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AngularJS with Ruby on Rails: Zero to deployment in less than 10,000 words. Even the most basic Rails app requires additional configuration beyond simply running rails new.

AngularJS with Ruby on Rails: Zero to deployment in less than 10,000 words

For example, you may have certain gems you know you'll need from the start. An Angular application will need even more than that, and while the setup we're about to see can (and should) be automated with a rails app template, it's important to see these steps and understand why we're doing them. Our goal here is start from scratch and have an application that renders a view containing a piece of data provided by Angular. That will be sufficient for us to validate that we're moving in the right direction. The basic steps are: AngularJS with Ruby on Rails: Zero to deployment in less than 10,000 words. Bh · Bootstrap helpers. Must have gems for development machine in ruby on rails - Codebeerstartups.

Rubygems are best thing that happened in ruby on rails.

Must have gems for development machine in ruby on rails - Codebeerstartups

So today here is my list of gems in development group that helps to make things faster or sometimes bring simplicity to the development process What they do: better_errors: Better Errors replaces the standard Rails error page with a much better and more useful error page. It is also usable outside of Rails in any Rack app as Rack middleware. If you would like to use Better Errors’ advanced features (REPL, local/instance variable inspection, pretty stack frame names), you need to add the binding_of_caller annotate Will generate a schema of the model on the top of the model.

Bullet: The Bullet gem is designed to help you increase your application’s performance by reducing the number of queries it makes. Localtunnel Localtunnel lets you expose a local web server to the public Internet. 10 Free Ways of Learning Ruby Programming Language. I’ve to say it once again, there is no better time to learn programming than right now, this very moment.

10 Free Ways of Learning Ruby Programming Language

It’s growing very rapidly, and the demand for good programmers will continue to rise over the next two decades, until computer science is something that everyone knows about. You should be able to begin picking up the very basics rather quickly, by learning Ruby from these resources and platforms, but I think that I’ll be making another one of these in the coming days, to cover some free Ruby books that you can download and study – because, books do add a little bit more in-depth to the art you’re trying to master. By the way, quite a few of these resources are meant for learning Ruby on Rails directly, but you shouldn’t consider that as a bad thing.

You are going to end up learning about the framework one way or another. Ruby @ Codecademy Try Ruby You’ll get to see the basic syntax of the language, and how it all comes together.


Nbudin/devise_cas_authenticatable. Ruby: How to iterate "the right way" - Jerome's Adventures in Rubyland. You may be baffled by this quote if you come from a C-flavored language such as C++ and Java, where explicit loops like for and foreach are part of your everyday life.

Ruby: How to iterate "the right way" - Jerome's Adventures in Rubyland

Luckily, collection methods come built-in with Ruby. Once you realize how powerful they are compared to explicit loops, there is no going back! Each Let’s begin with the collection method that has the least added value.each is the equivalent of a for loop. Use it when you need to iterate on a collection with side effects. Hiravgandhi/angularjs-rails. GoRails - Short screencasts for Rails developers. Devise Two-Face Authentication. Book Review: Learning Devise For Rails December 29, 2013 Having been a Devise user and contributor for several years, I was happy to give the book Learning Devise For Rails a review.

Devise Two-Face Authentication

The functionality that Devise provides is one that just about every application requires. Most of the competing solutions aren't as robust or well tested and the only other option is to roll your own entirely. PR 017 – ActiveAdmin avec Philippe Creux. Philippe Creux.

PR 017 – ActiveAdmin avec Philippe Creux

Les 10 avantages de Ruby on Rails pour apprendre à bien coderGeek Me Up – Devenez Geek ! Posted on décembre 17, 2013.

Les 10 avantages de Ruby on Rails pour apprendre à bien coderGeek Me Up – Devenez Geek !

Alexander Shvets's Web Page. Introduction There are few libraries for automating deployment tasks in remote environment: All of them tend to be too complicated, especially for relatively simple tasks.

