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All about email Marketing (tips and strategies)

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7 Stats That Proves Email Marketing Is Still The MOST Reliable Channel [INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Email Opening Tips to Conquer Shorter Attention Spans [VIDEO] In a Sea of Sameness, Here’s How IT Staffing Firms Can Stand Out. Marketing and Transactional Emails: How to Leverage Both [VIDEO] 5 B2B Email Marketing Goals that Make or Break Results [VIDEO] 15 Best-Kept B2B Email Secrets to Win Prospects’ Hearts [INFOGRAPHIC] Callbox Integrated Digital Marketing Services - Build. Attract. Engage. Email Marketing Blogs - B2B Lead Generation Company - Callbox. Conversations to Conversions: A Rundown of the Top Email Writing Tips. According to numbers by Ascend2, at least 82% of B2B and B2C companies are handling email marketing campaigns.

And there are several reasons for this. For one, email continues to be an effective means of communicating a brand’s products and services owing to how well it can educate and ultimately convince prospects to make a purchase. In fact, a great deal of a company’s total revenue is due in part through email marketing campaigns – at least those that approach email writing with a keen eye for detail and, more importantly, a great deal of knowledge on what makes people respond to a message in their inboxes.

Writing email copy may seem like a piece of cake to anyone outside the B2B world, but it actually involves a lot more effort and creativity. With that said, here are some writing tips to consider in your next email campaign. #1) Stellar Subject Lines First of all, let’s focus on that part of an email where the recipient sees first. And to tell you the truth, it’s not that easy. Lead Nurture Tool - Lead Management System - Callbox. Lead Nurturing Done Right. Simple. Smart. Effective. You’ve heard about Marketo, Eloqua, and Hubspot, right?

Big and popular as these companies are, their success in marketing is founded on one basic principle: sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Forum Posting Etiquette: Four Ways to Drive Leads without Striking a Chord. B2B Leads : The Marketing Way: Telemarketing for Financial Services: A B2B Lead Generation Guide for Managers. Financial institutions that offer lending and banking services need tools and equipment to facilitate their operations. Luckily for them, there are B2B companies that provide such materials. They however confront their own set of dilemmas, one of which is marketing their offers.

40 B2B Email Templates For Every Situation [FREE PDF] Download our free ebook: Still not sure whether to send that sales email even after revising it for the 100th time already?

40 B2B Email Templates For Every Situation [FREE PDF]

They say that writing is rewriting, but shouldn’t you be spending your time on phone calls or face-to-face meetings with prospects? That’s why we’ve put together this compilation of 40 highly-effective B2B sales email templates that work well for almost every situation including: Cold OutreachFollow-upsLead Nurturing and EngagementReferrals and Recommendations These 40 examples have all been hand-picked from a variety of sources that tested these templates in terms of opens, click-throughs, and replies. Expanding your Software Products and Services: ... - Marketing and Lead Generation Hacks - Quora. The software and tech industry continues to expand thanks to new innovations aimed towards businesses as well as consumers.

Expanding your Software Products and Services: ... - Marketing and Lead Generation Hacks - Quora

For sure there has always been an increasing demand for better software products. This has been made evident by the fact that across the globe, IT spending has increased for the better part of 2017. According to Statista, the industry has reached $35 billion in revenue. And this has been influenced by new innovations in analytics as well as automation. Added to this the continuing dominance of cloud computing over the need to streamline crucial business operations. Related: Cloudy with a Chance of Fog: A Quick Cloud Computing Update For the most part, software leaders are tapping into wellsprings for growth, but this shouldn’t encourage startups to remain where they are in the face of rising competition. For that reason, we have prepared a nifty guide that will help get things going for your tech startup. #1 Emphasize cybersecurity #2 Attract VCs. Blogging Tips to Generate More IT Leads. Technology companies are intensifying their marketing campaigns this year, with a large spike in budget allocations for social media being a testament.

Blogging Tips to Generate More IT Leads

According to Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing, at least 70% of B2B and B2C entrepreneurs (including those from the IT industry) will increase their spending for social media advertising. Blogging is many such social tools that have a considerable influence over effective IT lead generation. Most IT and software companies reported to have gained at least one customer using their blog. With regards to quality of IT leads, blogs trump all other social media platforms, which is all the more reason why companies should focus their social spending for that particular area. Aside from leveling up social media campaign expenses, there is also a need to harness several other ways to enhance blogging for lead generation and appointment setting. Make your design nifty yet simple. Diversify your content. Offer an effective CTA. Make them jump. 15 Brilliant Web Design Hacks That Convert Traffic into Leads.

Download our free ebook: The secret to consistently turn web traffic into leads is to find the right balance between content and design. In this eBook, we’ll focus on the latter and check out fifteen (15) proven web design ideas you can quickly put into use to move more visitors of your website and landing pages into the next stage of your funnel. IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign. Campaign Type Appointment Setting Target Industries AU: Leisure, Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs, Sports Clubs, Membership Organizations | PH: BPO and Manufacturing Target Contacts Managers, Directors, CTOs, COOs, CIOs The Client The Client is the China office of a U.S. The Challenge The Client is looking to capture a huge part of the growing demand for smart cards and personal identification applications in the APAC region.

In line with this, the Client’s strategy calls for targeting organizations that issue cards to employees or members in order to position its solutions as an alternative to legacy systems or other secure identity brands. This year, the Client has been moving more toward outsourcing marketing activities in the awareness stage of its sales funnel. 7 Types of Emails Your Business Should Send. Get More IT Leads: The Things You Should (or Must) Know About Email Marketing. Email Lead Generation: How Most Marketers are Getting it Wrong. When it comes to genuine CRM experiences, email is perhaps the best channel to consider in terms of securing an effective B2B appointment setting and lead generation program.

Email Lead Generation: How Most Marketers are Getting it Wrong

Recent studies indicate why email should always remain as top priority among players within the B2B industry.