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Home Improvement - General Contractor Austin Texas. Electrical Contractor Services Lakeline Services is an electrical contractor that provides residential and commercial electrical services.

Home Improvement - General Contractor Austin Texas

If you are looking for an electrician in the Austin, TX metro area, then contact Robert to schedule a Free estimate and service. Get a Free Quote Are you facing issues with your electrical components? Do you need help with fixing a transformer or electric socket? Benefits of hiring an Austin TX, electrical contractor Many people think that they could fix issues with their electrics on their own. Safety The most important reason to outsource electric chores is safety. Pool Trends of 2021 – A Forecast. Cocktail Pools and Spools Who said you couldn’t have a pool in a small space?

Pool Trends of 2021 – A Forecast

We prove again that it is possible. More & more clients come to our offices, asking if we can adapt a pool to their backyard with limited space. The answer is typically yes. Office Design: 3 DIY Projects from 1 Bag of Concrete. Office design isn’t just about looks — although I do like pretty things!

Office Design: 3 DIY Projects from 1 Bag of Concrete

It’s also about getting work done. A lot of studies show a connection between a comfortable work environment and increased productivity. Exploring the Little Free Library Phenomenon. Most do-it-yourselfers build, create and fix things for themselves, but some spend hours in the workshop to benefit others with a Little Free Library.

Exploring the Little Free Library Phenomenon

Little Free Library, a nonprofit organization, promotes literacy, creativity and community through its book exchanges that bear the same name. The organization started in 2009 with one book exchange in Hudson, Wisconsin, but its reach has expanded across the globe. 6 Tips to Make Your Backyard Eco-Friendly. You can reduce your carbon footprint, no matter where you live.

6 Tips to Make Your Backyard Eco-Friendly

The secret to an eco-friendly backyard is working with nature and making some simple lifestyle changes. Follow these tips to save water, electricity, money and time. 5 Ways to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly. Our homes provide comfort, warmth and safety for everyone, and that includes our furry friends.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Pet-Friendly

Here are some tips to make your home pet-friendly. And while we know people keep all kinds of animals as pets, we’ll primarily focus on dogs and cats. Baby Boomers vs. Millennials on Home Organization. Traditions tend to evolve with each generation.

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials on Home Organization

That’s also true for home organization habits, according to a survey of baby boomers vs. millennials and Generation Xers. ClosetMaid conducted a 2020 study of 1,000 U.S. adults to learn about their home organization and decluttering habits. The results underscore the differences between baby boomers, Gen Xers and millennials, and some similarities. In this battle of the generations, the retailer learned three things: 3 out of 5 millennials have organized their home in the past six months, compared to two out of five baby boomers1 in 5 millennials would have no problem tossing something they despised that belonged to their significant other, compared to 5% of baby boomers44% of millennials prefer to sell their unwanted or gently used items, compared to baby boomers and Gen X members, who would rather keep or donate these items. For instance: Garage Organization Systems You Can Make on a Budget. This Flexible Pipe is Perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers.

Let’s face it: Nobody enjoys landscape drainage work.

This Flexible Pipe is Perfect for Do-It-Yourselfers

How Easily Clean Your Camper, Inside and Out. Taking a road trip in the family camper is a popular pastime.

How Easily Clean Your Camper, Inside and Out

But before you spin those wheels, it’s important to clean the vehicle both inside and out. Here are four easy ways to do that. 1. Clean the Exterior. Amidst COVID-19, Get the Pool Ready for Hurricane Season. While the weather reports about the Sahara dust, the hurricane season is now in full swing.

Amidst COVID-19, Get the Pool Ready for Hurricane Season

Clear Comfort and Sigura™ Offer New Ultimate Pool Kit for Water Care. Boulder, Colorado – July 28, 2020 – In collaboration with Sigura, formerly Lonza Water, Clear Comfort has released the new Ultimate Pool Kit, offering the best way to experience the water care with enhanced AOP. With this bundled kit, customers receive $1,000 of free product on every pool from participating dealers. Homeowners’ increasing demand for healthy, complete and easier water care is driving heightened awareness and opportunity. For a limited time, authorized dealers and leading pool professionals can order kits at “Now more than ever, pool owners are looking for a swimming experience that is healthy, intuitive and worry-free,” said Zdenek Kratky, Vice President Marketing at Sigura. “Along with Clear Comfort, we are delivering the easiest way for dealers to offer the healthiest water.”

“Clients want products that integrate together seamlessly and make their lives easier,” said Steve Berens, CEO of Clear Comfort. How to Transform Your Kitchen with Shaker Cabinets. Shaker cabinets date back to an 18th-century religious sect that valued simplicity in their values, customs and furniture. These cabinet doors may look simple, but they’re also timeless, and fit in with traditional or modern kitchens. What began as an attempt to flee materialism has become one of the most popular, enduring cabinet designs. It’s also one of the easiest to recreate. Since Shakers built their own furniture, these cabinets are easy do-it-yourself projects that anyone can make. Meet the Hummingbird Moth — A Valuable Pollinator. 10 Reasons Why Rec Centers Love Clear Comfort's AOP Pool Treatment. July is National Park and Recreation Month, a time to recognize the role that parks and recreation professionals have in making their communities better places to live, work and play.

More than ever, communities need their parks and rec centers to stay active and healthy. In search of safer and easier solutions, a growing number of parks and rec professionals have switched to Clear Comfort’s Advanced Oxidation (AOP) pool and spa treatment – and the results speak for themselves. 1. Patrons’ Peace of Mind As we enter a more health-conscious era, it is more important than ever to ensure that patrons feel protected. 4 Types of AC Units to Consider. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, an air conditioner can keep you comfortable during every kind of weather. If you don’t know the different types of AC units on the market, here’s a quick guide. 4 Types of Air Conditioners. How to Choose Air Conditioner Filters. How well your central heating and cooling system cleans the air largely depends on the quality of your air conditioner filters. Air Conditioner Guide: From Maintenance to Buying New Systems.

How to Extend Your Heating and Cooling System's Life. How to Insulate HVAC Ductwork. If the insulation in your house’s HVAC ductwork has seen better days, consider replacing or upgrading it to improve energy efficiency and reduce your utility bills. Tips For Dealing With HVAC Pros. Nothing affects your comfort more than your heating and cooling system. Yet, unless the heater conks out during a blizzard or the air conditioning goes on the fritz in the middle of a heatwave, most of us ignore our heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

Even the best heating and cooling system can waste energy. Home Improvement - General Contractor Austin Texas. Pool Contractor Austin Texas.