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Ionic 5 Makes a Grand Release with iOS 13 Design Updates and Much More. The app development platform, Ionic came up with its most anticipated update ‘Ionic 5’ with exciting features including new UI components, gestures, custom animations API, icons, colors, themes and much more.

Ionic 5 Makes a Grand Release with iOS 13 Design Updates and Much More

Most importantly, the latest release brings up with iOS 13 design updates as well as official React and Angular integrations. In this article, we shall be discussing everything about Ionic 5, its updates, features, and functionalities. We shall also understand how the new release will bring a revolutionary impact on cross-platform development. But before that, lets check this tweet published by ionic and its team. ionic (@Ionicframework) February 11, 2020 Let’s begin with… How to Upgrade Ionic 5 When any technology comes up with major version release, it ensures that it does not involve any complex processes so that users can easily upgrade it.

If you want to upgrade it right now, you should update the Ionic 4 release (4.11.10). iOS Design Updates Segment Received New Design Ionicons 5. Why Laravel and SaaS go hand in hand perfectly? It is not easy to build Software as a Product (SaaS).

Why Laravel and SaaS go hand in hand perfectly?

You must consider here several things like the challenges associated with the SaaS product development as well as the development architecture that you choose for the same. Many of the developers try to put an end to all the issues by choosing a framework that can thoroughly power the SaaS product. Even though the decision may seem to be minor, but, it dramatically influences the capabilities and features of the SaaS product and also determines the scope and boundaries that it will have.

It has been seen that over the years, Laravel has been considered as one of the favorite choices when it comes to building Laravel SaaS projects. The kind of products which are high in performance-focused on reaching a large number of users and comes with several features. So before we get any further, let’s try to know the two technical terms first.

Software as a Services(SaaS) Angular 9.0 : Everything you need to know - IVY and Upgrades. Angular today released its most anticipated version 9.0.0 with major changes in the whole platform.

Angular 9.0 : Everything you need to know - IVY and Upgrades

The update includes Ivy compiler and runtime as major changes. We have to wait for Ivy since its announcement during the Angular version 6 release. According to Angular, the version 9 release is the most significant ever in the past 3 years as it has come up not only with Ivy as a major change but also hundreds of bug fixes, improvements and empowers developers to create outstanding applications.

So, in this article, we shall be discussing all Angular version 9.0.0, its updates, new features, and advantages you can get. But first… How to Start An Exhibition & Event Management Business. Hosting events is one of the effective ways in which businesses find potential clients and new customers.

How to Start An Exhibition & Event Management Business

Whether it is about announcing a new product or opening a new branch, an event is a way to express your business achievements to the mass. This industry is witnessing a clean growth and the same is suggested through the expected 11% growth rate between 2016 and 2026. So before we get any further, let us know more about this industry, its trends, challenges, benefits and the wise use of technology for better growth and sales. Latest Trends in the Event Management Business. Drupal vs WordPress: Choosing Best CMS in 2020 for your Website. Drupal or WordPress?

Drupal vs WordPress: Choosing Best CMS in 2020 for your Website

Which CMS to choose for your next project? If these are the first two questions that come to your mind when you are trying to choose the best CMS for your business project, then it is time you know about them well. CMS helps you organize all the content on your website and so choosing the right CMS is very important for your business. WordPress is quite popular and 35.2% of all websites are developed on it while Drupal is said to be used by 1.9% of all websites.

Don’t go for the numbers when comparing; instead, you need to stay unbiased to understand them well. However, to make things simpler, here we are offering you a detailed comparison of both CMS solutions for you. [WordPress Security Tips] How to Secure your WordPress Website in 2020? Today WordPress is considered as the most popular Content Management System present in the market, and over the internet, 35% of the websites are powered by WordPress.

[WordPress Security Tips] How to Secure your WordPress Website in 2020?

Not over! If you take a look at the top 100 websites in the world, 14.7% is powered by WordPress. The growing popularity of WordPress has drawn the attention of the hackers, and now they are working specifically in the direction to attack these sites. Migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8: Its Benefits, Features & Steps. Choosing a content management system has some serious consequences when we talk in terms of a business website.

Migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8: Its Benefits, Features & Steps

How you will develop it and what amount of money you will need to spend on it, and lastly, how the site will turn out to be – all depends on the single decision of choosing the CMS. When it comes to developing large websites and web applications, Drupal is considered as the first choice by many businesses. Drupal is the third most popular option with a 4.7% share of the CMS market. Laravel Security Best Practices [Ensure to Secure your Website]

Laravel With technological advancements, its too tough for businesses to keep their private and customer’s information secure on the web.

