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How To Create an m-Learning App Like BYJU’s? Top 10 App Development Companies in 2020. How To Create m-Learning App Like BYJU's? How To Create m-Learning App Like BYJU’s?

How To Create m-Learning App Like BYJU's?

With everything going online, learning has also gone digital. m-Learning mobile applications are the latest trend in electronic media. The idea of m-learning gained momentum in India after the introduction of smart classes when the providers of smart-classes launched personalized applications for students focusing on the K-12 group. The trends in m-learning changed soon, and now, you can even pursue an MBA from a top-notch college, in India or abroad, with the help of an application. If you own an educational institute, the idea of creating an application for your institute must have crossed your mind. But with great ideas comes significant responsibilities and confusion about which mobile app development company should we choose.

But before we jump on to the hows, we must quickly discuss whys. Top Technology Trends In A Post COVID-19 World. Who was aware of the fact that a year like 2020 will come in which everything would be there under the shadow of a pandemic that is “COVID-19”.

Top Technology Trends In A Post COVID-19 World

It is true that this virus has spread all over the world and has made people’s lives unusual. Yes, everyone’s life has completely changed and now people are looking at this world from the lens of safety and precautions. IT Business Continuity In Times Of Corona. We should consider the array of COVID-19 outcomes and its impact on the employees, clientele, and overall business operations from the grid to the back-office.

IT Business Continuity In Times Of Corona

Outbreak generally lasts for 3 to 4 months: Severe pandemic generally takes up the duration of 3–4 months, where the entire global recovery takes the fourth quarter of more.6–12 to regain control: In the case of the more extensive disruption period lasting for six months or more, it results in less growth in the impacted countries.Pandemics can extend more than twelve months: Virus spreads at a large-scale level where the anxiety heightens among the public. 10 Best Practices To Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience. New Tech IT Updates: See Whats new in IT Sector for you in 2020. 9 Reasons for Selecting Wordpress for Business. Process & Key Features of E-wallet Mobile App Development. In the past decade, we have seen digitalization has taken over the world.

Process & Key Features of E-wallet Mobile App Development

Digital payment systems increased with mobile devices and apps. Thanks to digital transformation, E-wallet mobile app has started dominating the online payment market and is increasingly being preferred for quick and fuse-free transactions. The Market Research Future has presented a Global Forecast Report which estimates that the E-wallet market will grow at a CAGR of 15% and is expected to reach around $ 2100 billion by 2023.

Top Web App Development Stats 2020. Leaving behind an old image, web apps have become better and better with the passage of time.

Top Web App Development Stats 2020

There was a time when the performance of Web apps was not at all good according to web app development stats and these web apps used to ask users to download mobile apps for a better experience. But now, web apps are also improving and users can browse whatever they like without any hurdle. So, we can say that this comeback, which web applications have done, has increased the demand for web app development in the market. Software outsourcing stats and trends for 2020- PixelCaryons.

In the world of digitalization and rapidly evolving software technology, the need for new, efficient, cost-effective software and software outsourcing has increased.

Software outsourcing stats and trends for 2020- PixelCaryons

Another reason behind this is that there is a technical solution to almost every day to day problems. From clothes to food and business insights to invoicing everything is just a matter of clicks now. Due to this, outsourcing has been around for quite some time, as companies always look for cost-efficient ways to manage specific business processes off-site. Earlier, companies used to outsource only certain things like customer support, accounting, recruitment, etc. But now, firms have also started software outsourcing. How To Create An App Like Uber Eats Using React Native?

Do you know there were around 5 million apps at the beginning of 2020?

How To Create An App Like Uber Eats Using React Native?

The huge number makes it tough for newbies to enter and survive in this competitive market. Hence, the need to think of an out-of-the-box idea and develop an optimum app becomes a necessity. Food ordering apps have become a popular idea in the past decade. From OpenTable launched in 1998 to Uber Eats launched in 2014, there has been a tremendous change in the demands of consumers. The mobile app market revenue is expected to reach $139.1 billion by 2021. Complete Guide On How To Create A Bug-free Mobile App. How to create a bug-free mobile app?

Complete Guide On How To Create A Bug-free Mobile App

In this era of technology, we cannot deny the fact that smartphones are becoming the basic needs of people. Nowadays, most of the population of the world has become so addicted to their smartphones that they feel incomplete without it. What makes them so familiar with smartphones are its smart applications. Top Reasons Why React.js Is Best For Web Development - DEV. It usually becomes difficult to choose the best tool or frameworks whenever it is required for frontend development as numbers of libraries and frameworks are released frequently without any gap of days.

Top Reasons Why React.js Is Best For Web Development - DEV

So it makes it difficult to go for the reliable one. Whenever the question arises about the frontend development, most of the time, Angular becomes the choice of the businessmen. Let me tell you that a number of frameworks have developed in the past decade in order to contribute to the frontend development but unfortunately, all failed to retain their position. Among those popular frameworks, React.js is one of the most popular frameworks which is an open-source library of Javascript. React.js has made a great place in web development. Wordpress vs Drupal vs Kentico vs Magento: Which Is The Best CMS? If you are looking to build a website, then selecting the right & best CMS is the first step towards web development.

