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Migration und Enteignung, Kommunismus, überwachte Geldflüsse

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Das »NEUE TESTAMENT SATANS« der bayerischen Illuminaten. UNO Agenda 2030 Ziel 10. (Migration, Lohndumping, Verteilung, Überwachung der Geldflüsse) Replacement Migration. Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

Replacement Migration

United Nations projections indicate that over the next 50 years, the populations of virtually all countries of Europe as well as Japan will face population decline and population ageing. The new challenges of declining and ageing populations will require comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration. Focusing on these two striking and critical population trends, the report considers replacement migration for eight low-fertility countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and United States) and two regions (Europe and the European Union). Replacement migration refers to the international migration that a country would need to offset population decline and population ageing resulting from low fertility and mortality rates.

The following documents are in PDF format. Bevoelkerung austausch. Agenda 21 - Replacement Migration - United Nations. Eva Herman zu UN-Studie: Bevölkerungsaustausch durch Flüchtlinge? REPLACEMENT MIGRATION BORN HERE MOVED ACROSS THE PLANET.

Masseneinwanderung und Islam

Lohndumping - Deutschland schadet EU-Nachbarn. Lohndumping: das Ende der bezahlten Arbeitszeit. Lohndumping durch Migration - 14.09.2015. IM Daniel Cohn-Bendit erklärt wie es laufen wird.