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Explore color variations with ladder stitch - Bead&Button Magazine. Kumihimo - Braiding with Beads. Once you have the basics down on how to create a Kumihimo braid you will more than likely want to try adding some beads to the braid.

Kumihimo - Braiding with Beads

This involves a little more prep time before you get started but the results are well worth it. When planning your design, keep in mind that the finished results will differ depending on colors, size of beads and number of beaded strands. Also note that the size of stringing material will be determined by the hole size in the beads you want to use. Here we will show you how to create an 8 warp basic round Kumihimo braid using size 8/0 TOHO beads on all 8 strands.

Find the supplies that you'll need for this project here. First determine the length of braid you want. Tuto spirale turque aux perles d'eau douces ovales - SaPERL’ipopète. Je souhaite que ce tuto aide les perleuses à crocheter , pourvu qu'il soit assez clair ... je vous conseille toutefois de tester en premier la spirale crochetée rien qu'avec des rocailles (cliquez sur la phrase soulignée ,c'est un lien et allez en bas de page ) pour "posséder" la technique des perles crochetées .

Tuto spirale turque aux perles d'eau douces ovales - SaPERL’ipopète

Matériel : Coton DMC 20 aiguille à grand chat souple crochet 1 ou 1.5 perles d'eau douce et rocailles 11 Enfiler les motifs (7 rocailles 11 + 1 perle d'eau douce) sur le fil de DMC 20 (qui reste attaché à la bobine) . Pour ce bracelet j'ai utilisé une 60aine de perles d'eau douces. Crocheter une maille coulée à la fin de chaque motif de perles , d'ailleurs toute la technique est en mailles coulées . On se base sur un départ de 3 motifs crochetés : Repiquer le crochet à la base du premier motif afin de refermer le premier cercle de perles et tirer une maille coulée. Tirer une maille coulée , le quatrième motif se place . Tips. Tutorial Shiny Tide Necklace. Shiny Tide Necklace Left-handed version also available Level: : Intermediate Size: 10 pages, PDF file, 1.36 Mb, need Adobe Reader Prerequisite: Knowledge of The Basics of Wire Crochet Must know basic crochet stitches such as chain stitch, single crochet and single crochet with bead Must be able to figure out the right number of stitches needed to get the desired size, and to modify the number of beads accordingly Must know how to install a toggle or a lobster clasp.

Tutorial Shiny Tide Necklace

I created this style two years ago, and it rapidly became a favorite with my customers. It is about one inch wide (2.5cm), and with its rich and opulent look, you won't believe how light and airy it really is, despite its shiny tide of gems, emprisoned in a delicate crocheted net. Kumihimo 101 - How to Kumihimo: Supplies, Videos & Tutorials. Learn about kumihimo with our free tutorials and instructional videos, then pick up some kumihimo supplies and try this fun and rewarding technique for yourself.

Kumihimo 101 - How to Kumihimo: Supplies, Videos & Tutorials

What is Kumihimo? Kumihimo is an ancient Japanese form of braiding using multiple strands of cord and/or ribbon. Kumihimo braids are very popular for bracelets but can also be used in necklaces. Different designs and patterns are possible by changing your braiding material, varying the thickness or number of your strands, using a round disk versus a square plate, and also by adding beads to your kumihimo braid. How to Kumihimo Though it may seem daunting at first, getting the right supplies and learning the basic technique will have you making kumihimo braids in no time! Kumihimo Project Tutorials and How-To Videos Learn how to kumihimo and get inspired by our instructional videos and project tutorials.

How to Braid Beaded Kumihimo with Long Magatama Beads. Turkish Spiral Bead Crochet Rope Tutorial. If you like making bead crochet ropes, you have to try the Turkish spiral bead crochet tutorial!

Turkish Spiral Bead Crochet Rope Tutorial

This wonderful tutorial is by Sylvie Perle on her blog. It is in French so please copy the URL and use Google Translate or use Google Chrome browser to get a translation. The diagrams will need close examination before trying out her tutorial. This one is not for beginners. She has an excellent tip which should be applicable to other bead crochet bracelets - incorporate a beading wire in the middle of the bracelet for clasp attachments later on.

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Crochet with Jewelry Wire-Tips and Tricks

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