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Compare Prices - Find Best UK Deals when shopping Online - PriceRunner UK

Compare Prices - Find Best UK Deals when shopping Online - PriceRunner UK
Related:  Search Engines / Shop Online - Smart Shopping Anytime, Anywhere Amazon PC index -- UK search engine for PC hardware prices MyTAG Wants To Make Local Selling Safer And Simpler Spotted in the Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013, myTAG is a soon-to-launch online platform for local selling that aims to make the e-commerce experience more transparent between buyer and seller by adding “social proof” into the equation. That is, instead of only looking at anonymous postings on a community board like Craigslist, myTAG users pull in their eBay and Amazon ratings as well as their social media profiles, and add them to their account to gain legitimacy. Of course, many of companies have tried to take on Craigslist, and have failed to gain traction. Pham founded myTAG in 2011, after having spent 15 years in retail, business development and executive management of the e-commerce experience. Pham says he wanted to make local e-commerce more social, transparent and, most importantly, safe. The company tells us that they expect to launch their platform on Thursday, Sept 19th.

Ebuyer FixYa’s New FixBoard Allows Companies To Track Customer Support Trends FixYa, a Q&A site where consumers can seek advice from product experts, is launching a new feature today called the FixBoard, which should make the site more useful to big consumer brands. As the name suggests, the FixBoard is basically a dashboard of FixYa data. It shows, over time, the number of FixYa owners who reported a problem with a company product, the products that have the most reported problems, the most common problems, and how those numbers stack up against the competition. Rather than just looking at individual questions or individual products, this dashboard provides brands with a much broader view of “what customers are saying,” said CEO Yaniv Bensadon. He added that even though FixYa has been profitable since 2009, the company is looking for ways beyond its existing ad model for brands to find (and pay for) value on the site. “We don’t think so — in the same way that no one prevents anyone from going to Twitter and reading the tweets,” Bensadon said.

Online Shopping India - Shop Online for Books, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Watches & More at Greentape Brings Reviews To Consumers And Data To Merchants With a plan of making product ratings social, Greentape is launching a new app that they hope will bring in-store product reviews to consumers while (hopefully) spawning more product purchases for merchants. The team is demoing this new app at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013. Greentape works like this: Consumers download the app, and as they move throughout a retail store the location aware app notifies them about products with the active user reviews as they pass by those products. My first question of course was “how is this different from ShopKick”. For example, their demo on the Startup Alley floor included a faux shoe display. From a technical standpoint, Greentape’s system works with the help of a fixed number of hardware beacons that are installed within a retail location. From that point on, any smartphone using the app in an outfitted retail location can have access to leave and read product reviews. So that’s how it is good for consumers — empowered shopping experiences.

Backed By Google Ventures, Greylock & Matrix, Sold Launches A Mobile Service That Takes The Hassle Out Of Selling Online While eCommerce has exploded over the last decade, digital marketplaces still suffer the same nagging user experience flaws they always have — particularly person-to-person marketplaces. It probably hasn’t been that long since you heard someone mutter “craigslist is creepy,” or lament about digital payments, security issues or about how it takes forever to sell something on eBay. Many startups have taken the “let’s build a better craigslist” approach and attempt to build a whole new marketplace, mobile or otherwise. Rather than creating a new marketplace, Matthew Blackshaw, Tony DeVincenzi and Dávid Lakatos — straight outta MIT Media Lab — decided that the best way to add value in eCommerce is to fix the selling experience. What in the sam hill does that mean? Sold takes that whole process out of your hands, which may sound terrifying, but they think you may be willing to pay a little more for the convenience. Huh? This solves a problem that many experience when selling online.

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