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Bilderberg 2012: real men don't like oligarchs. I handed the goji berries to the cop.

Bilderberg 2012: real men don't like oligarchs

"He dropped these. " The cop thanked me, tossed the gojis in the trunk, and bustled away his captive amid a cacophony of outrage from the crowds. Moments earlier, the man with the berries had called out to the crowd: "They can't arrest us all! Let's stand together! " Moments later, poignantly, he was grabbed by the police and bundled into the squad car. It was a silly arrest, really. There was a little too much testosterone on the sidewalk this afternoon – a few too many megaphones for my liking. As I left the crime scene, I met a member of Oathkeepers trotting down from their gazebo to check on the arrest.

The Oathkeepers are a posse of military veterans and retired police officers, who have come to keep an eye on things at Bilderberg 2012. The aim of Oathkeepers is encourage anyone who has sworn to defend the constitution – so that's military, law enforcement officers, and first responders – to honour their oath. But an effort to do what? BILDERBERG 2012 - Protesters Confronted By Police After Trying To Read Logan Act. Unbelievable Rant on MSNBC! Reporter CRACKS & Spews TRUTH! Occupy Wall Street Anonymous LOOK! Occupy Wall Street (Full Movie) Documentary by KnowTheTruthTV , America Is Not In Debt! #EndTheFed. Roger Waters - Occupy. CLOWNS ARRESTED IN NEAR-SUCCESSFUL ATTACK ON WALL STREET BULL. 11-08-11 1b - Occupy Wall Street, with Graham Nash and David Crosby - Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Gov. Scott Walker gets checked, Mic Checked! Occupy Oakland: LIVE Updates. SGT Shamar Thomas On Oakland Police Shooting Scott Olsen In The Face At Close Range.

Occupy Canada Occupies Breakfast TV. Occupy Wall Street- M17- Zucatti Park - NYPD Arrests. Casey at Occupy DC is not sure if he owns himself. We are the 1 percent: We stand with the 99 percent. OccupyLSX. Occupy Oakland Raid: Police Just "Following Orders" Occupy DC Flash Mob Interrupts Union Station Event Featuring Walmart Executive Rob Walton.flv. London Stock Exchange 2011 Nazi Police medic being a trouble maker. Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation. This is a rush transcript.

Goldman Sachs v. Occupy Wall Street: A Greg Palast Investigation

Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: We turn now to a controversy in the banking community around the Occupy Wall Street movement. Recently, the financial giant Goldman Sachs pulled out of a fundraiser for a small Lower East Side bank that caters to poor people after it learned the event was honoring the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. The investment bank withdrew its name from the fundraiser and also canceled a $5,000 pledge.

But did Goldman Sachs actually use U.S. taxpayer bailout money to attack Occupy Wall Street’s not-for-profit community bank? GREG PALAST: Downtown New York, near Wall Street, these are the towers of Goldman Sachs, the mega-bank. The story begins here at Occupy Wall Street. BOBBY "BAILOUT": We basically started out here just thinking we were going to a protest, and maybe some people would come out. GREG PALAST: Occupy Wall Street chose to bring their bucket of bills to the nearby Latino neighborhood. DEYANIRA DEL RIO: Right. Joshua Blakeney Speaks at Occupy Vancouver. US marine defends OWS protesters against police brutality. OCCUPY SF US Marine Speaks The Truth 10/15/2011 Part 1of4. Occupy Wall Street: Must Know Facts About Big Banks.

By EconMatters Wall Street big banks, although not entirely responsible for the Great Recession, most experts agree that banks creating and partying in the subprime securitization mess is one of the major contributing events that broke the camel's back.

Occupy Wall Street: Must Know Facts About Big Banks

The repeal of provisions in 1999 of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 has not only effectively made "Too Big To Fail" a reality and a moral hazard, the subsequent trillion's of dollars in bank bailout funded by the taxpayer has also saddled the already over-indebted nation with even more debt. Even with the Dodd-Frank financial reform, from a market perspective, there are still issues within the structure of the current banking operation that are not adequately addressed. First of all, banks should not have prop trading in-house, period.

At the very least, the clearing house and the trading arm now reside withing the same banks need to be completely separated into different companies, with a physical Chinese titanium wall in between. Does one 'super-corporation' run the global economy? Research found that 147 companies formed a 'super entity' within group, controlling 40 per cent of its wealth By Rob Waugh Updated: 11:00 GMT, 20 October 2011 A University of Zurich study 'proves' that a small group of companies - mainly banks - wields huge power over the global economy.

Does one 'super-corporation' run the global economy?

The study is the first to look at all 43,060 transnational corporations and the web of ownership between them - and created a 'map' of 1,318 companies at the heart of the global economy. The study found that 147 companies formed a 'super entity' within this, controlling 40 per cent of its wealth. All own part or all of one another. Olbermann interviews marine veteran who shamed police - Sgt Shamar Thomas - Occupy Wall Street. [Orignal full version] 1 Marine vs. 30 Cops (By. J. handy)

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NYPD mace victim speaks out. Unbelievable-protest-footage-NYPD-drag-girl-across-the-street (Spread Please) Michael Moore @ Occupy Wall Street.


Dick Cheney Protest at Vancouver Club.