Alexander Shvets's Web Page

For example: capistrano is tailored for same set of commands executed over group of servers. If you want to create small script for executing code on unique server, you have to “respect” capistrano restrictions, e.g. create Capfile, config/deploy.rb etc.Chef is implemented as huge framework with servers and clients and only “chef-solo” is relevant to our conversation.Most of these libraries are rake-centric, so it’s difficult to reuse developed code in other applications. In most cases, deployment task can be done over ssh protocol. Du cache HTTP avec les ETag en rails. Notre article sur les caches http vous a expliqué comment fonctionnait le mécanisme de cache, et les échanges entre client et serveur associés.

Du cache HTTP avec les ETag en rails

Générer des PDF depuis votre application Rails. Dans la longue liste des fonctionnalités demandées lors du développement d’une application Rails il est parfois mentionné le fait de devoir générer des fichier PDF.

Générer des PDF depuis votre application Rails

Ceci est surtout vrai avec des sites e-commerce par exemple, où il faut générer des factures, des devis, des bons de commande… Dans cet article, nous allons donc voir comment générer ces fichiers et quels outils utiliser pour se simplifier la tâche car oui, comme pour presque toutes les fonctionnalités dans Rails, il y a une gem (même plusieurs) pour ça. Alexander Shvets's Web Page. What is it? Sometimes you have functionality that you want to expose as the service and access it from the browser. One of such examples is GemBox - you run simple web server that’s aware of your gems repository and you can see all installed gems inside the browser. Rails Tutorial · Devise with RSpec and Cucumber. Devise with RSpec and Cucumber Introduction Ruby on Rails tutorial showing how to create a Rails 3.2 application using Devise with RSpec and Cucumber. Devise provides ready-made authentication and user management. RSpec is a popular framework for unit testing.

Cucumber is used for integration testing and behavior driven development.


Purge or recreate a Ruby on Rails database. Rails Tutorial · Devise with RSpec and Cucumber. Ruby on rails - How to seed the production database using the Capistrano gem. Evrone/quiet_assets. Guard/guard-livereload. Guard/guard. Thoughtbot/high_voltage. Ubuntu - Installed Ruby 1.9.3 with RVM but command line doesn't show ruby -v. Must have gems for development machine in ruby on rails. Ruby ta première librairie. Je sais bien que ça te démange toi aussi de pisser du code. <troll>Et quoi de mieux que de faire du Ruby ? Fazibear/colorize. Un Wysiwyg bootstrap simple et efficace pour Rails. Technologie, Startup et Marketing. Geek Me Up - Devenez Geek !Geek Me Up – Devenez Geek ! Riding in Rails. Bonjour ! Irb. Construire une api cross domain avec Rails.

Understanding method lookup in Ruby 2.0. [Russian readers might prefer this translation by Kyrylo Silin] The introduction of prepend in Ruby 2.0 is a great opportunity to review how exactly Ruby deals with method calls. To understand method lookup it is imperative to master the class hierarchy in Ruby. I've peppered this article with many code examples; you'll need Ruby 1.9.2 or newer to run most of them yourself. There's one that uses prepend; it will only work in Ruby 2.0.0. Class hierarchy. Document all the things. We've just released documentator. documentator is like capistrano-af83, but for documentation.

The idea is the same: not to redo the same thing over and over again on each project. documentator has one primary goal: having better docs on our projects. Installation The rubygems way: Or with bundler, add it to your Gemfile: Vagrant et la virtualisation pour faciliter le développement. Si Vagrant vous intéresse, nous disposons également d’un tutoriel vidéo gratuit pour mettre en place votre première machine virtuelle avec vagrant. Lors du développement d’une application ou d’un site web, il vous est sans doute arrivé d’avoir un bug dans un environnement donné (production ou staging) que vous n’arriviez pas à reproduire en local, sur votre poste. Vagrant va vous permettre, via la virtualisation, d’avoir exactement le même environnement en développement que sur vos serveurs. Dans le cas présent, nous allons utiliser Vagrant pour le développement d’une application Rails. Qu’est ce que Vagrant ?

