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Digital Medieval Manuscripts - Collections - Houghton Library. The Houghton Library's distinguished collection of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts represents a significant resource for the study of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Western Europe.

Digital Medieval Manuscripts - Collections - Houghton Library

Assembled through gifts and purchase over the past two centuries, this collection includes works in Latin, Greek, and most of the vernacular languages of Europe that are the primary sources for the study of the literature, art, history, music, philosophy, and theology of the periods. This Web site provides strategies for searching Houghton's medieval manuscripts as well as links to bibliographies related to these materials that were compiled by the Library. Permission to publish from any manuscript is granted at the discretion of the Curator.

See Houghton's Reproductions and Permissions page for more information. Richard II's treasure: the riches of a medieval king. Crown, c. 1380 and 1402: Munich, Schatzkammer der Residenz (Bayerische Verwaltung der Staatlichen Schlösser, Gärten und Seen) Inv. no. 16.

Richard II's treasure: the riches of a medieval king

See crowns. The treasure roll of Richard II, compiled in 1398/9, offers a rare insight into the magnificence of a late medieval English king. The roll, unknown until it was rediscovered in the 1990s, describes in exceptional detail the crowns, jewels, and other precious objects belonging to the king and to his two queens, Anne of Bohemia and Isabelle of France. The value of the items listed on the roll is extraordinary even by modern standards, as is the craftsmanship and skill that went into their production.

Many have an intriguing story to tell of high politics, international relations, and artistic patronage in England and France. Medieval and Modern Thought Text Digitization Project: Welcome. Welcome "To strengthen Stanford University Library holdings in the field of Western Medieval thought and its influence on modern times" The goal is to digitize on an ongoing basis printed reference works, source collections, and primary and secondary books in the broad area of medieval and modern thought.

Medieval and Modern Thought Text Digitization Project: Welcome

Current local research needs help to determine the material selected for digitization. Several special interest areas are being pursued. A facsimile of the work and searchable text is being created, cataloged in Socrates, and delivered over the web. Financial support for this project is from Smart Family Foundation and Allan Morgan Standish bookfund, established by Beatrix Mesmer Standish in memory of her husband, and sustained by Mrs. De wereld en Nederland.

Epistolae: Medieval Women's Letters. Home / Contents Page. Welcome to 'Medieval Primary Sources—Genre, Rhetoric and Transmission'!

Home / Contents Page

This website provides a guide to the organisation and contents of the course. It is here that you will find detailed guidance as to the topics of the seminars and links to online facsimiles/images of the manuscripts which we will be discussing in class. Please familiarise yourself with the contents of the site. For general matters concerning postgraduate studies you should refer to the History Department's Handbook for the MA in History. Utrechtse Kronieken. Dartmouth Dante Project. Dante Project (2.0) Digital Dante. A History of the Crusades. Vogala-app met middeleeuws Nederlands is uitgebreid met 35 teksten.

Hoogleraar en letterkundige Frits van Oostrom (Universiteit Utrecht) ontwikkelde begin dit jaar de veelgeprezen app Vogala, die laat horen hoe het Nederlands in de middeleeuwen klonk.

Vogala-app met middeleeuws Nederlands is uitgebreid met 35 teksten

Vandaag is Vogala uitgebreid met 35 nieuwe teksten en liederen. Bekende als Beatrijs, maar ook over hoe je kunt winkelen in Brugge. Medioneerlandici uit Nederland en Vlaanderen spraken zelf teksten in, en begeleidden nieuwe ‘gastoptredens’ van Louise Fresco (met enkele Middelnederlandse recepten), Paul Schnabel (met teksten over bestuur en beleid) en van zanger Rick de Leeuw (met een deel van Karel ende Elegast). Hun vertolking maakt van het middeleeuwse Nederlands weer levende taal. Ineens blijkt deze lang niet zo moeilijk te volgen als het op schrift kan lijken. 65 fragmenten. HOME - Archives Portal Europe. Cette base de données présente le texte, et bientôt les reproductions photographiques, de l’ensemble des chartes originales antérieures à 1121 conservées en France.

Quelques éléments d’explication : Chartes : il s’agit en fait des textes diplomatiques, c’est-à-dire des actes juridiques écrits : actes de donation, de vente ou d’échange, testaments, actes judiciaires… En fait, l’ensemble des actes consignant par écrit une action juridique (ou plusieurs) en l’assortissant de validations juridiques. Au sens strict, il s’agit ici aussi bien des chartes que des notices, des bulles ou des diplômes. Originales : ce terme désigne les actes eux-mêmes tels qu’ils ont été émis de manière originale, et pas les copies qui ont pu en avoir été établies par la suite. Cependant, cette définition apparemment assez simple doit être précisée. A digital collaborative library of royal manuscripts. Institute for Medieval Studies. Repertorium utriusque iuris. Online Medieval & Classical Library: Browse by Author. DMMapp - Digitized Medieval Manuscripts App.

The DMMapp (Digitized Medieval Manuscripts App) links to more than 400 libraries in the world.

DMMapp - Digitized Medieval Manuscripts App

Each one of these contains medieval manuscripts that can be browsed for free. The DMMapp is developed by the Sexy Codicology Team; it is part of the Digitized Medieval Manuscripts Maps (DMMmaps) project. - Historische Texte und Wörterbücher. Welcome to the Endangered Archives Programme. CSL Author List: A. Avalon Project - Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy. Dms – digital manuscripts index. Bibliotheca Augustana. Digital Library: Catalogue by Language: Lingua latina. Bibliothèque de textes classiques grecs et latins. Greek and Latin Texts. The Latin Library. Home - LIBGUIDES: over de bronnen van wetenschap - LibGuides at Utrecht University.

Millions of documents at your fingertips. European History Primary Sources. WORLD HISTORY SOURCES. Europeana - Homepage. Bibliothek. EuroDocs.

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. Quellen - Themenportal Europäische Geschichte. The Online Books Page.