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an outdoor person who constantly seek for adventure with nature. camper, hiker and motorcycle rider.

4 Must-Have Safety Gear For Every Motorcycle Rider - Grand Tour Nation. Besides the thrill and the feel of freedom, riding a motorcycle can be a cost-effective and fast way to commute.

4 Must-Have Safety Gear For Every Motorcycle Rider - Grand Tour Nation

However, riding a motorcycle comes with some safety concerns, as research suggests it can be more dangerous than driving a vehicle. Fortunately, several safety gear and accessories make you more visible and enhance your safety on the road. Here are four must-have safety gears for every motorcycle rider. Motorcycle helmet. 4 Must-Have Safety Gear For Every Motorcycle Rider - Grand Tour Nation.

Why The Future Of Outdoor Recreation Is Purposeful, Protective And Powerful. Kim Bates is Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Futurist at LRXD, the Original Health & Happiness Agency.

Why The Future Of Outdoor Recreation Is Purposeful, Protective And Powerful

There is no doubt that the outdoor recreation industry is having its day in the sun. According to a study commissioned by the Outdoor Foundation, 53% of Americans ages 6 and over participated in outdoor recreation at least once in 2020, the highest participation rate on record. Top Automatic Motorcycles for Sale in 2021. It’s often said that one of the biggest barriers to motorcycling is learning the complexity of shifting gears.

Top Automatic Motorcycles for Sale in 2021

Fortunately for new riders—or those with physical limitations—the last few years have seen a growing segment of bikes that don’t require any shifting or clutch operation by the rider. We’ve seen semi-auto clutches with electronic shifting and CVT transmissions with full-auto shifts before, but today, it’s all (or mostly) DCT. Most prevalent on Honda’s offerings, the DCT (dual-clutch transmission) system is a quick-shiting variant of automatic transmissions—it still uses clutches, but ditches the clutch lever—as the bike’s onboard computer does the shifting for you (though you can usually manually override the computer shift).

The little-known hiking trail that built Canada - BBC Travel. Boat of the Year Finalists for 2021. Boat of the Year celebrates innovation, invention, envelope pushing and category busting.

Boat of the Year Finalists for 2021

These things represent the means by which not just boats, but also boating itself evolves. Testing some 100 different boats a year provides Boating’s Tech Team with the ability to see how boats compare with others of the same type, and how a given boat fits into the bigger picture. Which one of these five finalists will be awarded Boat of the Year? Check back with us in January 2022.

Getting Lost on a Hike Could Cost You up to $5,000 Now. For many, after spending an inordinate amount of time inside during the pandemic, going on a hike seems like a good idea.

Getting Lost on a Hike Could Cost You up to $5,000 Now

Just be sure you know where you're going because if you do get lost and decide to rely on 911 for relief, you could get a bill for thousands of dollars. This situation happened to one Florida family and is becoming a more regular occurrence all over the country, with states billing hikers for getting lost and using state resources to be found. Motorcycle safety expert explains how majority of accidents can happen. Youtube. Your 101 Guide to Dispersed Camping. Last summer, camper vans and RVs arrived en masse in the town of Mammoth Lakes, California, on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada.

Your 101 Guide to Dispersed Camping

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were looking to get outdoors. But with campgrounds either closed or fully booked, many of those aspiring campers chose to pitch their tents or park their rigs outside of designated campgrounds, a growing trend known as dispersed camping. The problem was, they didn’t always know where they could legally camp. Youtube. The Complete Guide to Trailer Tents and Pop-Up Trailer Campers. It may be hard to believe right now, but fall is just around the corner — which means, with the scorching ambient temperatures and the soupy humidity of summer begin to subside, we're about to be in the ideal temperatures for camping season.

The Complete Guide to Trailer Tents and Pop-Up Trailer Campers

While there are a variety of ways to accommodate sleeping arrangements once the fire burns out, the smores supply wanes, and the time to turn in for the night approaches — rooftop tents, regular tents, camping trailers, camper vans, et cetera — in this case, we’re talking about pop-up tent trailer campers. Which, of course, may beg the question: What Exactly Is a Pop-Up Tent Trailer? When it comes to camping, you can always go the bougie glamping route with a decked-out motorhome, a camper bus, or even a fancy-schmancy Airstream; yet these are big, cumbersome and pricey compared with the freedom and flexibility of other forms of camping.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, one can go back to basics with a simple tent. Confused About the Differences Between Credit Scores and Credit Reports? For as much as we hear about credit in general, many Americans are less aware of the specifics.

