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Crocodile Stitch. Luma Plushie. Yay!

Luma Plushie

More mario plushies! LOL.. well I had to make Luma. I've had dozens of requests for it, and it's a fairly simple pattern to design, and I needed easy. Working on my current commission project is draining my last ounce of patience, so this was a welcome break :D Luma can be made in just about any color you want... so have a blast. lol As always, if you find anything wrong with the pattern, or just need to ask a question, please feel free to comment or send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :) Luma Materials: ww yarn yellowG hookfiberfillsmall amount of black and white feltyarn needle Notes: Gauge isn't important as long as your yarn and hook choice results in a tight stitch so that the stuffing material doesn't show through.

Numbers in ( ) at the end of each row/round indicate the total number of stitches in that round or row. F/O. F/O. F/O. Red Heart. Diana natters on... about machine knitting: New Video - Warm Child's Hat. The Machine Knitter's Treasure Chest. Knitting-Looming-Machine Knitting, Crochet and other stuff. Patrón de gorro de crochet de Hello Kitty. Para este domingo les tengo un lindo patrón de gorro de crochet de Hello Kitty, para todas aquellas madres o abuelas que desean tejer algo bonito para las niñas.

Patrón de gorro de crochet de Hello Kitty

Esta no es una manualidad a crochet difícil de hacer, pero requiere algo de tiempo y paciencia. Podrán imprimir este patrón de crochet para trabajar comodamente. Spongebob purse *Update* now with tut and corrections written in red. Hi!

spongebob purse *Update* now with tut and corrections written in red

My daughter loves Spongebob, so I made her a purse for xmas. I'm quite happy with it, even though the eyes and teeth are crooked and uneven, but it looks worse on the photos than in person. Cactus con flor grande. Haciendo clic aquí pueden ver los tutoriales de la técnica básica del tejido amigurumi.

Cactus con flor grande

¡Gracias por compartir este tutorial del cactus largo con flor fruncida! Crochet Panda Hat ∙ Creation by Jessica L. on Cut Out. Knitted Cat Hat ∙ How To by Raven on Cut Out. PSYDUCK with pattern. Well being on a bit of a Pokemon kick lately ...

PSYDUCK with pattern

I made a Psyduck for the girls. (I may keep it tho, cause I'm quite fond of Psyduck). I wrote the pattern down as I made it, and I hope there are no omissions or mistakes in it. If anything is wrong, please let me know, I'll correct it as quickly as possible :) The picture doesn't really do it justice, I simply couldn't get the right light, but maybe I'll try again another time and get a better picture.

Materials:WW yarn Gold and light yellow(I used RedHeart SS in Gold and Cornmeal)Small amounts of white and brown WW yarnF hookFiberfillYarn Needle Gauge isn't really important as long as the stitches are moderately tight so that the fiberfill won't show through. I tend to prefer to join my rounds, but if you prefer to use continuous rounds with stitch markers, that's fine. The numbers in ( ) at the end of each round or row, are how many total stitches should be in that round/row. Crochet star wars patterns.

Crochet Patterns, Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet Ron Weasley Animal Crackers Hat « Hyperspace Portal. Okay, so I’ve been meaning to put this pattern up ever since I finished my own hat and was glad I wrote things down as I worked.

Crochet Ron Weasley Animal Crackers Hat « Hyperspace Portal

This pattern is untested, other than by my own hands, so if anyone using it has questions, they can send them to me on my Ravelry account, dontmakemeover. On to the pattern… Yarn: DK weight yarn in olive green, white, gold, red, and black. Laura Michels - Crazy Crochet Lady: Super Mario/Luigi Hat Pattern. Super Mario and Luigi Hat Pattern Size H hook Ch 2.

Laura Michels - Crazy Crochet Lady: Super Mario/Luigi Hat Pattern

Row 1: 6 sc in first ch. Row 2: 2 sc around. (12 sc) Row 3: *2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next sc* around. (18 sc) Row 4: *2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc* around. (24) Row 5: *2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next 3 sc* around. (30) A knit and crochet community. Untitled Document. Avatar Flying Bison Hat - $25.00 : CUTIEHATS, custom hats.

Items are made from soft acrylic yarn.

Avatar Flying Bison Hat - $25.00 : CUTIEHATS, custom hats

Designed and made by CutieHats in a smoke-free/pet-free environment. Note: Colors may vary slightly from picture due to current yarn dye lots, computer monitor projections and photo lighting. Please note: Our crafts are handmade fan art, not official product. Crochet Creative Creations- Free Patterns and Instructions: Crochet Snoopy Dog Child Hat.

Crochet Snoopy Dog Child Hat Come check out my new Crochet Site with new patterns, Crochet Hat sizes with this Double crochet patternNewborn baby head circumference, 13" - 14", Hat height = 5.5 to 6"= D hook, Baby 3 to 6 months, Head Cir, 14" - 17 ", Hat height= 6.5 - 7"=E hook, baby 6-12 months, 16"-19" head cir., hat length=6.5-7"=F hook, toddler-preschooler (12 months-3 yrs), 18"-20" head cir., hat length=7" =G hook, child 3-10 yrs, head cir., 19"-20 1/2 "", hat length= 7.5"=H hook,

Crochet Creative Creations- Free Patterns and Instructions: Crochet Snoopy Dog Child Hat

January 2012. Simply Crochet and Other Crafts: Angry Birds!! Once I found the awesomeness which is Pinterest, I found the wonderful idea for Angry Bird Hats!

Simply Crochet and Other Crafts: Angry Birds!!

