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Coolest IoT Devices Around Us That Have Made Our Lives Easier. It’s true that today’s generation has turned sluggish and wants everything to be done in a fraction of seconds without taking any physical burden.

Coolest IoT Devices Around Us That Have Made Our Lives Easier

The world of smart connectivity has gone beyond the smartphone, smartwatches, and intelligent vehicles. IoT devices Tech enthusiasts and users believe that connectivity opens up new possibilities. With this post, you will get to know about some of the coolest IoT devices around us that are amazing to us with unimaginable yet acceptable functionalities and features. Going With the Recent Stats Source A survey by the Statista Research Department predicts that by 2025, there would be a threefold increase in IoT connected devices in use as of 2019.

North America is where the number of IoT enabled devices is going up by each passing year. Neil Gross in 1999 said that “Planet Earth will use the internet as a scaffold to support and transmit its sensations.” Now, let’s dive into the world of coolest IoT Devices Around Us. 6 Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare - ReferralMD. The healthcare sector is no longer untouched by the wide range of applications and uses cases of Blockchain.

6 Use Cases of Blockchain in Healthcare - ReferralMD

The current healthcare system is complex and includes onerous and time-consuming processes. Not only the fintech people are buzzing about the potential of blockchain technology, but its use and innovation in regards to the healthcare industry. Though it is a relatively new technology, it can revolutionize various industry verticals when coupled with other trending techs. Dedicated Mobile App Programmers India. How Micro-Moments Are Changing UX Design. We live in a constantly evolving mobile world.

How Micro-Moments Are Changing UX Design

People of almost every age are glued to their smartphones. Some are busy browsing FaceBook, others are watching the news, and still others opt for online shopping. Mobile devices are a part of our lives now, and it's hard to stop peering at our screens and see the world around us. Dedicated Software Programmers. Top Custom Software Development Company India. Why is PixelCrayons reliable for software development? You can rely on PixelCrayons as it has delivered more than 13,800 projects since inception for clients in 38+ countries.

The reason of its reliability depends upon these factors: • 6800 satisfied clients • 1600+ of an experience • Skilled developers How much time do you take to build a custom software product? Well this totally depends upon the requirement of the features needed in the particular project. It's Now or Never for Shift to Real-Time Apps. One of the most profound changes in the history of IT is gaining momentum, as the COVID-19 pandemic forces organizations of all sizes to embrace digital business transformation.

It's Now or Never for Shift to Real-Time Apps

While digital business transformation is in the eye of the beholder, the one thing that is certain is that event-driven IT platforms that drive real-time processing are gaining traction at both the edge and in the cloud. IT organizations are starting to appreciate the need to both process and analyze data in near-real time at the points where it is created and consumed. Batch-oriented processing to drive a business process is becoming antiquated, as organizations look to analyze data orders of magnitude faster than any human thought possible. Applications, as a result, need to increasingly analyze data in real time, says TIBCO Software COO Matt Quinn.

"It’s a bit of a philosophical shift," says Quinn. "You don’t need to store the data to analyze it," says Max Hermann, chief marketing officer for Swim.AI. Hire Web Developers @60% Less Cost. Campaign URL Builder — Google Analytics Demos & Tools. Top Do's & Don'ts While Developing An eCommerce Website.

DevOps Success Stories in the Financial Services Industry Article. Financial players are truly becoming part of the broader DevOps community by giving back and participating in open source projects.

DevOps Success Stories in the Financial Services Industry Article

For example, LMAX, who we will look at in detail later, has open-sourced its automated tooling and even some of its core infrastructure technology (such as the low-latency Disruptor inter-thread messaging library). And at this year’s OSCON, Capital One released Hygieia, an open-source Continuous Delivery dash‐board. The financial industry has always been among the most innovative and technologically advanced areas of business. Nowadays, in the technologically advanced and digitized world, the customers want their finances to be available on the move, managed with convenient apps and their Personally-Identifying Information (PII) like banking card numbers to be kept secure. DevOps is the modern way to organize the business processes, software delivery pipelines, and operational workflows to increase reliability, deliver more value, and optimize the expenses. Choosing the Right Stack For Your Next Web Project: Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack.

It is obvious that before starting any web development project, choosing the best technology is one of the major concerns.

Choosing the Right Stack For Your Next Web Project: Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack

MongoDB Versus MySQL: Which One You Should Go for Your Project? Every application, either online or offline, runs on data that needs a warehouse for storage.

MongoDB Versus MySQL: Which One You Should Go for Your Project?

This storage space is known as a Database. For running an application, you need a database that can store and handle these data. Both relational and non-relational databases have been dominant in the past. But still, as an entrepreneur, you might be wondering which database will align with the tech goals of your organization. At this point in time, it becomes quite difficult for you to choose one database over the other. Why is a Responsive Web Design much-needed in the Online Sports Industry? 35 Top App Ideas for 2020: It's High Time To Get Started. Desiring to enlist yourself in the list of successful startups?