Confused About the Differences Between Credit Scores and Credit Reports?

A key example of this is that the terms “credit report” and “credit score” are used interchangeably despite being separate things. In fact, this misconception could lead consumers to ignore an important aspect of their credit that could be hurting them in the long run. If you have questions about credit reports, credit scores, and how to review both for yourself, let’s dive into some credit FAQs and look at why it’s so important to stay informed.

Credit Scores vs Credit Reports: What’s the Difference? What is a credit report? Boating advisories, no wake restrictions remain active in Finger Lakes - The heavy rains are now days removed from the Finger Lakes and Central New York, but that doesn’t mean the effects aren’t still being felt.

Boating advisories, no wake restrictions remain active in Finger Lakes -

The region’s lakes are filled with debris from storm runoff, which continued over the weekend. It prompted law enforcement leaders from almost every county in the region to issue advisories for boaters and swimmers. Penn Yan saw over 3 inches of rain Wednesday night, portions of Steuben County saw even more, which left a school heavily damaged. In Seneca County, locations recorded more than 4.75 inches of rain in just 48 hours, according to reports from the National Weather Service. These 7 Western Washington hiking trails made me fall in love with hiking. Popularity of outdoor activities in Maine leads to illegal camping. The popularity of Maine’s outdoors is causing problems for forest rangers.

Popularity of outdoor activities in Maine leads to illegal camping

They say in some popular areas, like Baxter State Park, visitors are illegally camping, sometimes in downright dangerous situations. [Fire officials urge safety, inspections after Westbrook deck collapse] "I found 13 illegal campsites just in one morning on one patrol in the Katahdin region,” Dave Loome with the Maine Forest Service told WVII. These illegal campsites can create a lot of work for rangers who often have to check for active fires and clean up trash left behind. Avoiding common boating blunders. Climate Change Is Making It Harder for Campers to Beat the Heat.

Can't Get Into Camping? RVShare Lets You Try Out #Vanlife. In case you didn’t realize, summer is here. [Unsticks thighs from horse saddle.] Between schlepping your AC unit up and out of storage, huddling in an overheated heap in front of your open refrigerator, and assuming the (non-sexual) sweaty starfish position on your bedroom floor, you probably haven’t had time to plan your summertime dream vacation. 2021 Uber Credit Card Review: Not the Card It Used to Be. A few years back, I got my first new credit card in probably a decade.

Since that momentous occasion, I’ve received numerous credit card offers in the mail and have proceeded to throw them in the trash each and every time. I didn’t get any such mailing regarding the Uber Visa card when it launched in November 2017 but I did see it plastered all over the Internet. While, like most, I was quick to roll my eyes at the concept, looking at the perks the card was offering got me to quickly change my tune. Not only did I end up applying for the card the day it became available but also proceeded to talk up the card for a couple of years both on this blog and in real life. Unfortunately, in 2019, Barclaycard and Uber made some major changes to my favorite credit card, necessitating a revisit to my original review. The Best Motorcycle Helmets in 2021: Arai, Bell, AGV and More. Buying a helmet is the most important motorcycle gear purchase you'll ever make.

It may be the most expensive item on your list — besides the bike, of course — but if you get in an accident, it will be the most critical item by far. Whatever your riding style, the best motorcycle helmet is the one that will be versatile, keep your head cool and comfortable — and come loaded with the latest safety technology. Here are some of the best motorcycle helmet options for 2021. K3 SV Ride 46 Helmet Safe and affordable don't usually go hand-in-hand. Best outdoor games to play with friends and family in 2021. Now that spring weather and warmer temperatures have arrived, it's time to venture outside. And with social-distancing requirements no longer in effect for small outdoor gatherings, you can finally return to parties, barbecues and all the other fun stuff we missed last year. Like games! So gather up your friends and family and check out this list of some of the best games you can play outside.

New to the Outdoors? Camp for Free With Eddie Bauer. Home » News » New to the Outdoors? Camp for Free With Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer is giving away — get this — 1,000 free campsites for one night only this summer. 9 Best Dog Breeds for Camping and Hiking Enthusiasts. Valley News - On the Trails: Pay attention to the hidden power of the outdoors. May is Boating Safety Month. US Government Relaxes Guidelines for Wearing COVID Masks Outdoors.

