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[ Radar ] 2016 June-August-Sept-Oct

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Fear of a Feminist Future. America under Donald Trump would be a safe space for the most abject anti-feminists. / thierry ehrmann To imagine the future is a political practice, which means that it’s both strangely awful and awfully strange.

Fear of a Feminist Future

In 1990, a team of scientists and researchers was given the task of mapping far-future scenarios for the disposal of nuclear waste. Their dilemma: how to design a warning system to make sure humans in twenty centuries’ time don’t dig in the wrong place and kill the world. As part of the report, a group of academics—all men—came up with a set of “generic scenarios” for how these future humans might live.

Their most terrifying scenario? bloqué pour apologie du terrorisme suite à une « erreur humaine » d’Orange. NKM, la singulière. Récupération des stations de métro abandonnées à Paris. Home - Australian Centre for Financial Studies. ACBC Report English Full version FINAL WEB VERSION. Les historiens hurlent, Lorànt Deutsch cartonne. Les historiens hurlent, Lorànt Deutsch cartonne. What's really going wrong with electricity. The extreme weather conditions and 80,000 lightning strikes that thrust South Australia into darkness last week was extraordinary enough; the disingenuous debate it sparked about Australia's changing energy system has been something else again.

What's really going wrong with electricity

At the heart of the issue - as Malcolm Turnbull has identified - is ideology. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister's words on the subject would have had more power had he not allowed himself to be seen as an ideological player. After noting the blackout was the result of a storm, he whacked Labor-led states for setting "extremely aggressive, extremely unrealistic" clean energy targets rather than merely sticking to what should be his central point: that an inevitable change is under way in the electricity system. The only real questions are: are we managing it well? If not, how do we to fix that? A “Quick Perspective” on the Scale of the Manmade and Natural Marvels That Surround Us. If the Willis Tower (1,729 ft) was placed into Russia’s Mir Mine, the tip would only stick out 7 feet past ground level.

A “Quick Perspective” on the Scale of the Manmade and Natural Marvels That Surround Us

(All images via Kevin Wisbeth) College student Kevin Wisbeth, creator of the Youtube series “A Quick Perspective,” puts size in layman’s terms for those who might not be able to conceptualize the true width of a B-2 Bomber’s wings, or understand the immense depth of Russia’s largest mine. Wisbeth digitally composes manmade structures and natural wonders to put into context each of their sizes, seamlessly fitting the world’s largest oil tanker into New York’s Central Park and hovering the M-1 Rocket motor just above a Smart Car. Qantas, Airbnb tie-up as airlines turn to sharing economy for loyalty boost. Qantas' partnership with Airbnb is a win for its frequent-flyer members who are fans of the online accommodation service but it has annoyed its traditional hotel partners in the process.

Qantas, Airbnb tie-up as airlines turn to sharing economy for loyalty boost

Airlines have long had strong alliances with traditional hotels, offering frequent-flyer members the chance to earn points when they book with certain providers. After almost a year of talks Qantas has teamed up with Airbnb, which means the airline's 11.4 million frequent-flyer members can earn one point for every dollar they spend with the online accommodation giant. Le prix moyen d’un burger en France est de 11,58 euros. Eliane Viennot : accueil. Penser l'émancipation Paris. « Crétin » : Mathilde Larrère, historienne et snipeuse sur Twitter. Australia worse than NZ for housing debt. Australia faces debt levels higher than those which prompted the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to issue a warning about a major price correction.

Australia worse than NZ for housing debt

The RBNZ in its annual report on Thursday warned that a severe housing correction would pose substantial risks for financial system stability and the broader economy. "The banks are heavily exposed to housing, with mortgages making up around 55 per cent of their total assets. The Project's Waleed Aly makes sense of complex issues. It’s political commentary as entertainment, but it’s reaching young people in a way that a lot of other things and people don’t. – Ben Oquist He is not afraid to stand up and say publicly what we’re all thinking.

The Project's Waleed Aly makes sense of complex issues

He’s not afraid to call out bad behaviour. – Nicola Wakefield Evans Photo: Simon Schleuter Waleed Aly. Négationnisme économique: quand la «science» pète les plombs. The Mr. Robot Hack Report: Bitcoin burglary and self-destructing hardware - The Verge. ‘Mr. Robot’ Drags Bitcoin Into Its Dystopian Nightmare. Warning: This post contains spoilers about “Mr.

