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Ancient Forgotten History

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Ancient Band of Holes Found in Peru. These strange holes, stretching for a mile over uneven mountain terrain, were here for so long that the local people have no idea who made them, or why. Funny thing is no one really saw the big picture until the area was seen from the air. Thousands of man-sized holes are carved into the barren rock near Pisco Valley, Peru on a plain called Cajamarquilla. Click on the image to enlarge. Satellite photo of the Pisco Valley with marked location of the "Band of Holes" . Archeologists have speculated they were dug to store grain in. Ok, said the archeologists. Some sections have holes in rigid and perfect precision; some run in rows that curve up in arches, some staggered lines. To date, no one has a clue why they're here, who made them or what they were. Satellite photo of the "Band of Holes" near Pisco Valley.Note: The location of the band of holes is highlighted brown.

Strangely dark area where the "band of holes" ends.Click to enlarge Remnants of an ancient city? 17 Mysteries Awaiting Explanation. On August 7th 1999, London police received more than 36 reports of a gigantic sea serpent in the Thames. It was “at least 200 ft long and 5 yards across,” said one panicky witness. Despite all the sightings, no one managed to get a picture—or so it was thought. That day photographer John Collins was taking aerial photos of London from a private plane. He didn’t notice the object at the lower right until he examined the photo later.

Stone sculpture depicting a Vimana, flying machines in ancient India (1200 b.c.), Many Sanskrit epics, which were written in India more than two millennia ago, contain references to mythical flying machines called vimanas. Pointing to similarities between descriptions of vimanas and reports by people who claim to have seen UFOs, ancient alien theorists have suggested that astronauts from other planets visited India during ancient times. Mystery rock from Earth or alien spaceship?

The Mysterious Cones of the Egyptian Desert Chinese Pyramid in Xianyang. Amazing Things Apparently Left by Aliens on Earth. 10 Forgotten Ancient Civilizations. History The typical history textbook has a lot of ground to cover and only so many pages to devote to anything before Jesus. For most of us, that means ancient history is a three-dog show—Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

Which is why it’s easy to get the impression that, outside of those three, our map of the ancient world is mostly just blank space. But actually nothing could be further from the truth. Plenty of vibrant and fascinating cultures existed outside that narrow focus. 10Aksum The kingdom Aksum (or Axum) has been the subject of countless legends. The Ethiopian kingdom of reality, not myth, was an international trading power. Aksum adopted Christianity not long after the Roman Empire did and continued to thrive through the early Middle Ages. 9Kush Known in ancient Egyptian sources for its abundance of gold and other valuable natural resources, Kush was conquered and exploited by its northern neighbor for nearly half a millennium (circa 1500–1000 B.C.). 8Yam 7The Xiongnu Empire 5Yuezhi.

A giant mystery: 18 strange giant skeletons found in Wisconsin: Sons of god; Men of renown -- Secret History. Here's one for your "Forbidden Archaeology" file.Scientists are remaining stubbornly silent about a lost race of giants found in burial mounds near Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, in May 1912. The dig site at Lake Delavan was overseen by Beloit College and it included more than 200 effigy mounds that proved to be classic examples of 8th century Woodland Culture. But the enormous size of the skeletons and elongated skulls found in May 1912 did not fit very neatly into anyone's concept of a textbook standard. They were enormous.

These were not average human beings. Strange Skulls First reported in the 4 May 1912 issue of the New York Times the 18 skeletons found by the Peterson brothers on Lake Lawn Farm in southwest Wisconsin exhibited several strange and freakish features. Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their skulls "presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day.

" Over 200 Giant digs have been found in recent years. Sources: Noah's Ark Discovered -- again. Listen to this page in audio (MP3) by Dan Eden for viewzone Why is this not a BIG story? I'm often amazed at our lack of knowledge about history. Ordinary people are hungry for this information, yet the organizations responsible to disseminate these facts seem to have an agenda to keep us in the dark. This is especially true when it comes to our ancient human history. I won't hold you in suspense with this article: The Ark of Noah has been found.

How it was discovered In 1959, Turkish army captain Llhan Durupinar discovered an unusual shape while examining aerial photographs of his country. This mountainous land was originally part of the Kingdom of Armenia, a country that is thousands of years old and often considered the "first Christian nation", until the Turks took it over at the beginning of the 20th Century. Capt.