What You Need to Know About Crowdfunding Real Estate Platforms. Family Camping Guide: Everything To Know About Camping with Kids. Pandemic Boredom Brings Michiganders Outdoors, But Is It Sustainable? Overcompensation in Motorcycle Evolution. Great Outdoors Is ‘Great Escape’ During Coronavirus Crisis. Packing and Tossing: Decluttering as We Prepare to Move. Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum To Reopen Winter 2021 After Burning To Ground. Favorite boating apps topic of March 10 Safe Boating Education Night. These are all the low-cost electric motorcycles available now in the USA. A Look At What Credit Cards I'm Using in 2021 and Why. Top 10 ‘game-changing’ Harley-Davidson motorcycles. There's been some changes to the boating laws for 2021. Eu.usatoday. Winter wanderings: Enjoy the outdoors with these five kid-friendly activities.

Outdoors in 2020: Lost opportunities, and new ones made. Of thrill seekers and deer hunters. Motorcycle Lessons Beyond the Classroom, Part 3. The surprising new travel trend: sleeping outdoors under the stars. The Ultimate ATV Test: Suzuki’s King Quad 750 AXI Rugged Package vs. Alaska’s Hunting Season. 14 easy ways to improve your safety while hiking. Outdoors: Trails offer safe respite from pandemic stress. Now Seems Like a Pretty Good Time to Try UBI, Doesn’t It?

New To Family Camping? This Online Community Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know. Foothills Park, once off-limits to wider public, will soon open for hiking and other outdoor splendor. Quikflip Hero Hoodie Review: All That It's Cracked Up to Be? Most Americans Still Aren’t Wearing Face Masks Outdoors, Poll Finds. 10 Gourmet Camping Essentials, According To A Michelin-Star Chef. Why summer getaways are going to be short, likely outdoors and near by. As coronavirus-era activities go, camping is about the safest. Autoblog fait désormais partie de Verizon Media. Travel Tuesday: Is Your Airline or Hotel Status Being Extended? Play it safe when enjoying the outdoors. Local hikers finding more garbage on trails as people head outdoors to escape cabin fever - Deseret News. Outdoor Activities OK With Safe Social Distancing – NBC Bay Area. Meet Gary, the Hiking Cat Who Goes on Pawsome Mountain Adventures. YouTube Studio Review: Are the Changes Actual Upgrades?

Hillel's Tech Corner: Ride Vision: Making motorcycles safer - The Jerusalem Post. Americans aren’t taking part in outdoor recreation, report says. 2020 Skyroam Solis Review: Is the WiFi Hotspot Worth the Money? A Triple Crowner's Advice for Following Through on Your Hiking Goals - The Trek. The children learning to love being outdoors. Thrill-seeking adventures everyone should experience - Insider. Explore the great outdoors with the fall 50-mile hiking challenge. How to stay safe while hiking and avoid getting lost. AAA: Is it Worth the Cost? — What You Need to Know. What is Turo?: How to Make Money Renting Out Your Car. The Best Vacations for Adventure Seekers. 10 Best BMW Motorcycles. Iowapublicradio. Wxpr. Harley-Davidson LiveWire Review: An Electric Motorcycle for Rider. These luxe places take the ‘ugh’ out of camping. After year-long closure, breathtaking Kalalau hiking trail will reopen. Custom Motorcycles Of The 2019 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show. Quickbooks Self-Employed Review 2019 — My Most and Least Favorite Features.

The top 5 affordable motorcycles to buy in 2019 - The Drive. Harley-Davidson Should Build Pickup Trucks, Not Electric Motorcycles. Trade Show Marketing Tips for How to Sell Your Books. Maritime tip: Get ready for spring boating by preparing for winter. Everybody Has a Story: Camping trip to lake takes a chilling turn. Hiking in Abel Tasman National Park. Ways to stay safe while camping and hiking. Tips to go camping in the great outdoors this summer. "Leave No Trace" initiative encourages people to respect Colorado outdoors. Camping: Epic spots to put on your bucket list. Influx of ATVs, snowmobiles could hit Wisconsin parks sooner under plan. 13 vintage motorcycles in Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art exhibition.

The Market Dilemma: More Motorcycles, Fewer Buyers. The Most Beautiful Places to Camp Amid Fall Foliage. Last minute camping trip? This startup will find you a spot. Tips For Camping With Kids. Glamping: A getaway for people who don't like camping, but like the idea of it.