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The Founders Behind Launch "All The Robots Are In Place" Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara have figured out a formula for selling low-margin goods online and shipping them overnight to customers. The two entrepreneurs have built into the largest seller of diapers and other baby products on the Web. is on track to bring in $300 million in revenues this year. It will sell much more than just soap. The parent company, Quidsi, raised $30 million last year which they’ve been using to prepare for the launch of Here is a cool video showing how those robots give Quidsi a competitive advantage: The Origami Lotus Bag Tutorial | Exchanging Fire My favorite project bag is this lotus-shaped drawstring bag I own. It’s square with some design features that reminds me of Japanese origami, the beautiful art of paper folding. I love the way it folds in on itself like those old fortune teller paper games we used to play in school when we were children. The design is both simple yet clever. Pulling the drawstring shuts the bag and creates handles for carrying, all without losing its basic shape. I knew this bag design would be perfect for the vintage fabric my grandmother bought while traveling in India in the ’70s, but when I looked around the Internet in an attempt to make it, I couldn’t find a pattern or tutorial for the design I liked anywhere. Origami Lotus Project Bag with yarn being knit into a shawl inside of it You’ll need two matching squares of fabric that are roughly 18 inches square and some matching ribbon. Second, iron your fabric so that it’s easier to work with. Now we’re getting to the folding. The Lotus Temple Bag

Bartlett 3-Pc Sofa Sectional (reg. $1,690) - Deal Decor Helio and Daddy Zazzle Home page Free Logo Design Software As a blogger, we want to have a cool logo or a really neat header graphic that brands our image. If you want to really have a unique header then you should consider outsourcing the job to a place like or You can find plenty of creative designers that you can choose from. 1. 2. 3. – This is actually not a free logo design software but it is too good not to mention. Additionally they offer a bunch of great logo templates that you can buy for only $99. Article by Jonathan +Jonathan has been blogging since 2009 and is still in awe that the Creator of the Universe desires to have a relationship with him.

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