35 Top App Ideas for 2020: It's High Time To Get Started

Well, this is indeed a challenging task. All startups who gain success, always follow a good guideline of the app ideas. If you don’t follow a proper app idea or software idea, it is very obvious that you will not achieve success and this will lead to failure. 5 Ways of Using Data Science to Enhance Customer Service. 5 Ways of Using Data Science to Enhance Customer Service. 5 Ways of Using Data Science to Enhance Customer Service. 8 Top Ways to Improve the ROI of your Fast-Growth eCommerce Site. 8 Top Ways to Improve the ROI of your Fast-Growth Ecommerce Site. The Return on Investment of your enterprise ecommerce website is the soul of the digital platform.

8 Top Ways to Improve the ROI of your Fast-Growth Ecommerce Site

It is the percentage of net profit achieved calculated over the investments done in the web development for your business. Enhancing the ROI has been a major concern for all ecommerce platforms. To improve the ROI of ecommerce means identifying the key features that need to be integrated, enhanced, or eliminated from the website to bring greater returns to the business.

A study conducted by AppsFlyer and Facebook found the highest ROI for travel & shopping and least for free gaming apps. The total number of digital platforms used was 3800, which has generated $2.4 billion of revenue. 7 Best Practices Every Budding React.JS Developer Must Follow to Excel. How Motion UI/UX Helps to Increase Attention Span of Users. Uxplanet. How to Deal with Chatbot Convenience & Attacks Against Machine Learning. By this time, most of us have grown accustomed to interacting with intelligent VA chatbots, and in the meantime, we never ever realized that we are actually in touch with machines and not human beings.

How to Deal with Chatbot Convenience & Attacks Against Machine Learning

Whenever we connect with any customer care executive, it’s not a human; it is a bot that assists us by using the NLP (Natural Language Processing) method. But are you sure that your data is in safe hands in this era of rapid automation? Developer reports say that 33 percent of the world web traffic is composed of the malignant bot, and these unprotected terrible bots are responsible for a large number of security threats that online businesses are facing today.

Because it is much obvious that no one can beat a human mind and virtual assistant chatbots became a vital part of every company’s technology infrastructure, companies are relying on it, but now this is the time when you need to protect yours. Here, We will discuss ways on how to prevent your AI bots from ML attacks. How ChatBots Have Created A Storm In The Tech World? How Chatbots Have Created A Storm In The Tech World? How Chatbots Are Helping Us in Different Ways? With the introduction of technology like Artificial Intelligence, the whole world has become almost robotic. Yes, artificial intelligence has introduced us to the automation and robotic environment and Chatbots agents are one such example of this robotic agent. As chatbots are helping in different ways, they have lessened the burden of human beings by taking over their work. Today, different industries are making use of these AI-based agents.

AI Is Making Us Safer: Is That So? If Yes, Why? Interested In A Food Delivery App Like DoorDash? Get Your Questions Answered. Food delivery is the second most popular app-based business after cab booking in the on-demand market. Limited investment, less ownership, more employment is the reason for this success. Food delivery aided through digital apps has emerged as one of the fast-growing developments in the e-commerce space.

The advent of digital tools has bestowed a different outlook on the food industry. food delivery app like doordash According to a survey, The business of delivering ready to eat foodstuffs from restaurants to home is undergoing a sea change as new online platforms enable food providers to capture markets and customers day by day. Worldwide, the food delivery market stands at 4 percent of food items sold through restaurants chains and fast-food outlets. Why Do We Use Python for Machine Learning & AI? iOS 14 Features: The Best Gets Better With The Latest Launch. iOS 14 is already in the market with lots of great features, and now it’s the time for the iPhone users to dig deeper into its hidden yet unimaginable features.

It’s much apparent that as a user, you will first look if it checks all the boxes of your wishlist or not. ios 14 features Venturebeat reported that 80 percent of the users would update their devices once this release is out in the market. So were you among those users who were just in a wait to grab its loads of hidden features? Well, it will only be possible when you will install the latest update to your iPhone and iPad. The new features will give your phone a brand new fresh look that you need at the moment. Blockchain In HR: Use Cases, Challenges & Benefits. Best Strategies to Improve the ROI on your Enterprise Application. Best Strategies to Improve the ROI on your Enterprise Application. Enhancing the Return of Investment via mobile enterprise applications is a concern for various business organizations investing in the digital platform. According to a study conducted for ROI calculation, the total revenue stood at a whopping $2.4 billion for 3800 applications.

The ROI value depends upon several factors and gets primarily influenced by the kind of business one is dealing with. While eCommerce apps that deal in shopping, tourism, etc. exceed a high-value, the free gaming app records a lower value. Whatever one’s domain of business is, one can positively influence the ROI with smart strategies. Before we discuss the tips to improve ROI, let us look at some of the crucial aspects revolving around it. 6 Ways Through Which Data Science in Finance is Reinventing the Industry? The financial world is a field of data, and the entire industry is reliant on data and figures. The fintech industry is rapidly evolving and revolves around numerous complicated transactions. Relying on century-old traditions of modeling to tackle the financial issues has been left far behind ever since the technology Data Science came into the play. Blockchain in HR: Use Cases, Challenges & Benefits.

