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« Le duel Trump-Clinton passera sans doute à la postérité comme la campagne qui a ébranlé la démocratie » Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton on the economy, gun control, immigration and Russia - The i newspaper online iNews. The battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been heavily based on spectacle, without much reasoned debate.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton on the economy, gun control, immigration and Russia - The i newspaper online iNews

But the US President has to do more than convince people they’ve won a row – they need to govern a country with the world’s biggest economy and plenty of problems. Here’s what their actual policies are on everything from gun control to Israel and Palestine. The economy and jobs Hillary Clinton: Clinton proposes higher taxes on the wealthy and a range of major, government-led infrastructure programmes to give the economy a shot in the arm. The 2016 Election Turned the Politics of Foreign Policy on Its Head. In the 2016 presidential election, one candidate is advocating a forceful U.S. foreign policy, strengthening international alliances, confronting Russia, and stopping the spread of nuclear weapons.

The 2016 Election Turned the Politics of Foreign Policy on Its Head

And the other candidate is the Republican. This year’s contest has upended the politics of U.S. foreign policy more dramatically than any in recent memory. The gender gap in presidential voting: A closer look. Hillary Clinton is now officially the first woman to top the ticket of a major U.S. political party.

The gender gap in presidential voting: A closer look

Her candidacy and controversial comments about women made by Donald Trump have raised the question of whether a long-standing gender gap in American politics could grow wider in 2016. In the 1972 and 1976 elections, there was no difference in candidate support between men and women. How the world views the US elections, from Israel to North Korea. Russia Russia has played an unexpectedly prominent role in this year’s US election, although the extent of the Kremlin’s involvement in hacking Democratic servers and the WikiLeaks disclosures will probably never be known.

How the world views the US elections, from Israel to North Korea

What is clear is that Moscow has enjoyed making trouble. Vladimir Putin has a personal dislike of Hillary Clinton going back to her time as secretary of state, while Trump fits perfectly into the mould of “chaos candidates” that Russia has supported in other western countries. Trump-Clinton : Le FBI rebat les cartes. For Clinton and Trump, There’s Little Debating a Climate Change Divide. This lack of attention might lead some observers to conclude that Americans are unconcerned about climate change, but some surveys tell another story.

For Clinton and Trump, There’s Little Debating a Climate Change Divide

Most Americans say they are interested in climate change, but they just do not hear much about it. In some ways, this presidential election cycle has brought climate change closer to the forefront than any previous election, and the two campaigns could not provide a more stark contrast. Présidentielle américaine : la presse vote massivement pour Hillary Clinton. How Hillary Clinton will govern. Hillary Clinton is rated by betting markets about a 90 per cent chance of winning the US presidential election, so it's time to contemplate: "What sort of leader will she be?

How Hillary Clinton will govern

" The answer to that question will be crucially shaped by the composition of the new Congress from 2017. Who controls the Senate and House of Representatives, and by what margin, will influence how Clinton governs. The emboldened left Democratic base led by senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will be urging bigger government, higher taxes and more regulation. Présidentielle américaine, J – 22 : les dissensions se multiplient au sein du Parti républicain. Why Putin fears a Clinton presidency (opinion) Evidence is growing that Russia is actively working to undermine Clinton's presidential prospects.

Why Putin fears a Clinton presidency (opinion)

When hackers released the emails of the Democratic National Committee just hours before the Democratic National Convention, internet security specialists found the fingerprints of Russian agencies. Then came the latest hacks of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The US government has now formally accused Russia of interfering in the US elections, and every instance of interference so far is clearly aimed at harming the Democratic candidate. It's easy to see why Putin fears Clinton.

How will educational status affect the US election result? The longer an American has stayed in school, the more likely he or she is to register to vote and to cast a ballot on election day.

How will educational status affect the US election result?

At one extreme, in the 2012 presidential election just 21.6% of adults who left school before ninth grade voted. At the other, according to statistics from the Census Bureau, 74.7% of adults who had an advanced degree voted. Though the precise numbers may not be known, observers are aware of the link between education and voting – it’s one of the clearest correlations in political behavior research. US Elections 2016: The View From Africa – Analysis – Eurasia Review. By Chelsea Markowitz This year, an elevated level of press has surrounded the upcoming US general elections on 8 November, primarily because of the erratic and often offensive statements made by businessman and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

US Elections 2016: The View From Africa – Analysis – Eurasia Review

This past week, a tape from 2005 surfaced revealing Trump speaking vulgarly about women, and it has now even begun to alienate his own party support. For Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton, the revelations over her private email server while she was still Secretary of State, and the allegations that certain countries received high-level access to her by making donations to the Clinton Foundation, have also added to the media hype. This year’s elections have come down to the wire, with polls showing both candidates neck and neck, making ‘swing states’, which historically have switched between voting Democrat and Republican, crucially important. First Debates: Implications for Africa. Election américaine : un premier débat agité entre Donald Trump et Hillary Clinton.

Economic issues in the presidential election. David Wessel, senior fellow and director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy, looks at Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s different approaches to policy issues including taxes, family leave, and trade.

Economic issues in the presidential election

“Hilary Clinton believes that the gap between the rich and poor, between the winners and losers in our economy has gotten too big and she wants to use the tax system to reduce that inequality, not eliminate it but restrain what the market is doing to produce this big inequality gap,” Wessel says. “Donald Trump doesn’t seem to think that’s very important; his tax policy… would actually widen the gap between rich and poor.” Also in this episode, John Hudak, deputy director of the Center for Effective Public Management and a senior fellow in Governance Studies, provides a general election update and discusses the upcoming first presidential debate.