After lots of searching, I found very minimal free patterns. I refuse to pay for a pattern! Unless they're in books at a garage sale for a quarter. He he. Fábrica de guantes, gorros, bufandas. Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. How to embroider a skull on an ipod sock... First, I tried to count the amount of pixels an ipod sock has… In the end it became a 40 pixels wide, 50 pixels high grid . then of course, I had to draw the skull I wanted on my sock.

Luckily, the guys over at have a great skull-logo, so I used that as a basis :-) Then I needed to come up with a good way of actually embroider this onto the sock… I tried all sort of things, putting a deck of cards in the sock, roll it down a little… aaaargh! This wasn’t looking like I would be doing this in an hour… Objetos artesanales » Otras categorías. Manual Downloads. Toyota KS 858/777/895 Knitting Machine Manual. A Scrapbook of Me: Modern Knitting. While doing the Google search for ideas in organizing your knitting supplies, I came across some of the neatest ideas. When I learned to knit (junior high school) I only knew about knitted toboggans, knitted mittens, knitted plain scarves and sweaters. My Mom and Grandmother were the knitters in our family. I still have one of the last sweaters Mom made for me. She showed me how to cast on, knit and pearl and I practised on a big square using leftover yard. The blue blog archives: blogging about reading about knitting.

Reviews of some great, and sometimes not so great, knitting (and sewing) books april 2, 2010 sweater quest Recently I have been reading about some big names: the Yarn Harlot, Ann & Kay, Clara Parkes, Amy Singer, and even She Who Must Not Be Named (shhhh, come closer... it's... Maker*land: How to knit a silly hat.... ...for a crazy kid. Lord knows what's going on inside that head. Although I tried, I couldn't convince Cameron that a conventional beanie with a single pompom on top was better than looking like Blinky Bill. But he's only six, so I will excuse his lack of savoir faire with regard to his headwear. His friends probably won't. I have been knitting for years, but don't extend myself too far beyond casting on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and binding off. Crochet sólo con paso a paso o video. Hola a todas . En el foro hay bastante cosas interesantes sobre cochet,pero se me ocurrió este post de los pasos a pasos. Inclusive los gráficos correspondientes y videos. How To Crochet A Superstar Baby Afghan.

FIRETRUCK! (Official Music Video) BLOOPERS: GET THE SHIRT: GET THE SONG: MILKSHAKE MUSIC VIDEO: ----------------------------------- In this music video, we give you an alternative to the F-word. Your mother will be pleased. Knitterbees: Red Bird and Green Pig plush toy. I have had great response from the beanies that I've made, and I've got orders from my friend to make her the plush toy version for the Green Pig. Since its her birthday in September, I've made it just in time so I have time to post it to her in Hong Kong.

After finishing the Pig I thought it looked abit lonely on its own, so I've decided to make him a companion as well. Yarn: Moda Vera, Marvel Plain 100% acrylic col1015, scraps of acrylic yarns for nose and eyes.Needles: 3.25mm Yarn: Patons Australia, Big Baby 8 ply red 60% acrylic and 40% Nylon for the main head, Peter Pan, Darling 10 ply white 100% polyester for bottom part of the head, and scraps of acrylic yarns for nose and eyes. Needles: 3.25mm Yarn: Moda Vera, Marvel Plain 100% acrylic, scraps of acrylic yarns for nose and eyes.Needles: 3.25mm And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post pictures to my Ravelry account if you make these little guys!! Geek Crafts  February 23 In honor of Adam Baldwin’s birthday on February 27th, I found a fun subtle ode to his Jayne Cobb character on the super-shiny, yet sadly-canceled-before-its-time TV show “Firefly.”

Sharon Muffett posted this clever Jayne Bag over on Craftster. She gathered a compilation of quippy Jayne quotes, created a design in Photoshop, printed it onto calico fabric, and used that to create a bag. Brilliant. This concept would be easy to apply to other fandoms – which would you choose? July 2007. Gamer Morte Moya put together an MP3 player from an old NES controller, and then took it a step further by making a speaker out of an NES game cartridge. Armored accessory or dice pouch by DoktorNix. Tales from Yarnvana: Brown Suede Dice Bag.

I remember now why I frequently simply knit things without writing out a full-blown pattern. Scalemail Dice Bag Dragonhide Knitted Armor by Crystalsidyll. Please note: Any Dragonhide items purchased between now and April 4 will not ship until April 5. Unicorn Dice Bag by EverWyldeCreations. <div id="javascript-nag" class="notice"><p> Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. <a href=" more</a>. </p></div> Help. Mohogany Die of Holding Leather D20 Dice by SmartPencilDesigns. <div id="javascript-nag" class="notice"><p> Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Dungeons and Dragons Dice by ChibiTsubame. These are a set of 6 1" dice buttons. Unfortunately they are not usable as dice but still a great gift for your player. Icosahedron dice bag. d20 Handbag of Holding: How to build it. Craft blog : Tutorial: Seamless Single Crochet.

Goomba Hat Pattern (Well, Sort Of) « FadeCrazy’s Blog. Bobomb hat MADE TO ORDER by ShadowsInTheNyte. SkullChick Crochet Adventure: Mario Bros Mushroom. Der Himmel ist Grau: Crochet. Der Himmel ist Grau: January 2012. Super Mario Bros. 3 Crochet Tanooki Suit. Knitting: super mario 3 scarf. Fandom_knit: The Master List. Crochet Pattern Lael Viking Hat Sizes Newborn to by Mamachee. Super mario « AH! Creations. Gege Crochet: Mario Party! Part 2- My Quest. Cute Amigurumi! Goomba Inspired Super Mario Bros Shiitake Mushroom by littlepopos. Free Hats Crochet Pattern Link Directory. April Draven: Mario Mushroom Hat *Free Pattern* Robótkowe szaleństwa. Three Crochet Chicks.