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DMMapp - Digitized Medieval Manuscripts App

DMMapp - Digitized Medieval Manuscripts App
What is the DMMapp? The DMMapp is an open source app that links to digital repositories containing digitized western medieval manuscripts from all over the world. Finding digitized repositories can be difficult, and we want to create a central hub that can help medievalists, codicologists, and enthusiasts to find the medieval manuscripts they are searching for. Who made the DMMapp? The DMMapp is a project by Giulio Menna, MA, and Marjolein de Vos, MA. I love the DMMapp! Contribute to the DMMapp If you are aware of a library that is not on our DMMapp, you can use the "Add a Missing Library" form to let us know. I would like to base a project on the DMMapp! Absolutely! Where can I contact you? There is a nice and tidy contact form for that. Related:  SourcesMapsdigitalizacja

Repertorium utriusque iuris << Palaeographia Ce répertoire vise exclusivement à faciliter l'interprétation et l'identification des références juridiques qui figurent sous forme abrégée dans les manuscrits et imprimés anciens. Il fournit l'index exhaustif des éléments dont se composent les corpus traditionnels du droit civil et du droit canonique, identifiés par leur incipit (premiers mots). Pour accélérer les recherches, tous les éléments d'un même niveau (titres, puis chapitres, canons ou lois d'un titre donné) sont classés par ordre alphabétique. Il reste impossible de fournir la solution de toutes les abréviations qui peuvent être rencontrées. – Les références renvoient fréquemment à un passage particulier (paragraphe) de la loi ou du canon concerné. Compilé et mis en ligne par D. << Palaeographia

Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire Herodotus Timemap Book 1, Ch. 1 This is the display of the inquiry of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, so that things done by man not be forgotten in time, and that great and marvelous deeds, some displayed by the Hellenes, some by the barbarians, not lose their glory, including among others what was the cause of their waging war on each other.The Persian learned men say that the Phoenicians were the cause of the dispute. These (they say) came to our seas from the sea which is called Red, and having settled in the country which they still occupy, at once began to make long voyages. Among other places to which they carried Egyptian and Assyrian merchandise, they came to Argos,which was at that time preeminent in every way among the people of what is now called Hellas. – University of Copenhagen - Historische Texte und Wörterbücher French World War I Posters About This web site presents digitized versions of 105 posters published in France during the First World War, representing a time of national volatility and a visual culture of lithography, illustrations, posters, and paintings. The original posters are housed in the University of Illinois Archives. Repairs and encapsulation were accomplished prior to 2001 using funds provided by a gift of Marian H. World War I inspired Europe's second "poster craze," or affichomania, in a span of fifty years. The posters collected here represent a landmark in poster history, because World War I saw the first large-scale use of posters for political purposes. These posters were issued by a variety of institutions and organizations such as the French War Ministry, French and British banks, the American Red Cross, YMCA Union Franco-Americaine, Comite Nationale de Prevoyance et d'Economies, and associations Francaise contre la Propagande Ennemie. Themes Timeline Artists Browse

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection | The Collection ZBC POMERANIA - Pommersches Wappenbuch gezeichnet und mit Beschreibung der Wappen und historischen Nachweisen versehen. Bd. 1 Publication structure: Medieval resources online | Medieval studies online | Institute for Medieval Studies Select a link from the menu below to be taken to Web resources for that area. Please direct suggestions for other links to be listed here to Axel Müller. Chronological Periods Late Antiquity Ammianus Marcellinus Online Project This site introduces Ammianus and his work by means of a biography, short essays on important persons as well as aspects of his work, and a bibliography of important and recent publications. Aphrodias in Late Antiquity This is the electronic, expanded and revised second edition, originating from the version published by the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies in 1989. BIBLindex: Références bibliques dans la littérature patristiqueAn online catalogue of over 400,000 biblical references found in Greek and Latin patristrics from the first through fifth centuries. Early Middle Ages St Gall ManuscriptsThe monastery of St. Central Middle Ages Late Middle Ages Renaissance and Early Modern