on your new job as a school librarian! It is hands down the absolutely best job...EVER! Below are 5 tips to help you as you enter this new chapter of your life. Being a school librarian can be a shockingly isolating profession, especially after having formed tight, supportive networks while you were a classroom teacher. How to be a Teacher Librarian Rock Star. You think you know what librarians do? – SCIS Schools Catalogue Information Service. Corey ThornbladTeacher Kilmer Middle School, Virginia, USA I recently had the pleasure of participating in the annual Virginia Association of School Librarians conference in Norfolk, Virginia.

I’ll admit that I was a fish out of water – the only teacher in a sea of school librarians. Even though I don’t know much about the Dewey Decimal System or online catalogues, they made me feel right at home. As I sat at dinner, listening to their conversation about teaching and learning, I realised that unless you have had the privilege of working in a school over the past decade you may not understand what school librarians actually do. Librarians are not a braggy bunch, so I feel inclined to set the record straight on their behalf. My School Library Rocks! Library Advocacy Unshushed. How can we strengthen libraries and librarians in the advancement of knowledge, creativity, and literacy in the 21st century? Though libraries have been loved for over 3,600 years, their relevance in the digital age is being questioned, and their economic and social impacts are poorly understood.

What is really essential about libraries and librarians, today and tomorrow? How can library members and all who support the mission of 21st-century librarianship raise the profile and support of these timeless values and services, and ensure universal access to the universe of ideas in all our communities? This course is based on what works. We’ll take an inspired, strategic, evidence-based approach to advocacy for the future of strong communities – cities, villages, universities and colleges, research and development centres, businesses, and not-for-profits. Guest speakers share their ideas, recommendations and successes. For the full description, please see the syllabus at: Bring the teachers in: enticing teachers into the library - SCIS.

The primary focus of the school library has always been to support the information and learning needs of staff and students. However in most schools the focus invariably falls on providing for the needs of students, whilst supporting staff professional development is an auxiliary function. Background Two years ago virtually all library services and collections at Wellington College were aimed at meeting the needs of students. Displays and competitions were focused toward students, and little attention was paid to how teachers and support staff used the library.

In an effort to boost the profile of the library within the school–and align with our mandate to support the learning and information needs of staff and students–Bevan Holloway (Teacher with Library Responsibility) and I devised a plan to get more buy-in from teachers. Monday 7 April 2014 - Period 2.

Here is a breakdown of our method: The Librarian as an Instructional Partner – Inspired Ideas – Medium. When I first saw the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Future Ready Librarians Framework, I was excited to note the inclusion of “Collaborative Leadership” and “Builds Instructional Partnerships” as descriptors of an excellent school librarian. These are two areas of the job that I enjoy the most, so their inclusion only seemed natural to me.

I do recognize, however, that some librarians’ strength may lie in other areas of the Framework, like “Budgets and Resources” or “Community Partnerships,” and that coming alongside teachers in an instructional partner role might feel a little intimidating. I also recognize that there are many classroom teachers who have never, for whatever reason, been exposed to the power of a collaborative relationship with the school librarian and may not naturally seek him or her out. Guerrilla book fair: getting staff involved in your school library - SCIS. Offer your library’s services As previously mentioned, teachers are busy people. Helping teachers teach, collaboration in the 21st century library. How to help the willing co-teachers There are many ways to help classroom teachers, but the ultimate has to be a co-teaching situation.

Advocacy is not enough we need power – Informative Flights. School Library Advocacy. Why we need qualified teacher librarians for the digital future. Radio interview with Holly Godfrey Thursday 12 October 2017. Resources. ALA Council Resolutions. Library Reports as Infographics – Librarian Design Share. How to Create Stunning Infographics in 30 Minutes or Less. From word clouds to network data visualizations, infographics have become a primary format for content in a relatively short period of time.

How: Some handy tips on creating Infographics – azylstra

Although the ‘infographic’ is nothing new, its proliferation and evolution has been nothing short of exponential in the past few years.From word clouds to network data visualizations, infographics have become a primary format for content in a relatively short period of time. Although the ‘infographic’ is nothing new, its proliferation and evolution has been nothing short of exponential in the past few years.

Whether you love them or hate them, the rising popularity of infographics can’t be denied. If you want to get a message across, whether it is for your business, blog, or book club, using an infographic can be the best way to do it. If you’re incapable of drawing a recognizable human stick figure, let alone an entire data visualization, you may be agonizing over the disturbing fact that infographics are all the rage. It's Annual Report Season! Here Are Some Tips To Help You Effectively Tell Your Story. At this time of year, many teacher librarians are working to compile an annual report: that is to say a 2-3 page summary of how their work made a difference for students and staff all year long.

As someone who has crafted more than one of these babies, I understand and appreciate the work that goes into the shiny final products. The best 2017 infographics about books, libraries, and reading. The world of books and reading as seen in the most popular infographics released in 2017. Although not as popular as a few years ago, infographics are still an entertaining and convenient way to share facts, ideas, figures, and mechanisms. Our archive of infographics about books, libraries, and reading is continually growing, and we are excited to share with you the ones that met with the best reception from our friends, both on the blog and in social media.

Compared to 2016, which was full of fantastic infographics about libraries and librarians, this year is mainly about reading. School Libraries, Teacher Librarians & Student Achievement. Infographics - Literacy Matters! Libraries matter: 15 fantastic library infographics. Teacher Librarian Roles. Save libraries: free posters to print! - Sarah McIntyre. Advocacy: Print this poster and spread the word – we NEED school libraries and teacher librarians!

School libraries. Tl poster.