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Engelsk. Games/vocabulary - spraktrollet. ENGLISH FLASH GAMES for Learning Vocabulary. Home. Clothes vocabulary - elementary. Clothes vocabulary is useful and quite easy to learn.

Clothes vocabulary - elementary

Here you will find a video introducing the correct pronunciation (American English) of the words. Watch the video and repeat. In the second part of the video you should say the words yourself. Then there is a mind map introducing the new words. You can add more to the mind map if you want to. 5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Superheroes. Superheroes were first created as motivational characters dedicated to protecting the public from crooks, robbers, evil scientists and tenacious villains who just keep coming back to life.

5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Superheroes

They stood by strong moral codes and risked their lives repeatedly for the public. They became an entertaining source of inspiration for kids and adults alike to identify core values. But over the years, past the comic books and blockbuster adaptations, we realized that we don’t only admire these guys for their superpowers and their ability to function at all in their snug attire; we also recognize them as humans with emotions, troubles and flaws, just like the rest of us. So here’s what we’ve learned not from the Batmans and Spidermans of superhero kingdom, but from the Bruce Waynes and Peter Parkers :) We're The Superhumans Trailer. Read and write about Superheroes. The Boy Who Learned To Fly. This ELT lesson plan is designed around the theme of the Olympic Games and a short film based on the life of Usain Bolt film created by Moonbot Studios and commissioned by Gatorade.

The Boy Who Learned To Fly

In the lesson students speak about sports and the Olympic games, watch a short film, retell a story and write a summary of a story. I would ask all teachers who use Film English to consider buying my book Film in Action as the royalties which I receive from sales help to keep the website completely free. Language level: Intermediate (B1) – Upper Intermediate (B2) Learner type: Teens and adults Time: 90 minutes Activity: Watching a short film, speaking and writing Topic: Usain Bolt, sport and the Olympic Games Language: Vocabulary related to sports and the Olympic Games. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 5 Great YouTube Channels for Learning English.

Youtube is undoubtedly a great source of educational content to use in class with your students.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 5 Great YouTube Channels for Learning English

It also hosts tons of channels that provide instructional tutorials specifically tailored for different learning needs and styles. We have already reviewed some of these channels in previous posts and today we are sharing with you some of our favourite YouTube channels for learning English. Hero assignment. Läsförståelsestrategier. Love & Romance, 8-9. Myspace Quotes Graphics NB!

Love & Romance, 8-9

This theme uses a new feature for vocabulary practice 1:1. The teacher can register their classes in order to follow the students’ progress, but this is not necessary. Reading Worksheets, Spelling, Grammar, Comprehension, Lesson Plans - Boarding schools in the UK: Friendship. Teacher: Our students live here.

Boarding schools in the UK: Friendship

Digital läsning årskurs 7 9. Famous Biographies & TV Shows. Dose. And drive estate cars.


Sivan - Gör det tillsammans ft. Felix. 10 lifesaving websites for ESL teachers. Lisa has asked me for some recommendations regarding useful sites for EFL teachers and I’m happy to make a little compilation of the places I visit most often to find ideas, inspirations, betimes lesson plans if I feel exceptionally lazy (The Liberation of the Garden Gnomes by Peter Vahle is just shiny!)

10 lifesaving websites for ESL teachers

And share them with you. Watch: This 3-minute animation will change your perception of time. We all know that Earth is old, but it’s hard to put into perspective just how old it is.

Watch: This 3-minute animation will change your perception of time

After all, what does 4.5 billion years *really* mean? How do you even comprehend that amount of time with our short-lived human brains? Well, Business Insider has done a pretty incredible job of it in this 3-minute animation, by displaying the timeline of Earth if time was the distance from Los Angeles to New York. And, oh boy, our world-view will never be the same. We start our journey in Los Angeles, back when Earth first formed 4.54 billion years ago. About halfway across the top of Arizona, the world’s largest rock forms 3.95 billion years ago, and then a few miles down the road – 3.8 billion years ago – the first evidence of life shows up, in the form of replicating molecules.

But it’s not until Kansas, 2.7 billion years ago, when oxygen-producing cyanobacteria first emerge, and then 200 million years later that significant amounts of oxygen build up in Earth’s atmosphere. We are the world - We are the world. What are human rights?

Write the answer in your notebook. What happened to Malala? Describe the incident and what followed. Write your answers in your notebook. Spraktrollet. Spraktrollet: How to improve your English. Seven Things I Learned in Seven Years. This EFL lesson is designed around a short film by Maria Popova and her reflections on what she has learned since she set up her wonderful website Brain Pickings titled Seven Things I Have Learned in Seven Years of Reading, Writing and Living.

Students speculate on a photo, read a short article, watch a short film, talk about the points made in the film, and read the transcript of the film. Episode 01: The Alibi. There are a few pieces of evidence we haven’t been able to track down these last 15 months. Hotmail The first is Adnan’s Hotmail account. Adnan says that he went to the Woodlawn Public Library after school on Jan. 13 to check his email. Crime In The Middle Ages. Language Games – Macmillan Dictionary. Ade S Jones Facebook Learn English Verb Best english teacher in the world He got swaaaagg.

Food in Britain. Carmen: The Chinese introduced oriental food to Britain. But before the Chinese, immigrants from all around the world came to live in London. British people enjoy a huge range of food and flavours from other countries. This is Borough Market, London’s oldest food market. Top Ten CRITICALLY Endangered Species. "Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes. The official site of Sweden. KimStudies - Home. Läxhjälp och undervisning online.

Pernillas klassrum. Nasjonal digital læringsarena - by Jamie Keddie. Learn English for Free with elllo! WeAreTeachers - Get Lesson Plans - Teacher Grants - Teaching Resources and More.

10 Ideas for the End of the School Year. California Distance Learning Project. Språket i klassrummet, skolan, samhället och världen. Språket i klassrummet, skolan, samhället och världen. Läxhjälp och undervisning online. Free Chronicles of Narnia Resource Unit.

This post contains affiliate links to help support this site. Om strategier i engelska språket. Love Actually: activities, ideas, vocabulary. I use a lot of films in my teaching: not just occasional Youtube clips but full-length authentic feature films, and I’ve been wanting for a while to start a new section on this blog where I would upload my film-based materials.

I thought December would be a suitable time to share materials for many people’s favourite Christmas film Love Actually.Warning: some scenes are suitable for adults only Activities actually The activities are divided into three parts. They are not particularly imaginative - mainly questions to answer while watching. Engelska (åk 6-9) 50 000+ Free ESL, EFL worksheets made by teachers for teachers.

English Speaking Countries - World Top Ten. _brushing_up_workbook.pdf. Stödstrukturer för perspektiv och resonemang i engelska. Video Lesson: Mr. Bean. Follow me on twitter. Engelska9 2014-15.

Sara Bruuns klassrum: The Wedding Trip - a project with 9A, 9B, 9C. Tema: The Wedding Trip. Endangered Animals 4-9. Good vocabulary teaching. BBC Learning English - Learning English. Sherman Alexie Lesson Plans. Läxhjälp och undervisning online. Valentine's Day - Facts, Origin, Meaning & Videos - English Listening Level Test - How well do you understand English? Which English exam is right for you? Web English Teacher. Kommunikation engelska. English Worksheets.