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Microsoft Dynamic Development CRM, NAV & AX

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Let the ERP software manage your expenses. Shrinking product lifecycles accompanied by expanding global markets, has compelled manufacturers to become more agile and responsive. These days, manufacturers are increasingly adopting and unlocking the potential of advanced tools like Microsoft Dynamics NAV that offer innovative solutions for improved supply chain management (SCM), augmented manufacturing capabilities and enhanced productivity.

SEE ALSO: Netflix no longer reveals your embarrassing viewing habits to Facebook friends Though ERP has become quite popular among manufacturers, there still exists a (small) fraction who are not very enthusiastic about buying it. They find buying, implementing and customising ERP solutions to be time consuming and thus unproductive. With this notion, they often ignore the fact that once an ERP solution is installed, the amount of money saved outweighs the initial frustrations. ERP solutions ensure better time management ERP solutions ensure fewer errors Improved inventory management. Good Corporate Citizens make Better CRM Vendor. Customer relationship management or CRM plays an active role in bridging two key areas; sales and marketing, enabling uninterrupted communication for a close collaboration.

Needless to say, this makes CRM a widely-popular and used software solution within a business setting. In fact, as per Gartner, the global spend on buying CRM software totaled to $23.2 billion during 2014. While the employees are the real consumers of CRM, the authority to research and purchase a CRM solution often lies with just a handful of business executives. The point here is to take the real consumers (employees) into consideration before making any purchase, since they are the one who will use the software and possibly may even form opinions about it. 78% CRM users who participated in the survey told that they strongly feel that a CRM vendor should be good corporate citizens. A very prevalent opinion among CRM buyers is that it is not easy to define “what is good corporate citizenship.” Conclusion. Innovative yet Effective Enterprise Mobility Strategy.

Businesses, worldwide are increasingly becoming mobile! Innovative enterprise mobility solutions have become an integral part of almost every business domain. Development and deployment of mobility solutions within an enterprise is a lengthy and cumbersome process. A single loophole or discrepancy can make the entire mobility development and integration process a failed exercise, leading to further complications and monetary losses. Therefore, it is critical that before you begin the process, you should consider various factors to ensure your organization is ready for a successful mobile solution. When you have clearly understood the role mobility solution plays within your enterprise, you can ensure quicker and hassle -free implementation, culminating into augmented productivity and fulfilment of business goals.

We have rounded up four key elements to consider when you are planning an enterprise mobility strategy. Who Are your Users? What is the Objective? Which are the Platforms? Conclusion: Integrate Magento with MS Dynamics AX – your ERP Package. ERP – Enterprise resource planning software is now a mandate for company’s growth. One of the reasons being so is that small and midsized businesses, alike, are looking out for ways to improvise the integration of data across various business processes. Several Magento customers use one or the other form of ERP solution to empower their business. Magento Integrate For those who are yet to join this league, I will say that ERP is business management software that comes in from of integrated apps that help you manage all the aspects to your business. This includes your product planning and development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing as well. How will you choose an ERP Solution? First assess the size of your companyCheck out all your fulfillment operationsDifferences in the accounting system you’re using now and valid reasons for switchingChart out features of the ERP solution you plan to use and how you want to integrate them with Magento Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Did you do a ROI Analysis, before opting for an ERP Project? In last few years, we spent most of our time working in the world of ERP, apart from other major assignments as well. These three letters “ERP” are the ones that bring jitters to several business leaders. They are right at their place as ERP projects are extremely high risk and have a massive failure rate, but they necessarily don’t have to. We have clients for whom well-implemented ERP solutions have proved to be a game changer.

Can you imagine of lower inventory levels, streamlined processes, higher on-time deliveries, knowing the status of every order and clear cash flow management – what else can you ask for? How much will it cost? Though we are on the other side of the table, as service providers, we suggest all out clients to have a cost benefit analysis done before opting for an ERP project. Return on Investment with context to an ERP project This is so because there are several gains from the project that are intangible and not quantifiable.

Tangible Benefits of ERP: Conclusion. Is your CRM solution associated to ROI? | Hi-Te... Enterprise apps are now consumer apps. Recently I was reading an article about how designing for enterprises is different from consumer customers and is more challenging. However, being part of a leading software company who has successfully designed applications for enterprise companies as well as small business and consumer products for more than a decade now, I would want to differ. The difference between designing for consumer and enterprise applications has narrowed down drastically in the past few years. It would not be an over statement that the difference - barely exists at all. There is a subtle change that has taken over the way users use software applications or "apps" if you prefer so.

And the most surprising element is that the change is not merely for Microsoft Word or the all-time favourite email client, but the change is across all types of applications and in all use cases. The users have become the decision makers and the faster the better we as service providers and you as entrepreneurs accept these facts: Sales, Marketing & Customer Service efficiencies using MS Dynamics CRM. Immersive Excel & Office Groups feature, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 To Benchmark Customer Relationship. In this article we will see how advanced features of Immersive Excel & Office Groups. I hope my articles were interesting and informative to all of you. Immersive Excel You would have always imagined, but never found a solution to the tedious task which salespeople or the leadership team have to fulfill in terms of performing what if analysis, make necessary changes and all this without hampering the sales workflow.