Wordpress vs Drupal vs Kentico vs Magento: Which Is The Best CMS?

It becomes essential for you to stay ahead of the competition by offering the best experience to your clients. If you are eager to attract the maximum potential audience to your website, then publishing alluring content can keep your visitors engaged. To maintain the quality content on your website, you must update and publish it and also manage it attractively. This would not be possible without CMS, and choosing a CMS that is best suited for your business requires a sheer understanding of the platform, including their comparison. So, here through this article, I will give you an overview of the most demanding CMS. WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Kentico are the most widely used CMS platforms, but which is the best for building your business website? When, Where & How To Hire A Mobile App Developer? Finding the right app developer is not a piece of pie; you have to consider various factors. There are many developers out there, and choosing the best from these is a bit critical.

So, what to do here? How to find & hire a mobile app developer? Don’t worry; I am here with some of the great ideas that can help you. Just Released: Vue 3 Beta 1 Version Version. A few days back, Evan You announced Vue 3 Beta 1 version. This progressive Javascript of the tech world has brought new features with excellent performance and improvements. Maybe you think that Vue is not that popular as compared to React and Angular. But there is a different story that will blow your mind with the fantastic latest update. With the beta release, it’s quite clear that we are getting closer to Vue 3. It also introduces noteworthy changes compared to Vue 3 alpha and pre-alpha versions. Mobile App Benefits During Coronavirus. Benefits of mobile apps in coronavirus No one can stop the calamity, unfortunately! Something like this happened in the world and Coronavirus welcomed itself. Who knew it before that there will a great pandemic in 2020 named by Covid-19?

Mobile App Benefits During Coronavirus. How Invoicing Software can be beneficial for your business. How IoT Will Impact The Banking & Finance Industry? You might have seen how the Internet of things has started ruling over your day to day life. Yes, it has totally embraced your modern lifestyle where everything is connected with smart devices. And this IoT is all about the communication of smart devices whether these are present at our home or other industries. Well, this is true that IoT has already contributed to the various industries and has generated good revenue. According to, the estimated revenue share of the internet of things across India in 2020, by industry. Roaring 2020s-The Artificial Intelligence Decade - Data Driven Investor - Medium. Along with the above lines, we have more to discuss with you about AI.

Below, you will find the names of the various industries and the artificial intelligence impact over them in 2020. Node.js Version 14 Available Now! How Walmart Using Blockchain Technology? When one hears the company name “Walmart,” many things come to our mind. One thing that strikes me is the supply chain excellence of retail giants. Walmart is one of the biggest eCommerce companies that runs a chain of hypermarkets, departmental, and grocery stores all across the globe. Big AI Trends That Will Revamp Fintech In 2020 - Towards AI — Best Artificial Intelligence Publication - Medium.

Python vs PHP: Which Language To Choose In 2020? Are you struggling to make a choice between two programming languages? Well, it usually happens before the beginning of any project because every programming language has its own importance and offers different features. But, we need to select the best one for a particular software. Now, this blog will eradicate your confusion and will make you meet with the facts of both PHP & Python. Here in this blog, you will find some facts and features of both these programming languages.

Blockchain & ML: What Happens When These Technologies Merge? Merging Blockchain and Machine Learning Together. How Machine Learning & Data Science Are Related To Each Other? Let’s Find Out! But Data Science is followed by a lot of mysteries and questions which are faced by Data Scientists. How Chatbots Are Helping In The Battle Against Covid-19? You might have seen how technologies are serving us in multiple fields and situations whether it is Artificial intelligence, ML or Blockchain. Technologies like artificial intelligence did not leave us alone when are suffering through a disaster like Covid19. Rule The Industry With These Top Software Ideas in 2020 / Habr. The software industry is growing at a fast pace and by many folds, as every year passes. It has been estimated that by 2021, the software market revenue will reach US $507.23 billion.

Invoicing Software: Why All Businesses Should Embrace them. Invoicing Software. IT Business Continuity Insights Amid Covid-19. COVID-19: How AI Is Helping In The Fight. @ayesha2 Hey! How The Software Outsourcing Industry Is Blooming Amid Corona Pandemic. Article. Role of React Native in Mobile App Development. Role of React Native in Mobile App Development. How Mobile Apps Can Grow Your Business Exponentially? Flutter vs Xamarin: Which is Better for Cross-Platform Apps? Python is Perfect for eCommerce. Really? - Data Driven Investor - Medium. Benefits of Drupal in Content Authoring and Custom App Development - Scooblr Plato.

Magento 2.3: Top Features for 2019. Creating new ideas for eCommerce website design: A PixelCrayons case study. 2019 Trends in Magento eCommerce Development. Quora. Magento 2.3: Why you need this upgrade in 2019. A specialized Job portal with Drupal integration developed by PixelCrayons. Top eCommerce platforms for your business idea. The Best eCommerce Platforms for your Business Ideas. Why Chatbots are the Next Big Thing in eCommerce Development. Hire Magento eCommerce Developers, Dedicated Magento Programmers from India. Pushing eCommerce Development to Meet the Demands of Emerging Markets.