Laravel Security Best Practices [Ensure to Secure your Website]

Cyber security is one of the most important task to keeping hackers and cyber-thieves from hacking the sensitive data. Without a proactive security strategy, businesses risk from the attacks on websites, networks, and other IT infrastructures. If a hacker is successful, attacks can spread from computer to computer, making it difficult to find the origin. How to Reduce your Drupal Maintenance and Support Service Costs. Drupal is an open-source and free content management system that enjoys strong support of a large community.

How to Reduce your Drupal Maintenance and Support Service Costs

Right from building basic websites to complex monoliths, you can use Drupal for everything. It was in 2000 that Drupal was launched and in around 20 years of the time period it has been able to build 2700 themes and 38000 modules. Speed Up your Laravel Website - Laravel Performance Optimization Tips. It was in 2011 that Laravel was launched in the digital marketplace.

Speed Up your Laravel Website - Laravel Performance Optimization Tips

Since then, it has been considered one of the most popular options for building business applications. Laravel has been used to build a wide range of applications like eCommerce business platforms to information management systems. It has been used to take care of most of the common tasks in development in an easy manner like the routing, authentication, caching and sessions. 152,419 is the total number of live websites built on Laravel in the market.

Speed Up your Laravel Website - Laravel Performance Optimization Tips. UI-UX — A thing your website requires to convert your leads. The future of any website depends on its conversion rate. If the website is said to be having a good conversion rate, then it means they are making a good revenue, and if the conversion rate is low, then they are under-performing in the market. So you must have the best conversion rate for your website to run the business successfully and to achieve this, you need to take into account different factors influencing it like the user experience. What is the user experience? UX or user experience is nothing but the kind of interaction a user has with the system. Drupal Security Best Practices - Checklist to Secure your Website. Drupal is an open-source CMS which is used by many websites today.

Today a large number of businesses are making use of Drupal as their CMS solution. Just like any other major CMS platforms out there, Drupal also has security concerns. Today, more vulnerabilities are regularly discovered, and there is an increased risk of attack on your website. Based on the XXS report taken in 2017, it has been said that 46% of vulnerabilities in Drupal come from cross-site scripting.

Joomla Security Best Practices - List to Secure Your Joomla Website. Joomla is has evolved as the second-largest used CMS after WordPress. It has left behind many of its competitors, and with 4.9% of total live websites on the internet, the number is growing steadily. The reason behind the increasing popularity of Joomla is its simplicity and ease of using. However, with all sorts of benefits, we cannot deny the growing vulnerability. But before we get deeper into the Joomla Security best practices, let’s know some interesting things about Joomla.

Begin with… Tips To Reduce Joomla Website Maintenance Cost [Save Big Bucks] Joomla is the second-largest CMS in the market, and it enjoys a 5.7% market share. Currently, 3.9 million + active sites are running on Joomla. Now, this is enough to know that Joomla is a popular CMS in the market. Building a Joomla site is half of the work, but to get it done, you need to carry out regular website maintenance. Drupal Development Company. Joomla Performance Optimization - Steps to Improve Joomla Page Speed. When it comes to choosing the content management system, Joomla is considered the most powerful one. Just from developing simple websites to complex applications, Joomla is used by businesses across the world. Many prefer Joomla because it is simple to manage, easy to install, flexible, reliable, and easy to use. Again, Joomla is free to use and open source in nature. The popularity of Joomla has led its use across different domains and industries.

Some of the widespread use cases of Joomla are: CodeIgniter Development Company. Why & How to Turn your Shopify Store to Mobile App? When you are planning to build a website for your retail or eCommerce business, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options that are available out there for you. The chances are that you may even feel to choose the solution from the first website that you will see there. Just keep this in mind that you should always select Shopify to build your retail and eCommerce business solution as it is the most convenient, cheapest and easiest of all. Top Shopify Apps to Successfully Grow your eCommerce Store in 2020. Congratulations!