In 1960 the picture [above] was published in LIFE magazine under the heading of Noahs Ark? Most of the global media turned away from the find and it became a non-story. Flood myth. "The Deluge", frontispiece to Gustave Doré's illustrated edition of the Bible. Based on the story of Noah's Ark, this shows humans and a tiger doomed by the flood futilely attempting to save their children and cubs.

A flood myth or deluge myth is a symbolic narrative in which a great flood is sent by a deity, or deities, to destroy civilization in an act of divine retribution. Parallels are often drawn between the flood waters of these myths and the primeval waters found in certain creation myths, as the flood waters are described as a measure for the cleansing of humanity, in preparation for rebirth. Mythologies[edit] The Mesopotamian flood stories concern the epics of Ziusudra, Gilgamesh, and Atrahasis. In the Genesis flood narrative, Yahweh decides to flood the earth because of the depth of the sinful state of mankind. Claims of historicity[edit] Nanabozho in Ojibwe flood story from an illustration by R.C. See also[edit] References[edit] Jump up ^ Leeming, David (2004). The Official Graham Hancock Website: Forum. By Jim Alison Just as every point along the equator is 6,215 miles from both the North and South Poles, every point along the line of ancient sites is 6,215 miles from two axis points on Earth.

The axis point in the Northern Hemisphere is near the Southeastern coast of Alaska, at 59° 42' N 139° 17' W, 25 miles Northeast of Yakutat, Alaska The North and South Poles have not always been in their present locations. Several theories have been offered to explain observed and suspected movements of the poles in relation to the surface of the Earth. Charles Hapgood advocated the Earth crust displacement theory in a book entitled The Path of the Poles.

This is about 250 miles Northeast of the axis point for the line of ancient sites at 59° 42' N 139° 17' W. If 59° 42' N 139° 17' W was the location of the North Pole, then the line of ancient sites would have been the equator at that time. Edgar Cayce's Prophecy Comes True: Hall of Records Discovered. (Before It's News) Rumors are circulating throughout the world recently with the supposed discovery of one of the legendary Hall of Records in Egypt. The Egyptian government along with recently retired Zahi Hawass who ran the Egyptian Antiquities Department have adamantly denied these claims saying that no such building or chamber has been found. However, many researchers and even some archaeologists are saying that the chamber was indeed found but has been covered up due to the contents inside and what it would mean to both our understanding of history and Ancient Egypt’s history. According to legend and the reknowned psychic Edgar Cayce, the Hall of Records are composed of three chambers spread throughout the world that contain the missing history of the lost continent of Atlantis along with the missing history of the human race.

So, why would Egypt hide the Hall of Records? Where is the evidence for the finding of the Hall of Records in Egypt? In Photos: Lost Prehistoric Code Found in Mesopotamia. The Mysterious Aboriginal Rock Art of the Wandjinas – Extraterrestrial or Not. One of the most intriguing and perplexing legends of the Australian Aboriginal people is that of the Wandjinas, the supreme spirit beings and creators of the land and people. The land of the Wandjina is a vast area of about 200,000 square kilometres of lands, waters, sea and islands in the Kimberley region of north-western Australia with continuous culture dating back at least 60,000 years but probably much older. Here, traditional Aboriginal law and culture are still active and alive. The Worora, Ngarinyin and Wunumbul people are the three Wandjina tribes – these tribal groups are the custodians of the oldest known figurative art which is scattered throughout the Kimberley.

Perhaps what is most interesting about their figurative art painted on rocks and in caves is the way in which they have represented the Wandjinas - white faces, devoid of a mouth, large black eyes, and a head surrounded by a halo or some type of helmet. By April Holloway Related Links. The 1909 Discovery & Cover Up – Egyptian Artifacts Found in Grand Canyon Cave. The latest news of the progress of the explorations of what is now regarded by scientists as not only the oldest archaeological discovery in the United States, but one of the most valuable in the world, which was mentioned some time ago in the Gazette, was brought to the city yesterday by G.E.

Kinkaid, the explorer who found the great underground citadel of the Grand Canyon during a trip from Green River, Wyoming, down the Colorado, in a wooden boat, to Yuma, several months ago. According to the story related to the Gazette by Mr. Kinkaid, the archaeologists of the Smithsonian Institute, which is financing the expeditions, have made discoveries which almost conclusively prove that the race which inhabited this mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, was of oriental origin, possibly from Egypt, tracing back to Ramses. A Thorough Examination Under the direction of Prof. Mr. Mr. "First, I would impress that the cavern is nearly inaccessible. The Passages The Shrine The Crypt. The Monumental Baalbek – The largest building blocks on Earth. In Lebanon, at an altitude of approximately 1,170 meters in Beqaa valley stands the famous Baalbek or known in Roman times as Heliopolis. Baalbek is an ancient site that has been used since the Bronze Age with a history of at least 9,000 years, according to evidence found during the German archaeological expedition in 1898.

