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IT Security Provider Taps into APAC Markets with Callbox Campaign

Campaign Type Appointment Setting Target Location Australia and Philippines Target Industries For Australia: Leisure, Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs, Sports Clubs, Membership Organizations; For Philippines: BPO and Manufacturing Target Contacts For Australia: Membership Managers, Club Managers, Admin Managers; For Philippines: IT Managers, HR, Purchasing, Security Managers The Client The Client is the China office of a U.S. The Challenge The Client is looking to capture a huge part of the growing demand for smart cards and personal identification applications in the APAC region. In line with this, the Client’s strategy calls for targeting organizations that issue cards to employees or members in order to position its solutions as an alternative to legacy systems or other secure identity brands.

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Callbox Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation Campaign Formed New Partnerships for Global Information Services Leader Industry IT Products and Services, Information Technology Campaign Type Lead Generation, Appointment Setting Callbox Boosts Event Attendance Rates for CRM Market Leader [Case Study] With its reputation as a key mover in the CRM software space, the Client regularly organizes a number of annual conferences and events aimed at customers, vendors, developers, IT professionals, and industry thought leaders throughout various locations around the world. These are typically high-profile events that generate attendance figures that average in the thousands, as well as receive considerable media coverage particularly from the tech press. While many of the Client’s conferences fulfill both branding and PR objectives, there is also a more tangible marketing (and overall business) goal that underlies most of the company’s events: to attract more people into its far-reaching ecosystem. Among the events lined up for 2017 are three sets of conferences scheduled for January, April, and July.

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5 Core Benefits of Telemarketing in B2B Lead Generation To this date, telemarketing will always have a special place in B2B lead generation campaigns because of the many benefits from engaging potential leads on the phone. Some people think that it’s all just plain cold calling from a numbered list, but it’s more than that. You can engage in pre-qualification, lead nurturing, and even chasing or closing. It’s no wonder that there is still no shortage of entrepreneurs in Asia that are opening up micro contact centers week after week. In this informative article, we will be discussing the core benefits of telemarketing in B2B lead generation.

Callbox ABM Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Helped US Financial Consulting Leader IndustryFinancial LocationMN, USA HeadquartersGermany Campaign TypeLead Generation & Appointment Setting Target LocationUSA Target IndustriesAll industries Target Decision MakersCFO, CHR, CEO, CIO The Client The Client is a leading financial consulting provider that’s been in the business for more than three decades.