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5 façons de se démarquer lors d'un salon professionnel! Paris Retail Week 2019 : 8 solutions marketing innovantes à découvrir ! Captain Wallet - Leader du marketing sur wallet mobile. Culture RP Communiquer à l’international ne s’improvise pas ! par Marie-Laure Laville - Culture RP.


15 crucial content marketing resources and tools. When Apple turned “there’s an app for that” into a national catchphrase in 2009, the company promised that its technology would change the way we live and work. Today, when it comes to content marketing, there really is an app for that, no matter what content marketers want to do. So many tools, tips and tricks have filled various niches that it can be tough to cut through the clutter and find what really stands out. Here, we’ve collected 15 tools that are proving invaluable to content marketers today.

Ahrefs Ahrefs describes itself as “powered by the best and the most complete data in the industry” for tracking and ranking backlinks. Ahrefs parallels content marketing stalwart SEMRush in a number of ways, notes BloggingWizard founder Adam Connell, but Ahrefs is pulling ahead of SEMRush in the keyword and competitor research department. Almighty.Press Enter Almighty.Press. Almighty.Press relies on a two-year, 50-million article analysis performed before its launch. Clearbit ClickFunnels Cyfe.