Baalbek was an ancient Phoenician city that was named by the name of the sky God Baal. The name ‘Baal’ in the Phoenician language meant ‘lord’ or ‘god’. Legends abound around Baalbek with some of them mentioning that Baalbek was the place where Baal first arrived on Earth and thus ancient alien theorists suggest that the initial building was probably built as a platform to be used for sky God Baal to ‘land’ and ‘take off’.

Part of this suggestion is because Heliopolis was built on a massive platform that probably was built in pre-roman times for the initial temple or city of Baal - Baalbek. The quarry that was used was situated about ¼ mile away from the area. Human - Was there a giant red-haired race in North America? - Skeptics Stack Exchange. The other day, I saw a show on the History channel about "giant skeletons" being found in North America. It also said that, for some reason, these findings have been hidden from people, maybe due to them being hoaxes or something else.

According to the new illuminati blog they have found 12ft (3.65m) skeletons. A lot of these skeletons have been found in Nevada. There is another documented case in Texas. Other sources state that there's been a finding with several bodies together: The Ooparts Collection: There Were Giants in Those Days: A mound near Toledo, Ohio, held 20 skeletons, seated and facing east with jaws and teeth "twice as large as those of present day people," and besides each was a large bowl with "curiously wrought hieroglyphic figures.

" and Urban Titan: 5 Most Mysterious Ancient Discoveries: In 1895 in Toledo, Ohio 20 giant skeletons were found seated with jaws and teeth twice as large as a normal skeleton’s. Mankind’s Cradle of Civilisation Found in Java? By FRANK JOSEPH— “Men fear time,” the old saying used to go, “but time fears the Sphinx.” That famous statue and Egypt’s Great Pyramid before which it has reclined for thousands of years have been long regarded as the most ancient monumental structures on Earth. Indeed, their late 20th century reappraisals indicated that they were even older than suspected. Beginning in 1974, a medical physicist and colleague of Albert Einstein, Kurt Mendelssohn, showed that the Great Pyramid was not the 2560 BCE tomb of some vainglorious king described by mainstream scholars.1 Instead, the “Mountain of Ra” was raised nearly six centuries earlier, at the very outset of Pharaonic Civilisation, as a massive public works project to unify the numerous, divisive tribes of the Nile Delta in the common cause of its construction.

As recently as 2009, these extreme chronological disclosures were radically eclipsed by radiocarbon testing of a monumental ceremonial centre in southern Turkey. ‘Musical’ Rocks Footnotes. National.Geographic.Lost.Civilization.PDTV.XviD.AC3.malikron7. Ancient Egypt and The Alternative Story of Mankind's Origins (Full Documentary) Hidden Italy: The Forbidden Cyclopean Ruins (Of Giants From Atlantis?) Was the ancient land of Italy once inhabited by giants? Miles of prehistoric polygonal stone walls still survive scattered across Italy―ancient ruins so stunningly unique, bizarre, and futuristic that scholars, historians, and philosophers once believed they were built by a now-extinct race of giant human beings called the “Cyclopes.”

Very little is known about these prehistoric builders and their strange megalithic masterpieces. Their building technique resembles that of the Incas/pre-Incas of Peru: enormous stones cut into interlocking angles, placed without mortar. As in Peru, the stones have withstood centuries of abandonment and quarrying by later civilizations like the Etruscans and Romans. Sadly, modern scholars ignore these ruins while the wider world is oblivious to their existence. Prehistoric Cyclopean door of Civitavecchia di Arpino made with megalithic stones. These ancient Cyclopean ruins are not in Italy, but in neighboring Greece (Tiryns). space San Felice Circeo Assini. Out Of Place Artifact -Forbidden Archaeology, Anomalous Artifacts, Michael Cremo. 300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia, Experts Say Aluminum Gear Not The Result Of Natural Forces, May Be Extraterrestrial | Beyond Science.