Vagrant est un outil permettant de créer des machines virtuelles pendant le développement de votre application afin d’obtenir l’environnement souhaité sans pour autant changer la configuration de votre machine. Strftimer - A Ruby strftime generator. Rails 4 Countdown to 2013. Ressouces utiles (indispensables ?) pour tout développeur Rails.

Ben hoskings. Since it’s ruby’s 20th birthday today, I thought I’d write about what we can expect in the imminent 2.0 release. Version 2.0 is a great release with a strong theme, and that’s convention—2.0 formalises useful conventions that us rubyists have grown to use, and it judiciously adds language features to address bad conventions. There are four big front-facing changes in 2.0—keyword arguments, refinements, lazy enumerables, and prependable modules. Here’s my take on all four, using lots of code samples from my RubyConf AU talk. I’ve also written up some of the lesser-known changes, which together with these make for a very promising release. Keyword arguments Keyword args are the perfect example of convention in 2.0.

Some have criticised the feature for not being a true named argument implementation, like python has. In ruby 2.0, this convention has a language-level version: def render(source, fmt: 'html') r = Renderer.for(fmt) r.render(source) end render(template, fmt: 'json') Monitor your systems using Monit on shared hosts non-root - Example with Rails3/Capistrano - Muriel's Tech Blog. Do you know Monit? You definitely should. This is a high-quality and mature Open Source project, very well documented, that can monitor all your system resources (global and process-based). It is lightweight, efficient, can take corrective actions (restart servers…), provides real-time web interface, sends alerts, and is so easy to install and to use. Freelance à l'autre bout du monde. By antho1404 • work • 22 Feb 2013. L'authenticity token dans ruby on rails. Some Ruby Learning Resources.


Version Badge for your RubyGems. Building Web Apps with Active Admin. We’ve been building a few web apps using Active Admin with great success. While Active Admin was primarily designed to create application back-ends, it is a great framework for building the customer facing part of Web Applications. Customize Active Admin with Factories & Components Active Admin layout can be customized using Factories. There are factories for the Title Bar, Navigation, Footer, etc. Rails 4. Managing Rails assets with Bower. Setup multiple servers easily with Chef. The easiest way to validate your emails !

Blog - Comment filtrer les robots qui spamment vos formulaires ? Gérer les vidéos de votre application Rails avec Youtube. Blog - Mais au fait, qu'est ce que Ruby On Rails ? RESTful best practices. Managing Rails Versions and Gems. Recommended Rails Resources. Installing Rails. Example applications · plataformatec/devise Wiki. Defining Abilities · ryanb/cancan Wiki. How to create a blog in Ruby on Rails 3. Création d'une application rubyonrails avec Devise CanCan et ActiveAdmin - Développeur Web RoR.

Managing PDF in Rails

Charliesome/better_errors. Versapay/active_sanity. Ensuring Data Integrity with Ruby on Rails. Installer et configurer un environnement de développement Ruby sur Mac OS X. Comment débuter en Ruby on Rails ? Démarrer en Ruby On Rails. _why's Estate. Vigetlabs/stat_board. Gestion des dates avec Ruby On Rails. Le pense bete des technos web – Faire marcher will_paginate avec activeadmin sous Ruby on rails 3.

10 Things You Didn't Know Ruby Could do. Déploiement. Managing (private) settings with SettingsLogic. Mustdown. Cells. Rails 3.1 - Adding custom 404 and 500 error pages - Rambling Labs Blog. RMagick-Sprite. World.db - A Free Open World Database & Schema (Countries/Regions/Cities) Better Specs. Le mécanisme de sessions en rails. Gem MySql2 pour Rails3.


Making Digraphs In Ruby. Ruby On Rails tutorial. Install Ruby On Mac OS. RailsCasts. Ruby On Rails Tutorials.