‘Mr. Robot’ Drags Bitcoin Into Its Dystopian Nightmare

Robot” season 2. For most of its two seasons, “Mr. Hommage à David Pujadas et Léa Salamé, journalistes intransigeants. Comment le lobby du sucre a fait croire depuis 50 ans que le seul ennemi, c'était le gras. La Suède est-elle en train de créer une génération de petits cons? The Act of Killing. The Act of Killing won best documentary at the 67th BAFTA awards.

The Act of Killing

In accepting the award, Oppenheimer asserted that the United States and the United Kingdom have "collective responsibility" for "participating in and ignoring" the crimes,[6] which was omitted from the video BAFTA posted online.[7] After a screening for US Congress members, Oppenheimer demanded that the US acknowledge its role in the killings.[8] The Indonesian government has responded negatively to the film. PAAMCO's Jane Buchan says rates will move faster than arrogant traders realise. One of the world's most respected hedge fund investors has a warning to traders who believe they can get out of the way before the bond market turns: "arrogance kills".

PAAMCO's Jane Buchan says rates will move faster than arrogant traders realise

Having lived through the 1994 bond market crash, Jane Buchan, the chief executive of $US9 billion hedge fund of funds PAAMCO, says "rates can move much faster than people think". "When rates stay where they are [for an extended period] it breeds complacency and people think they are smart enough to trade out," Ms Buchan told The Australian Financial Review. Emmys 2016: Game of Thrones' Battle of the Bastards win has special effect on Australian team. Winding up the Window: the end of the Australian Auto Industry. Les imams du socialisme” de Damir Nikšić. Damir Nikšić. Comprendre l’idéologie – Medium. I created the burkini to give women freedom, not to take it away. When I invented the burkini in early 2004, it was to give women freedom, not to take it away.

I created the burkini to give women freedom, not to take it away

My niece wanted to play netball but it was a bit of a struggle to get her in the team – she was wearing a hijab. My sister had to fight for her daughter to play, had to debate the issue and ask, why is this girl prevented from playing netball because of her modesty? Les ventes de burkini ont été dopées par le débat français. The best piece of advice Fishburners CEO Murray Hurps has ever received - StartupSmart. Murray Hurps launched his first startup when he was 16, and has spent the next 16 years running companies and supporting other tech ventures.

After co-founding the national startup survey Startup Muster four years ago, he took over as CEO of Australia’s largest startup hub Fishburners two years ago. According to Blackbird VC co-founder Niki Scevak, Hurps is one of the most important players in the Australian startup community. RBA loses credibility as housing boom continues. Australia's booming housing market has once again head-faked the central bank, which is losing credibility every time it cuts on claims the world's dearest residential property prices are nothing to worry about. In rationalising its decision to reduce the cash rate to 1.5 per cent in August, the Reserve Bank of Australia alleged that "the likelihood of lower interest rates exacerbating risks in the housing market has diminished". Yet auction clearance rates in our two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, which account for 47 per cent of the metro population, have subsequently risen back to boom-time levels.

CoreLogic reports that 86.4 per cent of Sydney auctions on the weekend resulted in a sale, which is 10 percentage points higher than the equivalent clearance rate 12 months ago and just shy of the 89.7 per cent record set in May last year. In Melbourne, 76.1 per cent of auctions saw a sale, besting the 74.3 per cent clearance rate in the same week last year. Pokemon Gone: Nintendo shares dive as it reveals there's no profit in this craze. By Tim Culpan Nintendo's Pokemon Go profits are about as real as Pikachu. The company's late Friday revelation that the global craze for chasing imaginary creatures with a smartphone won't be a huge earnings driver confirms what many had suspected, but which the stock had not yet reflected. That changed on Monday with Nintendo falling by its 18 per cent limit in early Tokyo trading.

The plunge left the shares 73 per cent higher than a month ago, before Pokemon Go was unleashed. Letter of Resignation from the Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission — NewCo Shift. Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour on the rise of terrorism and hate speech. Australians have a right to be fearful about the rise of terrorism, Australia Post chief executive Ahmed Fahour says, but banning Muslim immigration is not the solution.