Shopify App Development Services. How Incompetent developers can ruin your business! Many say that businesses spend more amount of time in order to hire candidates but, in actual sense, this time is worth the effort as they seem to be an important part of the business success. Now a business can get harmed in a very bad way by hiring developers who are incompetent in nature and this proves to be one of the worst decisions that can be made. Any organization which is successful in the field knows the importance of hiring candidates that are good enough for the job and this is the reason why months are spent and large amounts of money are used by the companies in order to choose the best candidate.

Hiring unqualified candidates has its cons and it affects the goodwill of the company in a negative way. Effects of hiring incompetent developers When you hire incompetent developers for your business, you will see its effect in a number of ways. Some of the effects of such a bad hire areas: Loss of company goodwill Degrading reputation. GDPR Compliant App Checklist [Make App Fit to EU Data Privacy Law] Surprisingly Effective Ways To Reduce App Maintenance Cost. How to Reduce ReactJS App Maintenance Cost? How to Speedup ReactJS Development Process and Boost Productivity. Mobile App Monetization Strategies - Top Methods to Earn from App.

Things to Consider while Building a Large Scalable Application in React. While you are trying to develop a Single Page Application with React, chances are more that your codebase can get unorganized. How IoT Solutions for Restaurants Helps Boost your Business. Typically, restaurant success may be all about the amazing and mouth-watering food. But, modern restaurants need more than just providing delicious food. Consumers of today are looking for more comfort, ease of the process and cost-effective services. Dating App Development. Why and How to Optimize Speed of your WordPress Website? Why you need to hire an experienced RoR Developer - Ronak Patel - Medium. How much does it Cost to Develop a Custom Wordpress Website. Why Updating Your Ruby on Rails Website Matters Million for Business? Why its Important to Update a WordPress Website? 32 Best Ruby on Rails Gems to be Used with SAAS Applications. Node vs Angular : Comparing Two Strong JavaScript Technologies. What is the best framework for JavaScript?

What is the best framework for JavaScript? Which is the best, Ruby on Rails,, or MVC, and why? Tips to Setup React Native Development Environment in Windows. The Other Side of React Native — Limitations & Opportunities of React Native. What is the best IDE for Ruby and Rails? How good is Ruby on Rails for web development? Best Tools to Ease Up your Front-end Development. Best Tools to Ease Up your Front-end Development. What is Ruby on Rails? Why Choose Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Your Business.

Who is the best small restaurant app developer? What is Angular.js? Why would I use React over AngularJS? What's new in Angular v8? Embracing its Features and Upgrades. Why AngularJS is highly popular? Which is the best Taxi App Development Company? What are the concepts of AngularJs? What is the future of AngularJS? Key Features of an Enterprise Mobility App you can't Ignore. What do we require for the best grocery app development? Chatbots in Enterprises - Its Challenges, Benefits and Applications. What are the best resources for learning Node.js? What are the alternatives to AngularJS 2.0, ReactJS or PolymerJS? How can a newbie learn the Protractor testing tool for AngularJS?

What are the advanced concepts of AngularJS? What is AngularJS and where is it used? What is the future of node.js developers? What are some of the best JavaScript/AngularJS editors? Should I learn React or AngularJS? Which companies use Node.js? Why do people use AngularJS? What is the basic difference between frontend and backend? What is dependency injection in AngularJS? What is the best way to learn AngularJS? Restaurant Mobile App Development Solution. When should a startup outsource AngularJS development? Flux vs Redux : What Differentiate Them from Each Other. What is AngularJS? When is it needed? Creating PWA Using Angular 7 - Step-by-Step Guide. Why don't large companies embrace remote working?

What is AngularJS in simple words? The Ultimate Guide to Hire Remote Developers. What is the difference between AngularJS and NodeJS? Why NativeScript is best For AngularJS mobile app development? How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like TikTok. What is AngularJS good for? How similar is VueJS to Angular 2? Explore Features, Benefits, Challenges & Applications. When will be Google stop the support to angular platform? 10 Reasons To Select Node Web Development. How would you compare angular and reactJS? On-demand App Benefits, Applications and Future. Javascript Development Company. Top AngularJS Development Tools to Consider to Create Dynamic Webpages. A Step-by-Step Guide for Mobile App Development Process. Top 10 Productive Healthcare Technology Trends in 2019. How Much Does It Cost To Hire React Native Developer? ReactJS vs VueJS -Incisive Analysis on Two Popular Web Frameworks.

Top React Native Testing Tools — Lets Automate testing. Does Angular 7 have a future? What components are included in Angular 2? Why should I learn AngularJS, and what are its benefits?