(Before It's News) Photo credit: The Voice of Russia and other Russian sources are reporting that a 300 million year old piece of aluminum machinery has been found in Vladivostok. Experts say a gear rail appears to be manufactured and not the result of natural forces. According to Yulia Zamanskaya, when a resident of Vladivostok was lighting the fire during a cold winter evening, he found a rail-shaped metal detail which was pressed in one of the pieces of coal that the man used to heat his home. Mesmerized by his discovery, the responsible citizen decided to seek help from the scientists of Primorye region. After the metal object was studied by the leading experts the man was shocked to learn about the assumed age of his discovery. The find was very much like a toothed metal rail, created artificially. Credit: joy4mind Nowadays, finding a strange artifact in coal is a relatively frequent occurrence. The find is very much like a toothed metal rail, created artificially.

Giant skeletons unearthed in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Sickness. Proof Of Time Travel: A Temporal Tour. White Native Americans - Where the first Americans Whites? Nuclear Events in Ancient India? The Archons—Alien Intrusion. 5000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovered In Afganistan. Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary. The Revelation of the Pyramids.

SUPPRESSED: New Evidence of Early Man. 1,000-Year-Old Mass Grave Of Elongated Skulls Found In Mexico. Secret Maps Of The Ancient World: Our Earth Before The Last Pole Shift? | Unexplained Phenomena. Ancient Peruvian Skulls Found in Florida Backyard. Florida Mississippian Period | World’s Oldest Toy Car (7500 years ago) « Believe nothing.

Who were the red-haired giants of early North America? Hollow Earth Evidence - Soviet Mir Space Station Video... | Morning Liberty Radio Program. Sapelo Shell Rings: An ancient NativeAmerican civilization in Georgia | Ooparts & Ancient High Technology--Evidence of Noah's Flood? Art, Literature and History Crawling with Dinosaurs. Strange Fibers Inside The Bone Of The Starchild Skull. First Tongue: An early global language. Top 10 Lesser Known Mysteries. The Mystery of Viracocha in the Ancient Americas | Otherworld Mystery. Richard Cassaro » Research. Untitled Document. The Mysterious Tarim Mummies. Gallery of mystery. The Yosemite Mummies | | Greater AncestorsGreater Ancestors.

Amazing Metropolis Discovered in Africa is 200,000 years old! Ancient Civilizations. Embedded Anomalies, by Patrick Cooke. Starseeds and Our Human Origins. Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin (FULL) The Stairway to Heaven. Doctor George Merkl - Anunnaki. The Study In Spiritual Science | Archeology, Ancient Texts, Folklore, Mythology, and how it does indeed relate back to the Spiritual realm.

Be Prepared For 2012 - The Annunaki Taught The Summerians. Digital Dead Sea Scrolls.

9/11 Conspiracy

Video. 12,000 Years Old Unexplained Structure Video. The Ancient Maya and their origins. Unslaved Media - New Giant Skulls Found! (Powered by ClipBucket) The Piri Re‘is map of 1513. 8 Conspiracy Theories That Make the Reptilians Seem Normal. UFO Documents Index. 12,000 Years Old Unexplained Structure. Deadly time vortex appears over Antarctica. Top 10 Mysteries Surrounding Ancient Aliens. When Earth's Human Population Was 18,500! Japan's Mysterious Pyramids (Yonaguni) - FULL VERSION History Channel Documentary. "Dinosaur and Human Tracks Found Together, Page 3"

Ley-lines. Göbekli Tepe Archeology. The Ancient and Mysterious Gobekli Tepe | Historic Mysteries. There Were Giants Upon the Earth. God's Wife Edited Out of the Bible -- Almost. Ziggurat of Ur-Nammu: Most Intriguing Mysteries of Lost Civilizations. Video. Video. Lost World under the North Sea. Ancient underwater cities being found that are 10,000 years old. Top 10 Civilizations That Mysteriously Disappeared.

Vimanas: Ancient Indian Flying Machines, UFOs, or Sanskrit Sci-fi? Video. The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla - HAARP, Chemtrails and The Secret of Alternative 4. Ancient City Found in India, Irradiated from Atomic Blast. UFOs & Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. When the Sea Saved Humanity. Ancient Art Work and UFOS - Petroglyphs Part 4 - The Bible UFO Connection. Atlantis or Someone Else? How Old is the Sphinx? | Historic Mysteries. Researchers Discover New Lineage of Ancient Human. Who Built Great Pyramid? - Hall of Gods.

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Mystery at Abydos - Hall of Gods.