Chatbotsjournal. Designing Websites For Kids: Trends & Best Practices. Designing a website for kids is not a child’s play. We all are surrounded by a digital age and so are our kids and children whose tiny little fingers always remain glued to smartphones and tablets. From homes to schools, mobile devices have become a part of their life and childhood, leaving their toys and outdoor activities way behind. How to Build a Mobile App That Actually Makes Money - Mobile Applications.

Bring AI in Marketing And See The Changes It Will Bring to You in 2021. The internet savvy world waits for no one. We do online marketing and receive customer responses online, as well. Digital Marketers perceive that customers want everything to be delivered in real-time; otherwise, it will become difficult for them to acquire and retain their customers. Technology can make things possible for you as a marketer.

Future Trends Of Big Data in Advanced App Development Process. Our Responsibility: Web Designing Tips for Our Seniors Citizens. Chatbotnewsdaily. Our Responsibility: Web Designing Tips for Our Seniors Citizens. The last few years were the year of digital transformation where the internet has become an integral part of our lives. The Convergence of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Things You Might Not Be Aware Of You Can Do With WordPress Article. Things You Might Not Be Aware Of You Can Do With WordPress Article. Python vs R, Which is the Best Language for Data Analysis?

How AI is Dominating Web & Mobile Apps in 2020? PixelCrayons Develops RollBack Malaria App. Noida, Sep 8, 2020 ( - PixelCrayons, a leading software development company in India, developed an app named RollBack Malaria. Health has become a major concern in the year 2020 due to various diseases. Many countries, bilateral, multilateral development partners, private sector, non-governmental, community organizations, foundations, and research institutions across the globe are considering this platform as a boon for different reasons.

The application contains advanced functionalities such as an interactive user-interface, user-friendly navigation, and more. The company's CEO, Mr. Parvesh Aggarwal, shared the app's salient features in the virtual Press Conference held last week. 9 Web Designing Tips To Boost Your eCommerce Conversion Rate - WordPress Plugins carefully crafted by Themekraft. Your eCommerce business is into the market, and you are just happy with it, but won’t you like to see your business grow leaps and bounds, revenues manifolding, and you take a deep sleep? Top IoT Applications in a Connected Healthcare Industry - Experfy Insights. What is Blockchain-as-a-Service & its Business Benefits? Check Out: How AI is Dominating Web & Mobile Apps in 2020? How AI & ML Contributing To Mobile App Development To Test COVID-19? 7 Ultimate Programming languages For Mobile App Development / Habr. Drupal vs Wordpress: The Better Choice For Your Startup.

8 Reasons Why PHP and .NET Rule the World of Web Development. How Artificial Intelligence Is Reinventing Human Resources? Coming Up: The Roaring AI Decade. How many of you think there is a… Future of AI in Education; Such a Great Revolution / Habr. IoT App Trends for 2021. PixelCrayons develops Squiiz...A boon for Real Estate Buyers, Sellers & Agents. Python vs R: Which is Good for Machine Learning? 10 Best Data Analysis Software for startups and SMEs. How Can Machine Learning Revamp Your Mobile App? The Impact Of Big Data On The eCommerce Industry. Top 12 IoT App Trends to Expect in 2021. 7 Ways to Drive Business Growth Through Parking App Development. 6 Future Trends In E-Commerce That You Can't Lose Sight Of.

Magento Migration Process: A Complete Guide. How is Blockchain Having a Field-Day in Digital Marketing? Tips for eCommerce Web Design & Functionalities that will Drive Sales. Flutter: The Best Cross-Platform Framework For Startups & SME’s - DEV. Hire PHP Developers: Cost & Procedure / Habr. Growing Trend of Intelligent Pharmacy Software Solutions. Can Wearable Technology Transform The Healthcare Sector? Java vs .Net : Which Is Better For Your Business? What All It Takes To Create An App Like GOQii? Android vs iOS apps: Which are better for a startup? Why is Node.js the Future of IOT Platforms All Around the Globe? – Experfy Insights. The Future of Website Design in 2020: Everything Startups Need to Know. Top Mobile App Development Platforms For 2020. Ways to Lure Customers into Buying Something They Did Not Plan For. How to create a food ordering app like UberEats using react native? Python vs PHP: Which will come out trumps in the new year — TechPatio.

How much to budget for CRM Software? Connected Car Challenges - Why Connected Cars Are Better. Uber Business Model: Is it the right choice for you? PHP Vs ASP.NET: How to Choose the Right One? / Habr. App ideas to generate revenues for startups in 2019 & beyond / Habr. Top programming languages for Android App development in 2020 / Habr. Prestashop Alternatives in 2020 for E-Commerce Web Apps. Prestashop Alternatives in 2020: Top eCommerce Platforms. Native App vs Hybrid App: Which technology to Adapt. Python Codes: A Guide for Scaling Python Apps. Digital Commerce Trends To Watch out In 2020. How to Create an App like Instashop? Get the Answer Here. Costing and Working of an On-Demand Service App like Helpbit. Time-to-market & Cost of Food Delivery Apps like GrubHub. 10 Top Advantages of Node.js in eCommerce Industry - By Tiara Brown.