Show notes: Why Trump Is the Islamic State’s Dream Candidate. Author: Max Boot, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies September 19, 2016 Every time there is a terrorist attack attributed to Muslim extremists anywhere in the world, Donald Trump will rush forward to claim, as he did after an Easter bombing in Pakistan, that he alone can solve the problem of radical Islamic terrorism.

Who supports Donald Trump? The new Republican center of gravity. Republicans who want to have it both ways by supporting the party's presidential nominee while refusing to specifically endorse Trump. Support the nominee “Conservatives must unite to support the presumptive GOP nominee and prevent the Constitution from being destroyed by Hillary.” 3 May 2016 Support the nominee 5 May 2016 Ralph Abraham. Trump et l'électorat populaire blanc. US election: Do presidential debates really matter? The anticipation is huge. The audience will be massive and the build-up has been relentless. But the reality is American presidential debates are rarely the "game changers" the pundits and supporters hope they will be.

This time we're told it's different. There are so many new dynamics on the state. There is the man v woman contest. L’Amérique tentée par un virage protectionniste, Etats Unis. US elections and the media: How did we get here? In this special edition of The Listening Post from New York City we explore how a lack of regulation and absence of a strong public broadcaster in America has affected the coverage of US politics. As the 2016 presidential election campaign heads into the home stretch, many Americans are accusing their news outlets, particularly on the broadcast side, of not just reporting on the race for the White House - but actually affecting the outcome, through their commercial agendas, prioritising ratings and revenues over journalism and responsible reporting. So how did we get here? Measuring the totality of media coverage over the entire presidential campaign - the content, the tone, the ideology - is near impossible.

But what we can do is examine structural issues in the broadcasting landscape that are unique to the United States. First, America's regulatory requirement for editorial fairness is almost non existent. Russian hacking of the US election is the most extreme case of how the internet is changing our politics. Ever since the internet went mainstream in the 1990s people wondered about how it would affect democratic politics. In seeking an answer to the question, we made the mistake that people have traditionally made when thinking about new communications technology: we overestimated the short-term impacts while grievously underestimating the longer-term ones.

The first-order effects appeared in 2004 when Howard Dean, then governor of Vermont, entered the Democratic primaries to seek the party’s nomination for president. What made his campaign distinctive was that he used the internet for fundraising. Instead of the traditional method of tapping wealthy donors, Dean and his online guru, Larry Biddle, turned to the internet and raised about $50m, mostly in the form of small individual donations from 350,000 supporters. By the standards of the time, it was an eye-opening achievement.

La santé des candidats, nouvel enjeu de la campagne présidentielle américaine. Réseaux sociaux. Facebook conforte les électeurs américains dans leurs préférences politiques. Présidentielle américaine, J – 49 : Trump rattrape son retard, malgré les opinions négatives. Comment Bernie Sanders a gauchisé la campagne de Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton et Donald Trump, toujours aussi mal aimés. Hillary Clinton, une candidate à la Maison Blanche pas si rassurante que ça. The Crazy Way Republicans Could Beat Donald Trump After Election Day. Cleveland, l’heure de vérité pour Donald Trump. Présidentielle américaine: « L'imprévisibilité de Donald Trump est probablement sa plus grande force » - 18/07. Présidentielle américaine, J-111 : la convention de Cleveland réduit au silence les anti-Trump.

Donald Trump's Candidacy Is a Threat to American Democracy. What the Ghosts of Candidates Past Can Tell Us About the General Election: Mapping America's Ideological Terrain, Part 2. Realist or neocon? Mixed messages in Trump advisor’s foreign policy vision. Is America Really Falling Apart or Do Republicans Just Say It Is? - U.S. Election 2016 - Haaretz - Israel News Many Americans shuddering at the thought of either President Trump or Clinton. Trump vs. Clinton: How Foreign Correspondents Explain the U.S. Election. Face à Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton veut rassembler les Etats-Unis. Donald Trump affirme que l'élection américaine sera truquée. 2016 Campaign: Strong Interest, Widespread Dissatisfaction. Where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton stand on economic issues. Only 9% of America Chose Trump and Clinton as the Nominees.

Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump: how the US election battle will be fought. Clinton et Trump s'écharpent sur la Russie et les musulmans. Hillary Clinton peut-elle perdre les élections américaines ? du 29 juillet 2016 - France Inter. The Sanders campaign is over. The political revolution is not. Etats-Unis: pourquoi Hillary Clinton est si impopulaire. Trump le narcisse abject ne veut pas gagner et ne sera pas élu  Donald Trump, Shifting Immigration Tone, Stresses a ‘Fair’ Approach. The New York Times Just Proved US Elections are Illegitimate. Clinton-Trump debate #1: What the data from social media tells us.

US elections and Koreans. In first debate, Clinton goes after the heart of Trump’s candidacy. How Donald Trump’s Campaign Has Affected Hillary Clinton’s Strategy — The Ringer. Bernie Sanders' "Revolution" Won't Change the Democratic Party the Way the Tea Party Changed the GOP. The US just formally accused Russia of interfering in the presidential election. Élection américaine : ce qu'en pensent les Chinois. Foreign Policy Questions to Ask Clinton and Trump at the Debate. Does Trump’s Rise Mean Liberalism’s End? Americans Are United … in Dissatisfaction with Their Choices: Analysis of the American Electorate at the Start of the 2016 General Election. United States would be a 'rogue superpower' under Trump, analysis says.