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To Try Soon. TOMATO. LENTIL. COCONUT. AVOCADO. PUMPKIN & SQUASH. MISO. RICE NOODLE. SOBA. Mushroom Soup & Avocado Toast. Congratulations!

Mushroom Soup & Avocado Toast

If you are reading this you must have managed to enter our site without running into any database errors. Our site has been pending between offline and hair-tearingly slow this past week, which is why this recipe is somewhat delayed. Our server is apparently tired of us and we are immensely tired of it, so we are planning some construction work to finally speed up this place (a new design is on its way as well!). Please be patient with weird error messages that might pop-up or slow loading times. Spiced Parsnip Soup. We’re really getting into winter now and I find that one of the ways I stay happy about colder, darker days is by getting excited about warming winter foods and that starts with soup!

Spiced Parsnip Soup

I find that after a long day a big bowl of piping hot soup with a side of mashed avocado toast instantly brings me back to life again, it just feels so soothing and nourishing. This spiced parsnip soup is my favourite at the moment. It’s really hearty and bursting with warming, spicy flavours from the sesame oil to the cumin, turmeric, ginger, mustard seeds and chilli, plus there are subtle hints of tangy apple cider vinegar and garlic too, which help to really bring it all together. Serves 4 – 8 parsnips.