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GLGE WebGL Library/Framework

GLGE WebGL Library/Framework

CopperLicht - Open Source JavaScript 3D Engine using WebGL Open Source WebGL 3D engine with editor CopperLicht is a commercial grade WebGL library and JavaScript 3D engine for creating games and 3D applications in the webbrowser. It uses the WebGL canvas supported by modern browsers and is able to render hardware accelerated 3d graphics without any plugins. Optimized, Fast, and Free CopperLicht originally was the WebGL rendering backend of the CopperCube editor, and was made free to be used by anyone. Many supported 3D file formats Currently, the following 3D file formats are supported by the editor: 3ds, obj, x, lwo, b3d, csm, dae, dmf, oct, irrmesh, ms3d, my3D, mesh, lmts, bsp, md2, stl and more, see below. Read more about CopperLicht on the features page Games using CopperLicht T-World T-World is a cross programming language web platform for Artificial Intelligence research and education, created by Sergio Burdisso from the National University of San Luis. Endtime at Home Mafia Empires Latest News CopperLicht 1.9 released. CopperLicht 1.8.1 released.

CubicVR 3D Engine gladiusjs/gladius SceneJS V4.1.0 Nurgak/Cube-engine x3dom/x3dom Away3D TypeScript deanm/pre3d @ GitHub Pre3d, a JavaScript 3d rendering engine Play with an application built using Pre3d, like GraphyCalc. See a demo like monster, colorscube, lorenz84, or gji. View technical samples like spin ring, textured cube, extruded sphere with normals, 3d cubic bezier spiral, or slink. Get the latest code from the git repository, as a zip file, or as a tarball. Keep in touch on the mailing list. Email the author at dean at gmail.

JS3D: 3d Javascript Graphics Layer Click the cube to toggle animation Skip to: What is JS3D? JS3D is a library which allows you to have interactive 3d objects on your website, such as the spinning cube at the top of the page. It is extremely preliminary, so bug reports or feature suggestions are appreciated (but I don't guarantee getting around to anything). Is this useful? Maybe not. How do I use JS3D? Simple! Download it Download js3d.js (which is free and licensed under the GPL) and put it in a directory your page can access. Configure your markup Import the js3d by adding this code into the <head> section Now you'll need to make an empty div somewhere on your page (inside the <body> tags, which will serve as the canvas to which it will paint your 3d images. Next we need to initialize a renderer, and tell it to render into the div we just created. Next place the following code in your head tag. <script type="text/javascript"> var canvas; function init() { // This creates the renderer. Add objects to the scene Render the scene

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