The good news is that now your salespeople or the analyst team can view their data in those familiar Excel spreadsheets as they can use Microsoft Excel Online for performing What If analysis, right from Dynamics CRM Online. The best thing about this feature that I love the most, and most of you also would love; is the facility to edit bulk records from a view and reimport them into the CRM once again, all this in just few seconds. A quick data refresh will show you the new changes, brilliant time saver I would say. You can access this functionality if; Office Groups. Mobile App Feature, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Onli...

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – Does your business need it and Why? Theming Feature, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 To Benchmark Customer Relationship. In this article we will witness the changes in Theming for Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1, offering you enhanced flexibility. Few of the first comments that we as a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner Service provider received from our initial CRM 2013 customers was,” it is very simple, there are no colors”. Then came in the move from CRM 2011 to CRM 2013, which was purely to provide a more minimalistic and efficient user interface, and the drawback here was that the screen was obviously very plain. Updates that followed had more color and cosmetics changes. However; this time with Dynamics CRM 2015 Upgrade 1, the control is shifted to the organization – seriously. Users or organizations, have the liberty and access to replace the Microsoft Dynamics CRM logo with their company name or logo.

Let’s see an example of the THEME page, how you can customize your system. BPM with CRM, Certainly Works To Your Advantage. Integrate your BPM and CRM; the idea or concept might sound a bit abrupt – but believe me it has, and will always work to your advantage. It not only helps you to enhance the effectiveness and efficiencies of your customer facing processes, but also helps you gain that additional insight about your customers. CRM, as you all know, is all about managing sales and marketing interactions with existing as well as potential customers.

Business Process Management (BPM) is all about improving workflows and business process. So why are we talking about integrating both of them, how does it happen and how does it work to your advantage, that is exactly what we will discuss today, in this article. First of all let’s understand one thing, very clearly, without BPM your CRM is just one of those hefty investments in technology which may or may not yield you desired results.

But then, why are sales teams across businesses so very appreciative about CRM? How does BPM Improve CRM? About the Author: MS Dynamics CRM or MS Dynamics ERP; what should you opt for? Businesses, though in the same segment, face unique challenges. In a bid to resolve these issues, small or midsize businesses are sold solutions that are too complex, costly and built for organization double their size. But when it comes to your business, why should you compromise? This is a small effort to disregard the idea of “one size fits all” belief, and make you all aware of the options available to select business solution from Microsoft Dynamics that suits and fits you better.

In addition to this, certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner, fairly understand and build solutions that address your business requirements to grow across the globe. Two of the majorly confusing business solutions are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). But let me tell you, they are very similar in a lot of ways, and that is because both of them are used to enhance the overall ROI – Return on Investments or profitability of a business. What is CRM? What is ERP? MS Dynamics ERP or CRM Always Helps, Multitasking May Not.

MS Dynamics ERP or CRM Always Helps, Multitasking May Not Businesses and organizations want to grow as huge as Google and Facebook. They look up to these giants as to how they tackle several projects at once. But believe me, they fail miserably when a small company with just a few team members, come up with idea for a social network, search engine, mobile chat app and even a virtual reality project.

In such scenarios, it is advisable to start a bit smaller, or opt for Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. Managing several major projects successfully simultaneously with just a few workers and minimal resources, is the height of optimism. It is not at all necessary for you to commit a mistake and then learn from it — the hard way. Further, Randy says, “we weren’t progressing as fast as we would have liked to — and the reason was clear.

In this case, Randy and company noticed that something was not going right the way they expected. ERP Evaluation Criteria and Functionality Checklist to Select the Best ERP Solution. You are supposed to evaluate an ERP system for possible acquisition, believe me it can come to you and your selection committee/stakeholders – as a nightmare. Have you ever thought about the amount of research material and operational data you will need to take into consideration an ERP module that suits all your business needs? At Hi-Tech ITO, we have successfully put together this practical list of ERP evaluation criteria, based on our profound experience and extensive research for ERP selection projects. ERP evaluation criteria and functionality checklist on this page will work to your advantage in getting off at the right foot to start prioritizing your specific requirements for an ERP purchase.

So let’s check out that comprehensive list of key ERP evaluation and functionality criteria, which can assure you of selecting the Best ERP solution that meets your business needs: Office 365 Integration Feature, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 To Benchmark Customer Relationship. In this article we will take a look at Office 365’s key integration features with Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1, as to how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Benchmarks Customer Relationship. OneNote Integration OneNote embedded inside Dynamics CRM empowers sales people to share information more conveniently. Isn’t it wonderful? One can create and view notes that have text, photos, voice, spreadsheets and even handwritten notes from scribble pads; and, all this within the context of an account, opportunity or any other record.

By embedding OneNote in MS Dynamics CRM, Microsoft empowers you to automatically link account information with CRM Online 2015 record. Ask a simple question as to who all are the fans of OneNote since years, and trust me the count would be huge. Users conveniently store high level information about opportunities in their internal CRM i.e. overview of requirements, communications and commercials, and not overall details of each and every meeting. Mobile/Web Mail Client.