Asked about his concern over the state of discourse following calls to ban Muslim immigration by individuals including US Republican nominee for president Donald Trump, One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, and Australian television personality Sonia Kruger, Mr Fahour said he understood why people were worried. Loaded: 0% The jobs we'll lose to machines — and the ones we won't. Australian technology entrepreneur Anthony Goldbloom has a warning for accountants, lawyers and radiologists: your jobs will be taken over by machines. In a TED talk launched online last week and quickly viewed by 350,000 people, the founder of San Francisco-based data scientist platform Kaggle suggests a simple test if you've ever wondered if your job is vulnerable to digital disruption.

"To what extent is that job reducible to frequent high-volume tasks and to what extent does it involve tackling novel situations? " Mr Goldbloom asked in his address, titled The jobs we'll lose to machines — and the ones we won't. Rio 2016: Kyle Chalmers, sprinteur pressé. The Nauru files are raw evidence of torture. Can we look away? The Nauru files: cache of 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention. Apple says Australia's banks pose a security threat to iPhones. « Pokémon Go » : les multiples facteurs des inégalités géographiques. Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private.

Experience is Overrated. Hillary Clinton needs to wake up. Trump is stealing the voters she takes for granted. Special: United States of Trump - How Donald Trump Took Over the Republican Party. Les banksters saignent le système monétaire en Italie et ailleurs. La banque Monte Paschi s’envole en Bourse, portée par l’espoir d’un plan de sauvetage alternatif. IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro led to immolation of Greece. SFR pourrait supprimer un tiers de ses effectifs d'ici à 2019 : 5000 postes menacés. « Ahmadinejad, mon héros », par Serge Halimi (Le Monde diplomatique, août 2016)

Terrorisme : la droite, toujours plus loin dans l'irresponsabilité. Italy’s banks worrying investors ahead of EBA stress test results. Let Europe Pay for Italy’s Bank Bailout. Vicenza: dark heart of Italy's banking crisis where locals have lost millions. MON HUMOUR FASCINANT — C’est dur de faire marrer les cons. Naloxone Eases Pain of Heroin Epidemic, but Not Without Consequences. Hillary Clinton’s Convention: Day 2. Nocookies. A recipe book brings to life one of the world’s most isolated regions — Quartz. Northern Territory incarceration rates rose 56% over the past decade.

Comment renouer avec les émotions humaines ? Cynthia Fleury : “Aimer, c’est politique” La deuxième chance des meilleurs bacheliers. Trump’s Boswell Speaks. A Shrinking World Spurs Calls to Rewrite the Tax Guidebook. « Daesh nous empêche de voir que la question majeure est politique » par Pauline Graulle. History tells us what will happen next with Brexit & Trump. Donald Trump’s nomination is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid. Les communs, une nouvelle voie révolutionnaire ? - Léa Gasquet. Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and the death of democracy. IsoHunt launches unofficial KAT mirror. Taking down KickAss and Pirate Bay will achieve nothing. How Turkey's two hunters became the hunted. The Big Split: the Differences That Led Erdogan and the Gulen Movement to Part Ways. Turquie : Erdogan en difficulté face à Gülen.

La stratégie de la mouche: pourquoi le terrorisme est-il efficace ? Yuval Noah Harari: the theatre of terror. More lenders hit the brakes on housing. « Il faut être clair : un monde a pris fin, il n’y aura pas de retour en arrière. Meurtres de masse de Nice : made in America ou made in Daech ? Pourquoi la ''bisexualité'' du tueur de Nice est primordiale. In Turkey's judicial overhaul, Erdogan's critics see payback time. How Flipping The Script Helped Keep Young Muslims From Joining ISIS. Un camion contre des poussettes. Brexit : post-référendum, oligarchie triste, par Frédéric Lordon (Les blogs du Diplo, 6 juillet 2016) Election 2016: Malcolm Turnbull claims victory after Bill Shorten concedes defeat. Une option sur la voiture autonome pour savoir qui tuer en priorité ? - Politique. Why Washington’s most powerful women are wearing this jacket. Currency Traders Face 3 a.m. Singapore Start for Brexit Results.

Un drone révèle l’écart extrême entre riches et pauvres en Afrique du Sud. Medibank and NIB spruiking some of the worst 'junk' private health insurance policies. Groups & Schedule - Euro 2016 - Football - BBC Sport. Australia's newest landlord: Chinese investor groups. Daniel Schneidermann : "Il y a deux types de censure dans les médias" -

Cheaper oil: Winners and losers. LinkedIn CEO: Here’s Why I Sold the Company to Microsoft. Westpac invests in SME online loan broker Valiant Finance. Explicit cookie consent.