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Welcome Why I’d Use Shopkick But Not Foursquare Sometimes it feels like I am the only one in the world who is not into Foursquare. Or at least the only one in Silicon Valley. Or at least the only one who works for TechCrunch. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a smart idea, and I have plenty of friends who get sucked in by the cleverly-exploited game theory dynamics. But, as a user, telling my friends where I am doesn’t gives me enough in return to warrant the privacy invasion. The social media rules, for me, are simple: I don’t get hung up on privacy. Enter shopkick—which launched last week and is the first location-based product I’ve seen that could give me a reason to share. There are three things I like about shopkick and two reasons I’m waiting to try it.

San Francisco Restaurants, Dentists, Bars, Beauty Salons, Doctors Groupon Deals San Jose is the third largest city in California and provides plenty of activities for people to enjoy. This San Jose Guide will provide several ways for residents to enjoy a quiet afternoon or fun with the family, whether they are looking for a bit of history or looking for a thrill. Downtown San Jose is home to the San Jose Museum of Art which has an extensive collection of modern art, mainly focusing on the heritage of the West Coast, but also has national and international works of art. Located on Winchester Boulevard, the Winchester Mystery House was home to Sarah Winchester, wife of the famous maker of Winchester guns. The San Jose Municipal Rose Garden is home to more than 4,000 rose bushes of 189 different varieties and is a great choice for those who appreciate the beauty and aroma of roses. Families and individuals will enjoy the amusement parks located in San Jose. San Jose provides many fun and budget-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy all year long.

Penultimate Simple et intuitif Écrire, gribouiller, et dessiner sur une page totalement vierge et possédant tous les outils essentiels. Une encre incroyable, un beau papier Notre papier et notre encre plus vrais que nature vous feront croire que vous écrivez dans votre carnet de notes favori. Retrouvez vos notes où que vous soyez Avec la synchronisation Evernote, vous pouvez faire des recherches dans vos notes et ces dernières sont disponibles sur tous les appareils mobiles ou les ordinateurs que vous utilisez.

Hulu Is Not Ready To Go Public Hulu is testing the waters for an IPO, hoping to get a valuation of $2 billion, according to the New York Times. A Hulu IPO would be a pure play on the transition of TV to the Web. While the company has not yet filed with the SEC, in the past it claimed to have 2009 revenues of $100 million, and is perhaps on track to double that this year. It is not clear how profitable Hulu can be, or how viable its long-term survival will be. Hulu already has to fork over as much as half or more of its advertising revenues to its TV network partners/backers (Fox, NBC, and ABC). Until we see it’s actual SEC filing with audited financials, investors won’t be able to make an informed decision one way or another. The streaming video site is the tenth largest in the U.S., with 28.5 million unique viewers in July (according to comScore, which recently changed its methodology—Hulu used to be No. 2 after YouTube).

Latitude Google Latitude a été supprimé le 9 août 2013. Les produits supprimés sont entre autres les suivants : Google Latitude dans Google Maps pour Android, Latitude pour iPhone, l'API Latitude, le badge public, le widget iGoogle et le site Web de Latitude à l'adresse Qu'est-ce que cela implique pour moi ? Vous ne pouvez plus utiliser Latitude pour partager votre position. Nous n'avons pas intégré Latitude à la nouvelle version de Google Maps pour mobile pour Android, et l'application Latitude pour iPhone n'est plus proposée sur l'App Store. Vous ne pouvez plus partager votre position via Latitude, mais vous pouvez toujours utiliser vos informations de localisation à diverses fins : Partager la position sur Google+ Vous pouvez partager votre position avec vos amis sur Google+ via l'application Google+ sur votre appareil Android ou iOS. Vous pouvez observer d'autres changements : Les check-ins ont été désactivés sur Google Maps pour mobile.

GoTown Business sign up or Learn More about goTown (PDF) . Already a member? Log In Love Your Town Get connected to events and great deals in your town. Special deals from your favorite local merchants, a directory of dining, shopping, events and town and community information. Signup or Great Local Deals $5 for an award-winning pizza Local Events Rodrigo y Gabriela Download the goTown Mobile App FREE! Sign Up Business Sign Up or Cancel Forgot your password Processing your request. Please wait... Netflix - TV & movies instantly streamed online + DVD & Blu-ray rentals